I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 776 - The Great Destiny of Moon and Invincible Pill

“Sword Master has reached One Vast Heaven Realm, starting a random draw!”

“Ding! Congratulations, Sword Master, you drew Universal Fusion-grade the Great Destiny of Moon and Invincible Pill!”

Sword Spirit’s voice rang in Zhou Xuanji’s mind, breaking his feeling of awe.

Just when he was in awe of the magnificence of the two worlds, the Sword Spirit’s bell-like voice awakened him from the dream.

Another Universal Fusion-grade sword!

And what’s this Invincible Pill?

The information about the Great Destiny of Moon appeared before his eyes…

Name: Great Destiny of Moon

Grade: Universal Fusion

Introduction: Contains the divine power of the legendary Moon God ancestor. It’s user can order destiny and eulogize with the sword. The user needs to be at least in the Two Vast Heavens Realm to use this sword.

The minimum requirement is only Two Vast Heavens Realm!?

The Inverse Sword was similarly a Universal Fusion-grade sword but its minimum requirement was Three Comprehensions Origin Fusion Divine Lord Realm.

Zhou Xuanji was puzzled. It seems that there is a certain gap between Great Destiny of Moon and the Inverse Sword.

He then began to wonder about the Invincible Pill.

A line immediately appeared before his eyes.

Invincible Pill: After taking it, you can maintain an invincible state for the time it takes for an incense to burn. The invincible state means that you will not be defeated, but does not include having invincible strength.

Invincible state!?

Zhou Xuanji blinked. Is that overlord physique!?

With this pill, I have better chance after winning when rushing to the top of Anti-Kunlun.

After thinking about it, he began to circulate the Vital Energy in his body to consolidate his cultivation.

About six months went by just like this.

At this point, he wanted to take a break for a while. So, he said, “Get dressed, let’s take a break.”

He took out the Purple Sky Stardust Robe and put it on.

Sounds of the two getting dressed rang around him. After three breaths, the voice of the woman in noble attire sounded.

“All right,” her voice was very gentle. It wasn’t as cold as before.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and took a deep breath.

After painstakingly cultivating for five years and advanced to the One Vast Heaven Realm, he felt refreshed.

He had grown stronger again.

Once upon a time, he could only look up at the One Vast Heaven cultivators.

“Congratulations for successfully breaking through,” the girl in noble attire congratulated with a charming smile on her face.

The girl in red was also very excited. However, her pretty face was still flushed red.

Zhou Xuanji asked with a smile, “By the way, what are your names?”

“My name is Shen Tang,” the girl in noble attire introduced herself.

“And I’m Shen Nianxing,” the gril in red replied with a hearty smile.

Both of them had nice names.

Zhou Xuanji pursed his lips and stated, “We will depend on each other in the future. I will not treat you badly or restrict your will.”

In any case, with two Mortal Gods by his side, he would have two more cultivation boosters.

Of course, the Mortal Inverse Chaos Grand Circulation played a key role in this.

“When will you leave the Kunlun Origin Court?” Shen Tang curiously asked. After lowering her defenses, she became very generous.

Zhou Xuanji replied, smiling, “When I am strong enough to reach the residence of the Sovereign, I can leave this place.”


The two’s eyes glimmered with brilliance. They didn’t doubt him as there was a Sovereign’s soul in Zhou Xuanji’s sword.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Lesser Supreme Sword and summoned Little Sovereign.

“Well, you seem to be very happy,” Little Sovereign winked and said with a smile, seeing the two girls blushing and smiling. His mind was in the gutter.

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes and stated, “Be respectful. I have wives and children. I won’t mess around. Now, I have advanced to the One Vast Heaven Realm, should I continue cultivating as I was before?”

Little Sovereign, after sizing up Zhou Xuanji, Shen Tang, and Shen Nianxing, nodded in satisfaction.

“Continue. Their cultivation would grow faster and faster, until they had truly awakened. It will be faster than killing around. So why not? It’s safer,” Little Sovereign answered, smiling. His face was filled with anticipation.

He became more and more confident that Zhou Xuanji would become the Sovereign. Once he became the Sovereign, he would become the super Sovereign whose name would go down in history.

Some Sovereign could make the Kunlun Origin Court safer. Some Sovereign would usher in the dawn of chaos in the Kunlun Origin Court. And some Sovereign would have great destiny. They would create new worlds and rules that would bless the entire universe.

Even if Sovereign were divided into high and low levels.

Zhou Xuanji nodded before asking back, “If I continue this speed, when can I leave this place? Don’t talk about making me as strong as Sovereign, otherwise who knows how long will I have to wait.”

He wanted to return as soon as possible. After all, the Kunlun Origin Court had entered a dark age. Before he left, the Evil Sky Divine Range was still in distress.

Even if the Super Divine Ranges had deep pockets and heritage, they couldn’t bear this for long.

“Don’t worry! Didn’t I say before, you will have hope of becoming Sovereign if you break out of the Anti-Kunlun. If you have the same cultivation base as the Sovereign, then would it still be called hope?” Little Sovereign explained, waving off his hand. There was a meaningful look on his face.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Then can you give me the exact time and date?”

Since he could see the epitome of the Kunlun Origin Court, his thoughts had started to run wildly.

“You’ll know when the time is right. You won’t have to wait too long, it will happen in a century,” Little Sovereign impatiently stated. This kid is too emotional.

Shen Tang and Shen Nianxing glanced at each other. They sisters began to talk using voice transmission.

Naturally, they were talking about Zhou Xuanji. They had also heard that Zhou Xuanji cared about his family.

A man, who paid importance to emotions, was easy to attract the attention of women. Not to mention, Zhou Xuanji’s looks and talent was first class.

Next, Zhou Xuanji put away the Lesser Sovereign Sword and then continued cultivating with Shen Tang and Shen Nianxing.

As always, he shut his eyes to stop himself from seeing something indecent.

Evil Sky Divine Range, Pure Sword Heaven…

Jiang Xue and Xian Xianghua were sitting in the stone pavilion, cultivating and chatting.

“Recently, the Evil Sky Divine Range has become more and more chaotic. Rumor has it that we will be swallowed up by the Mortal Divine Range,” Jiang Xue said with a sigh. Her eyes were filled with worries.

Xian Xianghua opened her eyes and stated, “I hope not. After all, Xuanji had offended the Mortal Divine Range.”

When it was brought up, she immediately blew her top.

In the beginning, when Beast Sovereign had asked Zhou Xuanji to deal with the Mortal Divine Range, it was tantamount to digging a hole for himself.

Jiang Xue became even more worried after hearing.

Even after so many years, when Zhou Xuanji still hadn’t returned, the confidence they had in Zhou Xuanji began to dwindle.

Zhou Xiaoxuan suddenly appeared next to her before wrapping her arms around her as she said with a snort, “Aunt Xian, please do something about Tanhua. That kid is getting more and more arrogant. I went to spar with him but he ignored me. I was force to make a move but he immediately used the Exterminating Divine Light.”

She was very angry. Once he used the Exterminating Divine Light, she couldn’t move and was easily defeated.

How could he fight this?

Jiang Xue rolled her eyes at her as she rebuked angrily, “Why do you always create trouble for your brother? Are you jealous that he is more talented than you?”

Zhou Xiaoxuan was immediately annoyed when she heard this. She instantly snorted and justified herself, “Jealous, of him!? I just wanted to find someone to exchange pointers with! The Evil Sky Divine Range has been sealed, I can’t take a step out of the Pure Sword Heaven.”

Although her Kongtong Divine Eyes had awakened, they still had not developed their original divine ability.

At present, she felt that she couldn’t beat Zhou Tanhua. So, she always competed with Zhou Tanhua.

Unfortunately, Zhou Tanhua was too calm. No matter how she teased him, he didn’t fought with her seriously.

While they were chatting, Old Man Daoya nflew over and anxiously said, “It’s not good!”