I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 84 - Following You To the Edges Of The World  

Chapter 84 - Following You To the Edges Of The World  


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“Master, You are Great Zhou’s Prince?”

Zhao Congjian could not hold it and asked with a complicated expression. He thought of Zhou Chengxin.

If Zhou Chengxin knew Zhou Xuanji’s identity, he would surely vomit blood.

The powerful cultivator who he tried so hard to loop in was his brother…

Xiao Jinghong was in deep thought.

Beixiao Wangjian and Huang Lianxin were both astonished but did not ask any questions.

Zhou Xuanji wanted to even kill Great Zhou’s Empress, why was it impossible for him to be Great Zhou’s prince?

Little Jiang Xue looked at Zhou Xuanji, worried. She understood that if his identity was revealed, what kind of dangers might come to him.

Zhou Xuanji stared at the direction of Meng Changhu’s departure and said calmly, “Yes. I am the son of Great Zhou’s Lady Zhao Xuan, Zhou Xuanji.”

Lady Zhao Xuan!

Everyone was appalled. The great murder that happened 11 years ago. They still remembered very clearly.

Back then, Great Zhou’s effort to search for Lady Zhao Xuan and her son was so great that all the kingdoms were helping, but eventually, it was concluded that both the mother and her son were dead.

”I see…”

Huang Lianxin mumbled to herself. No wonder Zhou Xuanji wanted to kill Great Zhou’s Empress

All doubts were resolved in an instant.

Back then, Emperor Yan of Zhou loved Lady Zhao Xuan, which led to the empress’ envy. This was not a secret.

Xiao Jinghong squinted his eyes and said, “That year when the Revered Teacher was born, she was really favored by the emperor, but there must be something hidden in the Lady Zhao Xuan’s clan rebellion at such a time.”

Beixiao Wangjian nodded and guessed, “If they did not rebel, Lady Zhao Xuan and her family could have risen to power easily, while the one who benefited the most from their rebellion was the empress.”

Zhao Congjian walked to Zhou Xuanji and knelt. “I will surely charge into the Great Zhou’s Royal Palace for you, my master, and take revenge for you!”

Although he was a sword slave, Zhou Xuanji treated him on par with Xiao Jinghong. His master had never mistreated him. He did not express his gratitude but kept it in his heart.

With this, Beixiao, Wangjian, and Huang Lianxin also knelt down.

”We will do anything to serve you, our master!”

”Wherever my master goes, I will go! Even if it comes at the cost of my life!”

The two of them said fearlessly with determination.

Xiao Jinghong also knelt down and cupped his fist, “You will always be my teacher. Since you took me as your disciple, your concerns are my concerns. Even if the enemy is Great Zhou’s Emperor, I will surely stand before you!”

Looking at the four of them, Zhou Xuanji somehow felt sour in his eyes.

Apart fom Jiang Xue, he did not expect to have four others that were willing to risk their lives for him.

He smiled and said forthrightly, “What are you doing, get up quickly. I treasure my life more than you do, I will surely not lead you to die.”

The atmosphere no longer felt anxious.

The group smiled and got up.

”With Xuanji’s talent, it will be ease to revenge in the future.” Jiang Xue said with a smile.

”We promised each other, ” Zhou Xuanji nodded with a smile, “We will travel to the edges of the world together.”

”Revered Mastered, then its a deal. After your revenge, we will go the sacred place of the Sword’s Way, Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain, how about that?”

Xiao Jinghong said and looked expectant.

Zhao Congjian’s eyes brightened and asked, “The legendary Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain? It really exists?”

Xiao Jinghong nodded.

Jiang Xue, Beixiao Wangjian, and Huang Lianxin were all curious about it. They knew very little about Northern Wilderness Region. Neither had they traveled to all the places in Great Zhou.

”Sure!” Zhou Xuanji said in a smile, “Of course, we will go. In the future, we will go wherever you guys want to go!”

The group looked at each other in laughter. Even though they face the threat of Great Zhou’s Empress, they still laughed heartily

After they chatted for a while, they decided to move out of their current location.

Since Meng Changhu recognized his identity, it meant danger for them.

No one knew which faction did Meng Changhu belong to.

Now that Emperor Yan of Zhou was closer and closer to immortality, the battle for the throne in the royal palace become fiercer. Zhou Xuanji did not want to die recklessly.

He could not just shout, even in the face of death. “I am Great Zhou’s Prince, Zhou Xuanji!”

If he did so, he would surely hasten his death.

Zhou Yalong had the greatest hope to inherit the throne after all. More than half of the royal court was looped in by him, while the empress had great authority over the royal palace.

Even if Emperor Yan of Zhou could do anything he wants, it would be tough for Zhou Xuanji to appear before his eyes.


Ah Big roared in the air, while the rest flew with their sword.

Jiang Xue hugged Zhou Xuanji’s waist, while the Three-eyed Drought Rodent cuddled in Zhou Xuanji’s arms.

The little black snake laid on the rodent’s head and sighed, “Wow, I did not expect you to be Great Zhou’s Prince, and with Great Zhou’s Royal Bloodline?”

It began to talk non-stop, as though it was the son of Emperor Yan of Zhou.

Zhou Xuanji ignored him and rushed toward the deep regions of the Immortal Sundering Mountain.

Along the way, they met with many cultivators.

When they saw Zhou Xuanji, they were extremely excited and cried in surprise.

After flying for 1,000 miles.

Zhou Xuanji received much news.

He was already ranked third on Great Zhou’s Reputation Ranking!

He had even overshadowed the grandeur of Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection.

Merely defeating Meng Tianlang was not enough to cause such a commotion, it was primarily because of his previous records.

Demon Monarch’s son, Beizhou Fengjian, Zhao Congjian, Xie Sect, Meng Tianlang…

TL: North Zhou Gale Sword –> Beizhou Fengjian

Sword God Zhou, who came to fame out of nowhere, had already become a legend in the eyes of the world. He was an undefeatable legend.

Meng Tianlang was such a powerful cultivator but was defeated, almost killed, by him with just one blow.

How powerful was Sword God Zhou truly?

Within the Great Zhou, it was widely believed that Sword God Zhou had already surpassed the Astral Infant stage.

Cultivators who surpassed Astral Infant were rare. A kingdom could barely produce one in 1,000 years. In the empire, such cultivators were considered the most powerful people, and the royal court fancied to loop them in.

”Tsk tsk, if the news continues to spread, will the world think that you are more powerful than the Sword Monarch?”

Jiang Xue rested her chin on Zhou Xuanji’s shoulder and asked with a smile.

The strong wind messed up her hair, and she could only squint her eyes. Even so, she still looked beautiful.

”Sword God and Sword Monarch, who is more powerful, can’t you judge just by the titles?” Zhou Xuanji smiled and said.

”You are boasting, but I’m sure you will become more powerful than him.”

Jiang Xue pinched his face and giggled.

”Hello! Remember, we’re flying on the sword, don’t get us into a flight accident!”

Zhou Xuanji shout frightened Jiang Xue, and she quickly withdrew her hands.

The rest were laughing too. When they thought of the sword move on that day, they still felt that it was breathtaking.

After they traveling for seven days, the group found a valley with a spacious land surrounded by mountains. There was a lake inside the valley, with lush vegetation, which made it suitable for living.

After they settled down, the group continued their training.

Zhou Xuanji’s goal was to reach Inner Pellet as soon as possible.

Next, Zhou Xuanji would take turns to send Xiao Jinghong and Zhao Congjian out in alternate months to investigate about the empress’ trip to Merciful Melody Cliff.

He could confirm one thing. As the mother of the empire, the Empress of Great Zhou would definitely not come out before Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection ends.

Four months later.

Zhou Xuanji successfully reached Enlightening Level Ten.

At the same time, Jiang Xue and Huang Lianxin also had reached Foundation Building Level Ten. Beixiao Wangjian received many resources and reached Enlightening Level Eight.

After Zhao Congjian received guidance from Zhou Xuanji for about a year, he began to charge toward Soul Fountain.

The power of the party was snowballing.

On this day, Heaven Selection’s first stage finished, and Great Zhou’s army left the Immortal Sundering Mountain.

The mountain range welcomed its peace once again. The demons no longer hid but moved freely.


Within the valley, Zhou Xuanji, who was cultivating, felt a gust of cold wind.

Immortal Sundering Mountain felt like spring in all seasons, it was rare to have such a cold gust.

He instinctively looked up and was shocked. He saw a silhouette standing on the top of a high mountain. Sunlight was beaming from behind the person and made it difficult to see his face.