I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 774 - Little Sovereign’s Grand Plan

Zhou Xuanji became curious about the pair of Mortal Gods on the screen.

Since the girl in the red and the Mortal God in the Kunlun Origin Court might be the same person, who is this elegantly dressed girl?

Meanwhile, the two Mortal Gods were in panic.

“Sister, what should we do?” The girl in the red huddled in the arms of the elegantly dressed girl nervously asked as she hugged the other tightly.

The girl in noble attire was also very nervous. She might be a Mortal God but their natural talent had not yet awakened. Their cultivation wasn’t high either. In the face for the fearsome Beast Sovereign, they could only be terrified.

The girl in noble attire comforted the other, “Don’t be afraid, Sister is here, aren’t I?”

They were currently inside an array, protected by dozens of Origin Fusion Divine Lords. A terrifying fight was being fought in front; Mortal Divine Range’s ancestors were locked in a heated battle with the Beast Sovereign.

Furthermore, untold Evil Sky Divine Range’s experts had formed a blockade in the distance, leaving no room for anyone to escape.

“Since your Mortal Divine Range doesn’t treasure the Mortal Gods, hand them to this Sovereign!” Beast Sovereign said with a crazed laughter. He was radiating a suffocating killing intent.

Mortal Divine Range old ancestors almost blew their tops.

“Beast Sovereign! You are looking to die!”

“Is your Evil Sky Divine Range even worthy to snatch anything from our Sovereign Divine Range? When we go back, we will bring an army to level your Evil Sky Divine Range!”

“Don’t waste your words on him, let’s just kill him!”

“You have nuts! This old man will definitely make you regret it!”

“Don’t let him run away!”

Each and every one of these old ancestors possessed terrifying divine abilities. Each of their moves were magnificent and shook the universe.

Meanwhile, Zhou Xuanji in the dark world was intently watching the battle.

But the light screen created by Beast Sovereign before him was focused on the pair of Mortal God sisters, so he was unable to watch the entire battle.

He was patiently waiting for the opportunity.

“After you get out, just take them away with you! Get ready!” Beast Sovereign’s voice rang in Zhou Xuanji’s ears again. And after three seconds, the dark space suddenly shattered as Zhou Xuanji was pulled by a terrifying force right in front of the Mortal God sisters.

The Mortal Gods sisters were so scared they jumped back in fright subconsciously.

Zhou Xuanji was extremely fast. He reached out and pulled the two in his embrace. Immediately after, he cast the Inverse Chaos divine ability, reversing time and space within ten feet of him.

The surrounding Origin Fusion Divine Lord were taken aback and furious. But just as they were about to make a move, Zhou Xuanji and the two disappeared into thin air from just under their noses.

They were immediately left gawking.

What just happened?

They immediately used their divine wills to scan the surroundings but they were unable to find their traces.

At the same time, Beast Sovereign, who happened to be fighting, had a change in his expression. He suddenly felt something wasn’t right.

This was because he was unable to sense Zhou Xuanji’s aura.

Where did that Kid go?

Zhou Xuanji looked at the turbid and dim space around him, pleasantly surprised.

Except for the Mortal God sisters beside him, he could no longer sense the aura of any other creature.

“What do you want to do?” The girl in noble attire vigilantly asked. And the girl in red next to her was so scared that she almost broke into tears.

Zhou Xuanji looked back and said with a smile, “I heard that Mortal Gods can help with cultivation, so I need your help.”

The moment he said this, the two sisters’ beautiful faces turned pale at once.

Naturally, they were aware of these things.

And since they knew that they were Mortal Gods, they felt hopeless.

They hadn’t expected for their end to come so quickly.

The girl in red nibbled her lips as her eyes turned red. She raised her right hand and just as she was about to stab her throat…

“Don’t worry, the help I’m talking about isn’t that third-rate method. I wanted to talk to you about a different cultivation method, otherwise you wouldn’t be standing before me unharmed, okay!?” Zhou Xuanji immediately interrupted, stunning the two girls.

He helplessly said, “I have two wives, a son and a daughter. I am not that hungry that I will eat anything in my sight.”

The two girls’ eyes instantly lit up after hearing this.

The girl in noble attire immediately asked, frowning, “Who are you? Can you tell us your name?”

Zhou Xuanji replied with a smile, “I am Zhou Xuanji. I am not from your Kunlun Origin Court. Actually, the Kunlun Origin Court has two sides. Both have the same people but their persons are completely different. I came from the other side. I want to become stronger, strong enough to leave this place.”

The girl in red excitedly asked after hearing this, “Then can you take us with you? We want to leave this place too!”

They had also heard of Anti-Kunlun before. And as long as they left with Zhou Xuanji, they would be able to get rid of the shackles of the Mortal Divine Range and their destiny too.

Zhou Xuanji said with a profound sense, “In the other Kunlun Origin Court, the Mortal Gods also had the same destiny. But if you help me become stronger, I will cover you in the future.”

The sisters sank into despair when they heard the first half of the sentence but they were pleasantly surprised when they heard the second half of his sentence.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Lesser Supreme Sword as Little Sovereign’s soul manifested before them. The two jump back into each other’s arms in fright immediately.

Little Sovereign, hovering in the air and looking at the two, said with a smile of satisfaction, “Their aptitude seems to be good. Maybe they can really awaken into Mortal Gods. It’s a waste to use them as furnaces. They should be fostered.”

His words immediately assured the duo.

Judging by this soul’s word, they will not harm us.

Zhou Xuanji immediately asked, “Aren’t they Mortal Gods?”

Little Sovereign rebuked with a contemptuous smile, “They just have a little bit of blood from a Mortal God, that’s all. If they were really Mortal Gods, could they be controlled by others? A true Mortal God is strong enough to suppress the Sovereign Divine Range. Apart from the Sovereign, no one can be their opponent.”

They two girls became excited after hearing this. Zhou Xuanji also knew of the strength of a Mortal God. However, his current priority wasn’t to cultivate Mortal God but to help him become stronger.

Little Sovereign saw through his mind and mischievously smiled.

“Actually, I know a method. Once these two Mortal Gods awaken their talents and cultivate together with you, they can guide the Inverse Chaos Qi into your body and help your cultivation advance by leaps and bounds. And not only that, they can also become stronger in the process,” Little Sovereign stated, smiling. The two Mortal Gods’ eyes also lit up at once.

They too wanted to become stronger.

Only when they were stronger could they get rid of their horrid destiny.

If what Little Sovereign said was true, they could become strong enough to suppress the Mortal Divine Range.

“Tell me!” Zhou Xuanji urged Little Sovereign. He had been in Anti-Kunlun long enough. He didn’t want to remain here any longer.

Little Sovereign rolled his eyes as he replied with an evil smile, “I can teach you the method but there are some shortcomings in this method. That is, when you are cultivating and trying to gather Inverse Chaos Qi, you must cultivate naked. Special artifact-type clothes will hamper the flow of Inverse Chaos Qi and ordinary clothes will be reduced to ashes.”

Just as he said this, embarrassment dawned upon everyone and the surroundings.

Zhou Xuanji was speechless. The Mortal God sisters immediately blushed and lowered their heads.

Little Sovereign furrowed his brow and said, “One of you wants to become Sovereign and go against your fate, while the other two are destined to suffer bad luck. I think you should get married. Think about it, if you succeed, the Sovereign and two Mortal Gods can bring unprecedented prosperity to the world.”

No Sovereign had two peak Mortal Gods under him.

Thinking about it, Little Sovereign became a little excited.

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes at him and angrily said, “Enough with your nonsense. I can’t marry just anyone. There should be love between us.”

The two Mortal Gods didn’t feel humiliated after hearing this. Rather they took a closer look at Zhou Xuanji.