I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 81 - No One Can Stand Firm Before My Sword!

Chapter 81 - No One Can Stand Firm Before My Sword!


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All the spectators heard Zhou Xuanji and Meng Tianlang’s conversation. Little Jiang Xue, Zhao Congjian, and the rest also stood up and watched anxiously.

”Sword God Zhou is going to attack!”

”It’s finally going to start. I have waited for 10 days already.”

”Looking at Sword God Zhou, I’m afraid he could not win General Meng!”

”That’s not for sure. He might be using an ultimate move!”

”Who will win?”

The spectators commented amongst themselves, each with his eyes wide open. They did not dare to blink, in case they missed the spectacular moment.

Zhou Chengxin was also feeling anxious for Zhou Xuanji.

He was not on good terms with meng Tianlang. In comparison, Zhou Xuanji was easier to loop in, so he hoped that Zhou Xuanji would win.

He rendered help to Zhou Xuanji previously, so if Zhou Xuanji’s reputation continued to proliferate, the people would indeed mention him and add on to his fame.

Far away.

Nanheng Snake Lord and his wife transformed into two little snakes and watched from afar.

”My husband, who do you think will win?”

The snake lady asked out of curiosity. It was her first time seeing such a long face-off before the real fight begins.

Nanheng Snake Lord muttered, “Meng Tianlang. He is ranked second on Great Zhou’s Reputation Ranking, not to mention his talent in battle. Although Sword God Zhou’s background is mysterious, he already looks like he’s at his wit’s end.”

Most spectators thought that Meng Tianlang would win.

Meng Tianlang appeared to be lighthearted and calm. On the other hand, Sword God Zhou’s legs were trembling, and his forehead was covered in sweat. With the two in comparison, people could come to conclusions easily.

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath and tried to calm down his emotions.

He was very excited.

But also a little nervous.

He was worried that he might kill Meng Tianlang with his attack.

”Don’t forget your words. Don’t dodge!”

Zhou Xuanji reminded with a smile.

”I always keep my words. I would rather die than regret!” Meng Tianlang replied disdainfully.

Xiao Jinghong looked carefully at Zhou Xuanji. He wanted to see what sword technique his revered teacher was going to use.

Zhou Xuanji stared at Meng Tianlang and said, “This sword technique is called Tempest Slash, which I learned from Xie Sect’s Sword Library. Earth Grade Low Tier, it’s the most powerful sword technique in the Sword Library.”

Since so many people were watching, he had to take the chance to shame Xie Sect.

After he spoke, he immediately activated the Sword Will of his Tempest Slash.

A great gale arose!

Whooo Whooo—

Zhou Xuanji’s black robe danced as the wind surrounded him, forming a small but visible tornado.

Everyone held their breath and looked carefully, waiting for Zhou Xuanji to attack.

”Sword Will?”

Meng Tianlang squinted his eyes. This kid realized the Sword Will of Tempest Slash in such a short time?

No wonder he could become Xiao Jinghong’s revered teacher.

”No one can stand firm before my sword!”

”Meng Tianlang! After you are defeated by me, you will not be dishonored! Because I am the one who defeated you!”

Zhou Xuanji laughed suddenly. He lowered his left hand to grip the sword with both hands, before charging ahead and furiously slashed at his opponent.

Tempest Slash!


The roar of an ancient ape exploded and shook the heavens.

A visible and horrifying wave of sword Qi shot toward Meng Tianlang. The Great Zhou’s general looked so tiny before the sword Qi.

In that instant, both Meng Tianlang and Xiao Jinghong were shocked.

”This is…”

Xiao Jinghong opened his eyes wide in excitement.

Meng Tianlang was terrified and immediately swung his blade in defense.


Meng Tianlang’s great blade broke, and his body flew backward because of the sword Qi’s impact. His iron armor shattered while his blood was spurting. He flew back with extreme speed for more than half a mile and was smashed into a small mountain with rock fragments shot out in all directions.

The wave of white sword Qi that was over 30 meters long was like the crescent moon that cut across the sky, accompanied by an ancient ape’s roar, shaking everyone’s heart.

The cliff in front of Zhou Xuanji collapsed straight away as the Sword Qi cut out countless tiny cracks on the ground.

A violent gale roared in between the heavens and the earth, sweeping the ocean of greens below into turbulent waves.

This attack extracted all his stamina and spirit energy. His leg gave up on him, so he had to quickly stick his sword into the ground to support his body.


Everything was silent!

One could hear a pin drop!

Everyone looked at Zhou Xuanji with disbelief. His attack just now appalled everyone.

Especially the roar of the ancient ape. It was so horrifying that their souls flew out of their bodies.

Zhou Xuanji panted as he stood up with his sword in hand. This was a moment where he had to pull it through.

”Wow! This legendary sword is too awesome… If I charge up for years, I might be able to destroy the entire Great Zhou?”

Zhou Xuanji though in his heart, and a bold idea flashed through his mind.

Which was to charge up for half a year near Great Zhou’s royal palace and then slash toward it.

Sounds good!

But he was not sure how powerful Emperor Yan of Zhou was, so half a year was probably not enough.

Regardless, the Furious Ape Sword could be considered his most powerful sword!

Regarding its destructive power, it was limitless.

Little Jiang Xue immediately pounced over and hugged Zhou Xuanji. She was exhilarated and continued to cry out, “You are awesome! You are awesome!”

Although she looked like she was very excited, in reality, she was trying to support Zhou Xuanji. As he was hugged by Little Jiang Xue, Zhou Xuanji did not fall but stood up with ease.

Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian, Huang Lianxin, and Fang Junsheng walked over, and they were so excited that they did not know what to say.

The little black snake laid on the Three-eyed Drought Rodent’s head and its jaw dropped. “Did I see it correctly… This kid must be the reincarnate of some ancient devil… Too terrifying… Too terrifying…” It muttered to itself.

Xiao Jinghong also sat blankly at the same spot and appeared to be a little lost.

In his mind, he ran through the attack just now again and again.




He tried to imagine if he could block that attack if it was aimed at him.

The other spectators finally realized what had happened, and all of them cried out in surprise.

”Oh my god! That sword move…”

”Xie Sect’s sword technique is that powerful?”

”Sword God Zhou is too powerful! Meng Tianlang could not even take one blow from him!”

”It’s merely because Meng Tianlang did not dodge!”

”That sword move was too awesome. It definitely fits the title of Sword God!”

Many were exhilarated, as though they were Sword God Zhou.

Great Zhou’s generals and princes flew towards Meng Tianlang. They did not hope for Meng Tianlang to die here.

With Meng Tianlang’s talent, he would become a first-rank great general with ease.

It will be a great loss for Great Zhou if they lose Meng Tianlang.

Zhou Chengxin and Princess Xuanya, instead, flew toward Zhou Xuanji.

”Master, when can I learn Tempest Slash?”

Zhao Congjian barely suppressed his excitement and asked, his eyes were full of anticipation.

Zhou Xuanjii glanced at him and smiled, “That day will come.”

A pity. You don’t have the Furious Ape Sword.

Even if you fully master the Tempest Slash, you will not be as spectacular as me!

With the group surrounded him, Zhou Xuanji quickly took out a bottle pill and poured it into his mouth, making sure the other spectators do not see it.

”Sir Zhou, spectacular!”

Zhou Chengxin’s voice came from Beixiao Wangjian’s back. Princess Xuanya, who was following behind, was sizing Zhou Xuanji up playfully.

Zhou Xuanji looked calm and replied, “Why is the Seventh Prince here?”

”You duel with General Meng is widely known in Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection, how can I not come and take a look?” Zhou Chengxin replied in a smile.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and began recovering his blood and Qi without speaking another word.

He thought to himself, I hope Meng Tianlang won’t die.

Meng Tianlang would be such a powerful henchman, which Zhou Xuanji was quite pleased with.

The cultivators spectating from afar wanted to come and socialize with Zhou Xuanji, but they backed off immediately like frightened birds when Xiao Jinghong drew his sword.

On the other side.

On a small mountain.

Two snakes stood silently.

”My husband…” The snake lady asked.

”My wife, you don’t have to say a word. I understand…” Nanheng Snake Lord said.

After that, the two snakes crawled down the hill quickly and disappeared into the forest.