I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 772 - Origin Court War God’s Jealousy

Zhou Tanhua appeared beside Xian Xianghua out of thin air and anxiously cried, “Mother, is our Divine Range in danger?”

Generally, he would be focused on cultivation and ignore world affairs. However, the moment he heard that the Evil Sky Divine Range was about to be destroyed, he could no longer remain as calm as before.

Xian Xianghua furrowed her brow and asked, “Who told you? Was it that Zhou Fa?”

They all knew about Zhou Fa often coming for Zhou Tanhua. They had even reported it to Beast Sovereign but Zhou Fa’s divine ability was so tricky that even Beast Sovereign was unable to catch him.

“Is it true?” Zhou Tanhua anxiously asked again, intently staring at his mother.

Jiang Xue smiled and answered, “Don’t worry. With your father there, the Evil Sky Divine Range will never be destroyed.”

Xian Xianghua nodded in agreement.

“But… Father hasn’t come back yet. Where is he?” Zhou Tanhua suspiciously asked. He admired his father very much. But he also understood that Zhou Xuanji’s strength was really nothing in the Kunlun Origin Court. And Zhou Xuanji wasn’t among the top contenders on the Sovereign List.

Xian Xianghua glared at him and rebuked with a cold scoff, “Don’t worry! Your father will be back sooner or later. Then you will understand how many miracles your father had created even at your age back then.”

Zhou Tanhua could only give up in light of this.

He had started cultivating very early. And he just vaguely remembered the stories about Zhou Xuanji that were told to him when he was a child. So, in his opinion, both his mothers trusted Zhou Xuanji too blindly.

For a moment, he became mindful of gains and losses.

His father was missing. The Evil Sky Divine Range was hanging at the edge of life and death. While his mothers didn’t seem to care about it. He was in panic.

What should I do?

Zhou Tanhua frowned tightly before leaving in a daze.

Jiang Xue glanced at his back and asked Xian Xianghua worriedly, “Will he be alright? You should still pay attention to him. What if he doesn’t think straight and is abducted by Zhou Fa. That will be really bad.”

Xian Xianghua felt that Jiang Xue made sense.

She immediately stood up and chased after Zhou Tanhua.

“Sly Kid, do you want to know about your father?” Xian Xianghua knocked on Zhou Tanhua’s head and asked, smiling.

At first glance, others might think of them as siblings, not mother and son because she didn’t act like a mother.

Zhou Tanhua was stunned. He subconsciously tried to refuse but Xian Xianghua grabbed him by his shoulder and both mother and son disappeared out of thin air.

Jiang Xue at this time, was sitting by the stone table with her chin propped in her hands. She smiled as she fell deeper into her memories.

Every time she saw Zhou Tanhua, she thought of Zhou Xuanji’s childhood.

She and Zhou Xuanji depended on each other when they were young. She always remembered Zhou Xuanji’s appearance of when they were young. Every time she thought about it, she felt very happy.

Their love was hard-won but also bitter to recall.



Zhou Xuanji and Origin Court War God were zooming through the Void Boundary at an extremely fast speed.

A swarm of creatures were chasing after them. By the looks of it, there were over thousands of them at the very least. And the weakest of them was still in the Nine Vast Heavens Realm.

Origin Court War God together with Zhou Xuanji destroyed seven Divine Ranges. Zhou Xuanji had finally mastered the Inverse Chaos divine ability. However, the entire Anti-Kunlun blew up into rage. Now, thousands of Origin Fusion Divine Lords and Nine Vast Heavens cultivators were chasing after them.

Even someone as strong as Origin Court War God was unable to resist so many powerful enemies.

Some of the Origin Fusion War Gods had even surpassed the Five Comprehensions Realm.

“If this continues, we will eventually be caught,” Zhou Xuanji said in a heavy voice. He kept using the Suppressing the Universe but they couldn’t widen the gap between them and the enemies.

Origin Court War God was also very anxious. However, he wasn’t in panic, there was just a grim look on his face

Getting no reply from him, Zhou Xuanji started thinking of a way to escape.

“Idiot, you can use the Inverse Chaos divine ability!” Little Sovereign’s voice rang in his ears.

Zhou Xuanji was immediately struck by a bolt of lightning.

Can the Inverse Chaos divine ability resolve this situation?

He promptly cast the Inverse Chaos divine ability without a moment of hesitation. A faint aura radiated from him as the space behind him started fluctuating.

The thousands of pursuers only felt that they had run into an invisible barrier. Immediately after, Zhou Xuanji and Origin Court War God disappeared from their sight. They were all stupefied. But they didn’t slow down even for a moment.

Origin Court War God looked back and was shocked to discover that all the enemies were flying backwards.

The corner of Zhou Xuanji’s mouth rose. This Inverse Chaos divine ability is indeed powerful.

The enemies were blindly flying forward because their senses were temporarily shielded. They thought that Zhou Xuanji and Origin Court War God were still just in front of them.

The gap between both sides instantly widened.

“How did you do that?” Origin Court War God asked in surprise. It seems that what this Kid had said before was indeed true.

This divine ability is really good!

Even he couldn’t tell exactly what just happened.

Zhou Xuanji replied, “The Inverse Chaos divine ability can reverse everything. I didn’t expect that it can even reverse directions.”

He really hadn’t expected that the Inverse Chaos divine ability could even be used like this.

Invert the direction and confuse their senses.

Origin Court War God sighed in his heart. Why can’t I get this divine ability?

The two quickly fled.

When those powerful experts returned to their senses, they could no longer find the two.

Zhou Xuanji and Origin Court War God eventually came upon a planet and began resting and cultivating.

After today’s battle, Zhou Xuanji had a deeper understanding of his Inverse Chaos divine ability.

I need to master this divine ability. It will definitely become my ace in order to save my life and will even kill my enemies in the future.

Zhou Xuanji sat down cross-legged and entered a state of cultivation.

Whereas Origin Court War God sat on the stone beside him, staring at Zhou Xuanji thoughtfully.

Suddenly, he wanted to rob Zhou Xuanji of his divine ability.

However, he wanted to leave Anti-Kunlun more than he wanted the divine ability. He was in a dilemma.

He knew that he had to calm his greed.

Zhou Xuanji had his eyes closed all the while. He was focusing on cultivation.

“This guy is having greedy thoughts. Be careful,” Little Sovereign warned. His tone was filled with ridicule.

Ever since he arrived in Anti-Kunlun, Zhou Xuanji had been holding the Lesser Supreme Sword most of the time. It was equivalent to having an extra set of eyes and a rich surprise.

Zhou Xuanji remained unmoved. He had guessed it a long time ago. So, he wasn’t worried.

Fortunately, Origin Court War God didn’t make a move.

That’s how the nine days passed.

Today, the peace was finally broken.

“What on earth do you want to do?” A familiar voice rang in Zhou Xuanji’s eyes. Surprised, Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes.

Beast Sovereign!

Origin Court War God opened his eyes as he grimaced.

Zhou Xuanji noticed the subtle change in his expression.

Beast Sovereign appeared above their heads, glaring down at them.

Zhou Xuanji wondered, this Beast Sovereign didn’t look timid at all. He was still very powerful and there was still that ferocious look in his eyes.

“Hmph, I didn’t expect you to find this place,” Origin Court War God rebuked with a cold snort. He then slowly stood up as three black spears of light floated behind his back. He had taken on a fighting stance.

Seeing this, Zhou Xuanji finally understood.


Origin Court War God and Beast Sovereign are enemies in Anti-Kunlun!

And they are even mortal enemies!

As expected, it’s the opposite relationship!

Next, Beast Sovereign raised his palm to slam down on the Origin Court War God. Whereas Origin Court War God attacked in return.


The entire planet exploded in an instant. Zhou Xuanji relied on the Inverse Chaos divine ability to rebound the damage and quickly moved away, dodging their fight.

Beast Sovereign and Origin Court War God fought fiercely in the void. Their figures clashed with each other, again and again, forcing Zhou Xuanji to move farther away from them. He didn’t dare to approach within even ten thousand kilometers of them.