I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 82 - Thirteen Years Old, Water Driving Sword

Chapter 82 - Thirteen Years Old, Water Driving Sword


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Nanheng Snake Lord ran away with his wife quietly without anyone noticing them.

Meng Tianlang, who was inlaid into the mountain body, was carried out. Blood could be seen all over his body, together with his messed up hair, he looked extremely pathetic. If not for the tiny movements of his chest as he breathed, one would have thought that he was dead.

One of the generals asked anxiously, “General Meng, are you okay?”

Meng Tianlang could barely raise up his head. His face was covered with blood, while his eyes showed expressions of shock and fear.

I fell for his scheme!

They were never competing for perseverance.

This kid made his guard lax intentionally!

At this moment, Meng Tianlang really wanted to be dead.

When he thought about becoming Zhou Xuanji’s sword slave, a gulp of blood flowed up, and he vomited it onto the general in front of him.

Zhou Xuanji had already seen how pathetic Meng Tianlang was. He smiled and said, “I going to have on more word slave.”

Beixiao Wangjian grinned, “It should be blade slave.”

Zhou Chenxin and Princess Xuanya felt curious. What did Zhou Xuanji’s words mean?

Zhao Congjian and Zhao Congjian were on pretty good terms, so he explained to them.

When members of the Royal Family heard, their expressions became peculiar immediately.

If Meng Tianlang becomes Zhou Xuanji’s slave, Emperor Yan of Zhou would surely be furious.

One must know that Emperor Yan of Zhou had great hopes for Meng Tianlang.

Zhou Chengxin wanted to remind Zhou Xuanji but felt that it was not a good time to mention this. So, he held it back.

Soon, Great Zhou’s generals and princes supported Meng Tianlang back to the top of the mountain. Many of them looked at Zhou Xuanji furiously, wanting to tear him apart.

Meng Tianlang could barely stand. He looked at Zhou Xuanji and gnashed his teeth, “You shameless kid… You deceived me!”

”How did I deceive you?” Zhou Xuanji asked calmly.


Meng Tianlang wanted to say something, but he did not know where to begin.

Zhou Xuanji only used the Furious Ape Sword, without any other person’s help. It was all within the terms of their agreement.


He felt so wronged!

His injuries all across his body proved him his defeat.

Zhou Xuanji frowned intentionally and said displeasingly, “The Great General Meng Tianlang wants to go back on his words?”

In his heart, he already burst out into laughter.

This feels so good!

Who asked you to look down on me!

I’m going to get you to follow behind my back and call me “master” every day!

Meng Tianlang was furious but did not know what to say.

At this moment, he realized that Xiao Jinghong was frowning. He immediately roared in anger, “I will do as promised. Wait until the Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection ends, I will resign from my position as a General and come to be your slave!”

”Let’s go!”

Great Zhou’s Generals and Princes around them heard him and were shocked.

Meng Tianlang wants to resign and follow Sword God Zhou?

They implored him as they walked him away.

For these Generals, Meng Tianlang was a rare genius of the battlefield.

For the Princes, if they could loop Meng Tianlang in, they would be closer to inheriting the throne.

After they left, Zhou Chengxin could hold in no longer and sighed, “This is a mistake that General Meng will regret forever.”

He mumbled in his heart, isn’t Meng Tianlang very smart, how come he turned dumb out of a sudden?

He’s even willing to take such a bet. Now it’s over for him.

Zhou Xuanji smiled. After he consumed some pills, he regained the strength to stand up straight.

It seemed like he needs to be more careful the next time he uses the Furious Ape Sword.

Just in case he might throw away his own life.

”Too powerful! Too powerful…”

Fang Junsheng clasped his fists and was so excited that he could barely control himself, as though he was on steroids.

After Zhou Chengxin and Zhou Xuanji chatted for a while, he left with Princess Xuanya, who was in fan-girl mode.

After the spectators left one after another, the cliff returned its serenity.

Little Jiang Xue wrapped her arms around Zhou Xuanji’s neck and said intently, “The way the princess looked at you just now, it was like flowers were blossoming from her eyes.”

Zhou Xuanji curled his lip and said impatiently, “You forgot my identity?”

Little Jiang Xue heard and realized since Zhou Xuanji was Great Zhou’s Prince, he was equivalent to Princess Xuanya’s little brother.

She beamed with delight immediately and went to feed the Dragon Eagles.

Xiao Jinghon walked over and said as he took a deep breath, “The sword technique just now is surely not a mere Earth Grade one. Revered Teacher, can you teach me?”

”Master the Dual Sword Will first. Impatience will not lead to good results. You will have a lot of time and opportunities to learn other sword techniques in the future.”

Xiao Jinghong nodded, looking very teachable.

In the next month, the news about Sword God Zhou severely injuring Meng Tianlang with one blow spread like wildfire, across the entire Immortal Sundering Mountain, and swept across the whole of Great Zhou.

Meng Tianlang was a long-time resident on the top 50 of Great Zhou’s Reputation Ranking and ranked second on Great Zhou’s Hero Ranking Board. He was a great asset in the future for Great Zhou in terms of protecting its territories. Even Emperor Yan of Zhou praised him.

Such a power cultivator could not even block one attack from Sword God Zhou?

And he almost died?

In a short time, news about Sword God Zhou was spread so wildly that they almost saw him as a god.

They saw him as someone who even surpassed the Sword Noble, Xiao Jinghong.

But Zhou Xuanji and the rest who were still staying the Immortal Sundering Mountain did not know this.

Zhou Xuanji continued to train incessantly, while Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, and Huang Lianxin trained even harder after witnessing how powerful Zhou Xuanji’s attack was.

Little Jiang Xue was also putting in the effort to internalize Qi, charging toward the Enlightening stage.

Fang Junsheng also learned some as he watched them training their sword techniques. After some time, his understanding of the Sword’s Way improved as well.

On this day, Zhou Xuanji broke trough to Enlightening Level Eight with ease.

He drew closer and closer to the Inner Pellet stage.

Zhao Congjian reached Inner Pellet when he was only 18 years old, and he was already seen as unparalleled in the world.

Zhou Xuanji’s aim was to reach Inner Pellet before fifteen. With his current progress, it did not seem difficult.

Before the cliff, Xiao Jinghong held both swords and activated two sword techniques simultaneously, looking very impressive.

He had yet to master Dual Sword Will, but he was much faster in switching between two Sword Wills.

Zhou Xuanji stood beside and nodded occasionally.

This disciple of his was very insightful. He might be able to master Dual Sword Will within half a year.

Zhao Congjian ran over and said politely, “Master, the Thirty-six Paths Jade Xiao Sword has many transformations. I have something to clarify again.”


Zhou Xuanji nodded and listened to Zhao Congjian’s question.

He sighed in his heart. What kind of sword slaves are these… These are all like my disciples.

But he liked the process of nurturing others.

What’s the joy of traveling the world alone?

Bringing along my sword slaves, disciple, maidservant, the world is mine to travel.

Who dares to find trouble? Go, my sword slaves!

After Zhao Congjian’s question was answered, he left to continue his training satisfactorily.

”Meng Tianlang will really keep his words?” Zhou Xuanji turned back and asked.

Xiao Jinghong replied as he continued training, “Of course, but the Meng Clan and Great Zhou’s Royal Family might not agree. He needs more time to resolve all these.”

”A year from now, he has a battle with me. He cannot run away.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded. If he was Emperor Yan of Zhou, how could he let go of such a talent?

Shortly after, he stopped thinking about these things and continued his cultivation.

Four days later, it was his thirteenth birthday.

”Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached thirteen years old. Gacha started!”

”Ding! Congratulations! The Sword Owner obtained [Gold] Water Driving Sword, White Dragon Golden Shirt, and 300 Level Three Spirit Stones.”

The Sword Spirit’s voice sounded as expected, which caught the attention of Zhou Xuanji, who was internalizing Qi.

Another Gold Grade legendary sword!

Until now, he had five Gold Grade legendary swords. They were Hell King Sword, Thunderclap Sword, Bloodbath Sword, Furious Ape Sword, and this Water Driving Sword!

So lucky!