I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 780 - I’ll Never Abandon

Zhou Xuanji didn’t get angry just because he was provoked by the Sovereign. On the contrary, he became more focused.

He used all kinds of divine abilities, frantically attacking the Sovereign from every direction. He even resorted to using the Exterminating Divine Eyes.

However, the Sovereign on the rocking chair still remained motionless. A smile was hanging on his lips. Zhou Xuanji’s attacks couldn’t touch him.

“Your strength is still lacking.”

“You need to move faster.”

“For this attack, you need to pay attention to the trajectory. You need to swing the sword along with the wind.”

“You should be able to use the Exterminating Divine Eyes at moments notice, you shouldn’t pause and then use it.”

“You’re still lacking a lot. What qualifications do you have to become the Sovereign?”

The Sovereign kept on making snide remarks that would normally touch one’s sore spot. However, it didn’t disturb Zhou Xuanji’s heart.

On the contrary, he closed his eyes and immersed himself deep into the battle. The constantly rotating Soul Source Orb emerged from his glabella. It looked like the third eye.

Little Sovereign, who was attached to the Lesser Supreme Sword, was behind Zhou Xuanji. He noticed the change in Zhou Xuanji’s expression and immediately began to preach.

The Sovereign couldn’t help but raise his brow at the sight of this.

Listening to the Dao preaching, Zhou Xuanji’s offense increased instead of slowing down.

His power was also faintly increasing.

From the perspective of Shen Tang and Shen Nianxing, it seemed as if countless Zhou Xuanji’s were besieging the Sovereign.

Whereas the Sovereign, who was within the eye of sword Qi storm, still maintained a smile on his face. He gave the impression as if he was in another world.

Zhou Xuanji had entered a strange stage of epiphany.

After a while…

The situation had changed.

Whenever Zhou Xuanji’s attack landed on the Sovereign, ripples would appear on the invisible barrier. At first glance, the Sovereign seemed to be in a water ball.

“Well!?” The Sovereign’s eyes lit up as he began to inspect the attacks around him.

Inverse Chaos divine ability!

This Kid has already mastered the Inverse Chaos divine ability this much!?

In order to counter the invisible defense of the Sovereign, Zhou Xuanji was using the Inverse Chaos divine ability when attacking, using the Sovereign’s rules to deal with the Sovereign.

Under this kind of offense, Zhou Xuanji’s sword was inching closer and closer to the Sovereign.

“Interesting!” The corner of Sovereign’s lips rose as said with a smile.

He is indeed worthy of being my inverse. His comprehension is indeed superb!

Shen Tang and Shen Nianxing also noticed this.

“Sister, he is so cool!” Shen Nianxing praised with a worshipful look on her face.

Zhou Xuanji’s opponent was the Sovereign.

If it was her, she wouldn’t even dare to make a move on the Sovereign.

Shen Tang nodded and said in a low voice, “Lower your voice, don’t disturb him.”

Shen Nianxing couldn’t help but look at her and speak meaningfully, “Elder Sister, your elbows have started to turn the wrong way!”

[TLN: favor an outsider instead of someone on one’s own side]

Shen Tang immediately glared at her but she couldn’t refute it. Her heart fluttered a little.

The battle kept going.

Zhou Xuanji’s sword kept getting closer and closer to the Sovereign.

If this continued, his sword would touch the Sovereign after a while. If the Sovereign didn’t want to be injured, he had to avoid it. By then, Zhou Xuanji would be considered to have passed the test.

However, Zhou Xuanji didn’t show any signs of letting up. He was still in a state of epiphany.

His state of enlightenment was very advanced. His mind was completely focused on fighting but his body was instinctively in enlightenment.

The Sovereign’s gaze suddenly became fierce. The next moment, he raised his hand and casually waved it.


Zhou Xuanji immediately spurted a mouthful of blood. Obviously, he hadn’t touched the Sovereign yet.

Little Sovereign furiously asked, “What are you doing?”

Zhou Xuanji quickly stabilized his footing before he wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth and slowly opened his eyes.

The Sovereign looked at him and stated, smiling, “You have passed the assessment.”


Zhou Xuanji was stupefied.

This was also Shen Tang and Shen Nianxing’s reaction.

In their opinion, this assessment was extremely difficult. How did he pass so easily?

Just how long did the battle last!?

Only the time it took for a incense to burn had passed!?

Little Sovereign was also stunned. He frowned and asked, “You are not kidding, right!?”

Sovereign replied, smiling, “It’s that simple. He is qualified to be the Sovereign. Was it a requirement for me to exert my full strength. In that case, who will pass this test?”

Zhou Xuanji appeared before him and asked, “So, can I go back?”

Sovereign looked at him as their gazes met each other.

Looking straight in the Sovereign’s eyes, Zhou Xuanji was in a daze.

“Are you really ready to go back? Once you leave this place, you can never return,” the Sovereign asked in a serious manner. His tone was filled with deep significance.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and stated, “I don’t want to return either.”

The distant Shen Tang and Shen Nianxing became a little nervous. They also wanted to leave with Zhou Xuanji.

Especially Shen Tang.

“You can only go back by yourself. You can’t take these two Mortal Gods. They have their own destiny. They have nothing to do with you for the time being, but they are closely connected to your future,” Sovereign profoundly stated.

Zhou Xuanji immediately furrowed his brow.

He had already promised the sisters that he would take them away.

He could not go back on his words at this point.

He asked, “How can I take them with me?”

The Sovereign stared at him; a sharp gleam appeared in his eyes as he explained, “If you want to take them with you, bad things might happen. Even a Sovereign can’t see through a Mortal God’s destiny. Let alone the fact that both sisters are Mortal Gods. With two Mortal God together, their future is limitless.”

His words had no effect on Zhou Xuanji.

To him, a promise was the most important.

As for the cost, he didn’t want to think about it.

“I must take them with me!” Zhou Xuanji firmly stated. Shen Tang and Shen Nianxing were moved by his proclamation.

The Sovereign swung his right hand as the two women flew and arrived behind Zhou Xuanji.

The Sovereign, staring at the two, asked in a serious manner, “Are you also ready? Your future will never be calm. Your potential is unimaginable.”

Shen Tang took a deep breath and stated, “We want to leave this place.”

They were disappointed by the Anti-Kunlun. They didn’t want to stay here anymore.

“What will you do with him in the future?” asked the Sovereign. His gaze was filled with oppression.

Shen Tang promptly replied without a moment of hesitation, “I owe him for saving my life and teaching me cultivation. I will always follow him, work for him. I will never abandon him.”

Shen Nianxing didn’t say anything. She was very nervous. She was afraid that the Sovereign would not allow them to leave.

“Remember what you said. Executing a promise has always been harder than making one,” the Sovereign said meaningfully. He then raised his right hand as a circular entrance appeared beside him. It quickly widened, reaching a diameter of four feet. It was filled with golden light. It was extremely difficult to see inside.

The Sovereign continued, “This is the passage between the two worlds. If you want to cross it, you will be obstructed by all kinds of rules. You can’t hide inside an artifact. You must cross it yourself, otherwise the other Kunlun Origin Court rules will reject you and directly obliterate you.”

Zhou Xuanji looked around. He couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

He had been waiting for this day for a long time.

Little Sovereign looked at Sovereign and asked, “Did you see the future?”

Just as he asked this, Zhou Xuanji and the sisters duo focused their gaze at the Sovereign.

The Sovereign shook his head with a smile. He didn’t say anything.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t ask him either. Instead, he made his way toward the entrance with the two girls.

“Hey, are your wife and children alright?” Sovereign couldn’t help but ask. His tone was a bit complicated.

Zhou Xuanji replied without turning back, “I don’t know but I will protect them.”

Having said this, he stepped into the passage of the two worlds without hesitation. Shen Tang and Shen Nianxing followed closely behind him.

A weird smile appeared on the Sovereign’s face as he murmured to himself, “Two Mortal Gods, who exactly is making this arrangement?”