I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 781 - Time-Space Remnants

After entering the passage of two worlds, Zhou Xuanji looked around. It was extremely bright and glaring all around. He could only see things within a radius of three feet.

He looked back at Shen Tang and Shen Nianxing, and said, “Follow me closely and don’t fall behind!”

The sisters nodded. They didn’t dare to take it lightly.

The three of them then flew forward.

Shen Nianxing looked back but the entrance had already disappeared.

Little Sovereign warned, “If you get lost here, it will be difficult for you to find your way back. No one knows what will happen to you.”

The two became nervous after hearing this.

They two clung to Zhou Xuanji very closely, afraid that they would get lost.

“How long do we have to fly before we can fly out?” asked Zhou Xuanji. He scanned the surroundings, holding the Lesser Supreme Sword and the Great Destiny of Moon in his hands.

He had been terrified ever since he stepped into the passage between the two worlds.

He felt as if he was being stared at by countless enemies. However, he didn’t show it; he forced a calm look on his face, so that Shen Tang and Shen Nianxing would be at ease.

“I don’t know. Time is meaningless here. I didn’t know how long it took me before I flew out. This is a test of will,” Little Sovereign answered; his voice was filled with emotions.

~How time flies! Before meeting Zhou Xuanji, he vowed he would never come to the passage of two worlds again. What’s to come will come.~

Shen Tang asked, “If time has no meaning, if we don’t fly out of the passage simultaneously, will we enter different timelines?”

Little Sovereign glanced at her and praised, “You are right. So, at the end, you must follow him closely. If you are even a step slower, there might be unpredictable consequences.”

Shen Tang nodded her acknowledgment. Worry was clearly written in her eyes.

Shen Nianxing was the most nervous. He hugged her sister’s arm tighter and kept looking around.

It was glaring bright everywhere. She was still unable to see.

Over the following journey, they walked quietly. They stopped talking.

Hours and days went by.

But they never stopped.

They just flew. It didn’t consume much of their Vital Energy or Dao Energy.

Gradually, they became numb and forgot time.

Unconsciously, sleepiness flooded Zhou Xuanji’s heart and soul.

He became dazed. His eyes became dull.

“What are you doing!?” Little Sovereign suddenly shouted, jolting him awake.

Not only him, even Shen Tang and Shen Nianxing were also shocked.

They almost fell asleep.

“What happened!?” Zhou Xuanji frowned and muttered to himself. His forehead was drenched in cold sweat.

Little Sovereign said with a sigh, “Hold on, don’t forget, you have the Inverse Chaos divine ability.”

Zhou Xuanji immediately pushed the Inverse Chaos divine ability and surrounded himself, Shen Tang, and Shen Nianxing inside.

In an instant, they felt at ease as if some invisible bindings were removed.

Shen Nianxing patted her test and said with a look of fear, “Could it be that there was some kind of restriction?”

Little Sovereign shook his head and said, “It wasn’t any restriction but a very advanced rule. Even I don’t even know the root of this rule.”

~Even a Sovereign can’t see through these rules!?~

The sisters looked at each other. Both could see the shock in each other’s eyes.

In their hearts, the Sovereign was the strongest. He was omnipotent, omniscient. ~How powerful are these rules that can make the Sovereign unable to see through?~

They shuddered just at the thought of it.

“Be careful,” Zhou Xuanji suddenly warned. The sisters immediately looked in surprise.

In front of them was standing a figure with their back against them, like a shadow. They were unable to see its true face.

It was holding a sword and standing motionless, as if it was waiting for Zhou Xuanji and the others to fly over.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t stop but used the Exterminating Divine Light.

Two beams of Exterminating Divine Lights, directly piercing through the black shadow.

The black shadow disappeared like a puff of smoke.

The three of them swiftly flew over the place where the black shadow was standing. They didn’t encounter any attack.

“What was that?” Shen Nianxing nervously asked. Her voice was trembling.

The dark shadow had terrified the hell out of her. A chill ran down her spine.

“Time-space remnants. Since ancient times, many beings have disappeared in history. There were many powerful beings among them. Their will will never die and it would turn into remnants in this chaotic time and space. Some are extremely aggressive, some are just phantoms. You can just pass through them,” Little Sovereign explained in a serious voice.

It wasn’t a good thing to encounter the time-space remnants this early.

However, he didn’t say it so as to prevent Zhou Xuanji and the sisters from falling into confusion.

Their current state was good. As long as they maintained it, they could pass it safely.


Zhou Xuanji expanded the range of the Inverse Chaos divine ability to the radius of ten feet.

The existence of the time-space remnants cast a shadow over the hearts of three of them. And they became more vigilant.

The later part of their journey was fraught of time-space remnants.

Occasionally, some time-space remnants would take the initiative to attack them.

According to Little Sovereign, these time-space remnants had merged with the rules of time and space, becoming time-space remnants. Once one was killed by them, they would be devoured by them and become a part of their strength.

The passage between the two worlds seemed to be endless.

The monotonous and tiresome journey whittled away all of their emotions.

Even Zhou Xuanji’s trio’s fear and tension were also erased.

God knows how long had they been traveling.

Perhaps it had already been a month.

Or perhaps decades had gone by.

Time had no meaning here.

Even Sword Spirit didn’t remind him of his birthdays.

It was very much like fate had knocked him down to the earth.

~Wait, wait, wait!?~

~Could it be that when I entered the passage of the two worlds, I didn’t enter the Anti-Kunlun but the fate had thrown me thousand of years later on Earth?~

Zhou Xuanji suddenly became energetic when he thought of this.

He didn’t notice that the distance between Shen Tang and Shen Nianxing, and him was increasing.

They were already over six meters apart.

Both of them seemed very tired. Their eyes were hollow. They didn’t even have the strength to speak.

Shen Tang was supporting Shen Nianxing, but her arms were shaking.

“They can’t hold it anymore,” Little Sovereign suddenly flew out of the sword and warned him.

Zhou Xuanji looked back and finally discovered that he had already left the two behind.

He immediately slowed down and waited for the two to come to him. He then asked, “Are you okay!?”

Shen Tang wanted to speak but she looked like she was pass out at any moment. She couldn’t speak a word.

“That’s why you need to learn the Inverse Chaos divine ability. Without the Inverse Chaos divine ability, you would have been like them. You would have died sooner or later,” Little Sovereign said with a sigh.

Zhou Xuanji immediately furrowed his brow and rebuked in a serious voice, “Why didn’t you say so before?”

Little Sovereign, maintaining an expressionless face, replied, “Their existence will help you continue the journey. If they die, you can absorb their Mortal Qi and strengthen yourself.”

“You can even become half Mortal God.”

Shen Tang and Shen Xiang weren’t angry. Honestly, they didn’t have the strength and energy to resent him.

At this moment, they had fallen into a state of recollection.

Like how a man recalls his life just before death.

Zhou Xuanji took out the two Holy Light Redemption Swords and stabbed the legs of the two.

“Since they have come with me, I want them to leave alive with me,” Zhou Xuanji’s gaze turned cold and stern as he said in a cold voice.