I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 775 - Mortal Inverse Chaos Grand Circulation

Zhou Xuanji couldn’t find the cultivation method mentioned by Little Sovereign acceptable. Whereas the Mortal God sisters remained quiet.

They also wanted to become stronger. Furthermore, Zhou Xuanji was handsome and was extremely courteous to them. In their opinion, it was far better to be with him than be some old ancestor’s furnace.

“Why do you bother? This is the only way to make your cultivation grow faster, otherwise you can only use them as cultivation materials,” Little Sovereign stared at Zhou Xuanji and said, dissatisfied.

Why is he shilly-shallying at this point?

Didn’t you yourself wanted to get the Mortal God?

Zhou Xuanji hesitated for a moment before he sighed in resignation and agreed, “Alright, impart use your cultivation method. At that time, we will just have to close my eyes and divine will. We just won’t have to look at something that’s inconsistent with propriety.”

Hearing this, the two Mortal Gods nodded shyly at the same time, they were filled with anticipation.

Just a while ago, they were already at the end of their ropes. And now, since they had the chance to become stronger, they would naturally not refuse.

Furthermore, they weren’t stupid. They understood that they had no room for rejection.

“You will cultivate right here. This place is located between Anti-Kunlun and Kunlun Origin Court. Only by mastering the Inverse Chaos divine ability can you come here,” instructed Little Sovereign.

Zhou Xuanji nodded his acknowledgement.

He couldn’t help but think, how many people in the world had learn Inverse Chaos divine ability?

In any case, I will have to be careful when practicing it later.

Afterward, Little Sovereign taught the cultivation exercise to the trio.

This cultivation exercise was called Mortal Inverse Chaos Grand Circulation!

It was specially created for people in Zhou Xuanji’s situation.

After Zhou Xuanji learned, he opened his eyes and asked, “Who created this Mortal Inverse Chaos Grand Circulation? Could it be someone who was married to Mortal God and strayed into the Anti-Kunlun?”

A melancholy look appeared on Little Sovereign’s face as he answered, smiling, “Back then, when I strayed into Anti-Kunlun, I ran into a Mortal God. The world called her Matron Yu Die. After so many years, I don’t know if she is still alive or not.”

“Matron Yu Die!? She was your wife?” The girl in red cried in surprise. A look of disbelief took over her face.

The girl in noble attire also exclaimed, “Matron Yu Die was the representative of Mortal Gods. Who are you?”

Both became interested in Little Sovereign.

Little Sovereign proudly answered, “I am the Sovereign. Do you think I am not worthy of Matron Yu Die?”

The two were taken aback, mouth agape.

Zhou Xuanji curiously asked, “Since you became Sovereign, why didn’t you take her with you.”

Little Sovereign shook his head and explained, “Even if one becomes the Sovereign, you can’t enter Anti-Kunlun at will. The Anti-Kunlun also has a Sovereign.”

His tone was a little sorrowful, filled with vicissitudes of life. Estimatedly, she had already perished.

The girl in red cautiously said, “Matron Yu Die seems to have already…”

The girl in noble attire immediately glared at her, scaring her from speaking anymore.

“I know she is already dead. Don’t worry, so many years have passed. I won’t grieve now. And anyone has to blame, it’s her choice of not going with me back then…” Little Sovereign faintly said. The old events had been etched deep in his memory. He had thought about them many times. And mentioning them now had put him in low spirits.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t interrupt. Rather, he also became a little emotional.

Compared to him, he was filled with pride.

He had been doing his best to protect the people he cared about so that he won’t regret it.

“Alright, let’s start cultivating!” said Zhou Xuanji. He then put the Little Sovereign back into the Supreme Storehouse, lest Little Sovereign saw something inappropriate.

When the two heard this, their faces flushed red immediately.

Nevertheless, they sat down cross-legged on either side of Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji then said, “Close our eyes, take off your clothes, and then start cultivating. Remember, don’t open your eyes. Since I respect you, you should also respect me.”

The girl in red became a little angry. It sounded as if they wanted to look at him.

However, as she was taking shelter under someone else’s roof, she didn’t dare to say anything.

Zhou Xuanji closed his eyes first and then began to take off his Purple Sky Stardust robes.

The two quickly closed their eyes and started undressing.

After Zhou Xuanji had taken off his clothes, he waited for a few breaths before he said, “Let’s practice the exercise together.”

The two were Mortal Gods. And naturally, they were quite gifted too. Very soon, they entered a state of cultivation with Zhou Xuanji.

Even if this was an independent space, it still had Dao Energy.

At first, Zhou Xuanji hadn’t noticed the existence of the Inverse Chaos Qi. However, as the two girls entered the state of cultivation, he was pleasantly surprised to find that the Inverse Chaos Qi appeared around him. Even Dao Energy’s density skyrocketed.

Dao Energy and the Inverse Chaos Qi seeped into the two girls and flowed out of their pores before pouring into Zhou Xuanji’s body.

Suddenly, Zhou Xuanji mysteriously felt another special type of energy.

Mortal Qi!

His cultivation began to grow. And it grew faster and faster over time.

Zhou Xuanji was pleasantly surprised. He immediately focused his concentration on cultivation.

In the blink of an eye, five years had gone by.

Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation had skyrocketed. He had entered the One Vast Heaven Realm straight from the peak of Dao Ancestor Realm.

The two Mortal Gods’ cultivation had also made great progress. They too had reached the Dao Ancestor Realm. The older sister was Seven Flowers Dao Ancestor while the younger sister was Two Flowers Dao Ancestor.

In these five years, Zhou Xuanji had never opened his eyes.

However, the girl in red was occasionally unable to hold herself. But she didn’t dare to look at Zhou Xuanji.

Nine Vast Heavens!

The soul soars through the nine heavens and takes the vast (Hong) as the realm.

[TLN: Hong as in Hongmeng, or Vast Mist. The state before the beginning of the universe. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hong_Meng]

The Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique had the way to break through to the Nine Vast Heavens Realm. Previously, his realm wasn’t enough. But now that his cultivation had matured overtime, he directly understood how to make breakthroughs when he practiced the technique. This was a great divine ability.

The same word had different effects depending on the cultivation.

Between Anti-Kunlun and Kunlun Origin Court, there was no need to cross the tribulation to break through.

The moment his aura soared, the two Mortal Gods subconsciously opened their eyes and looked at him. And this glance made them instantly blush. They were flushed red to their ears and neck.

They quickly closed their eyes and began to talk via divine will.

“Elder Sister, he is really amazing. He broke through so soon.”

“How can someone favored by Sovereign be worse?”

“Are we really going to follow him in the future?”

“Can we survive if we only have ourselves to depend upon? Does my dear sister not want to? Don’t worry, your elder sister will definitely protect you.”

“Hehe, when I become stronger, I will protect you, Elder Sister. I feel that he is really a gentleman. He has never opened his eyes, and nor has he verbally humiliated us.”

“Let’s keep watching. We can’t gauge a person in one glance. You have to look at other aspect as well.”

Zhou Xuanji was completely oblivious to their conversation. He was completely immersed in cultivation.

A golden ocean had appeared in the depths of his soul, bright and mysterious.

There were countless swords of light floating in this golden ocean. It was densely filled with them. They were all in the form of his legendary swords.

With the Vast Heaven formed, the Dao Energy had started to transform.

Zhou Xuanji’s Dao Energy began to have a qualitative change. It transformed into a new energy.

Vital Energy was something that was higher than Dao Energy. It could absorb Dao Energy and Spiritual Energy, and transform it.

He had a strange feeling. Even if he didn’t open his eyes, he could see everything around him clearly. Of course, he never turned his gaze toward the two girls, but rather observed the Anti-Kunlun and Kunlun Origin Court.

He could see the epitome of the two planes but not clearly.

He began to clearly feel the existence of the two worlds. This kind of perspective was like a god prying into the mortal world.