I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 771 - Certainly Doomed!

Zhou Xuanji was completely disoriented by the inheritance of the Inverse Chase divine ability. Gradually, he lost his awareness of his surroundings.

He felt as if a long time had passed.

A day might have passed, it might have been a year, or even eons.

Zhou Xuanji felt like he was in a dream.

As he regained consciousness from his dreams, he jolted awake. And immediately after, he clutched his head with his right hand, panting. His entire body was drenched in sweat.

“You are awake!? Did you learn it?” Origin Court War God’s sportive voice came from beside him.

Zhou Xunaji looked at him in confusion. He felt as if his head was about to explode.

It was so painful for him that he almost felt as if it was better to die than live.

He hurriedly took out the Holy Light Redemption Sword and thrust it straight into his abdomen to heal himself.

Origin Court War God looked at him with interest. He didn’t speak a single word all the while.

Zhou Xuanji looked around and found that he was sitting on a barren ground. The sky above was spotted with stars. Looking into the distance, he could see floating islands.

Where are we?

He was puzzled. But he didn’t have the strength to speak.

The Dao Energy and Inverse Chaos Qi was nowhere to be found in his body, as if he was crippled.

“Inverse Chaos divine ability…” Zhou Xuanji’s eyes flickered with a bright gleam. Gradually his headache subsided and a strange feeling rose in his heart.

It was the Inverse Chaos divine ability!

This feeling was very mysterious and novel to him. It couldn’t be described in words. But he could feel the existence of the Inverse Chaos divine ability.

The Inverse Chaos divine ability could inverse everything and anything.

At the same time, his body began to involuntarily absorb the Dao Energy.

“Your aura has changed. It has become like us,” Origin Court War God stated. He touched his chin, ruminating. Even someone with a deep cultivation like him couldn’t detect the change in Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji had finally regained a bit of strength. He replied in a hoarse voice, “That’s right. I have learned it but I still need more of Inverse Chaos Qi to strengthen and master this divine ability.”

Origin Court War God nodded. Zhou Xuanji had mentioned this before.

“Wait here,” having dropped this sentence, Origin Court War God disappeared the next moment.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Lesser Supreme Sword and continued comprehending the Inverse Chaos divine ability.

“You brat, you succeeded so soon,” Little Sovereign praised him in admiration via voice transmission. When he inherited the Inverse Chaos divine ability, he had been tormented for a long time.

Zhou Xuanji asked back, “When can we go to the top of the Anti-Kunlun? And how will the Inverse Chaos divine ability help me escape from this place?”

“Hold your horses. You are still not strong enough. Don’t think about it for now,” replied Little Sovereign. This Kid’s speed of breakthrough is already so extreme but this Kid is still so anxious.

Sometimes, Little Sovereign wanted to strangle him.

This Kid really had no idea how lucky he is.

However, he also understood Zhou Xuanji’s mentality. His family was weighing on his mind.

His mentality was still like that of a mortal.

Zhou Xuanji could only stop asking questions and focus on his cultivation.

Time flew by seconds and minutes.

Over time, his mind became more sober and his understanding of the Inverse Chaos divine ability became clearer.

Three hours later, Origin Court War God was finally back.

There was a scary scar on his chest. His wound was riddled with black crystals of all shapes and sizes. It looked extremely horrifying.

He flew to the front of Zhou Xuanji and waved his hand. Immediately, a ball of light appeared out of thin air. Surprisingly, there was a Divine Range inside it.

He actually collected the Divine Range in his palm. How domineering!?

Zhou Xuanji stated, “Give me some time.”

He needed to restore his cultivation, otherwise anyone in the Divine Range would kill him by just standing. He was unable to kill anyone.

Origin Court War God nodded. He then threw the ball of light on the ground before walking to one side and started recovering from his injuries.

A deathly silence fell among them.

After a month…

Zhou Xuanji had finally returned to his peak. Next, he started massacring the Divine Range in the ball of light. The Inverse Chaos Qi he absorbed this time was greater than before.

No wonder Origin Court War God was injured. It seems that this Divine Range hadn’t been that simple.

However, what made Zhou Xuanji curious was that this was already the third Divine Range, but why had this matter not reached the ears of the Sovereign yet.

Has the Anti-Kunlun Sovereign too mysteriously disappeared just like the Kunlun Origin Court?

He raised this doubt.

“How could that be? That guy is very much alive and kicking. It’s impossible for him to disappear. He is just too lazy. He pushed everything on the people under him. He spends most of his time in secluded cultivation. Now, he has entered a closed-door cultivation. He will not open his eyes for the next ten millennia,” Origin Court War God nonchalantly answered, waving his hands.

Zhou Xuanji became interested in the Sovereign after hearing this.

What kind of Sovereign is so big-hearted and obsessed with the cultivation?

Wasn’t he the strongest after becoming the Sovereign?

“Okay, let’s carry on,” Origin Court War God said, standing up. He couldn’t wait to leave the Anti-Kunlun.

Once the Sovereign exited his seclusion, he would definitely die. So, he was more anxious than Zhou Xuanji.

“Alright!” Zhou Xuanji agreed with a nod. The two quickly left and continued hunting in the Anti-Kunlun.

Kunlun Origin Court, Evil Sky Divine Range, Pure Sword Heaven…

Zhou Tanhua was cultivating by a creek on the edge of the woods, facing the water.

He still maintained a youthful appearance.

The surface of the creek surged as a figure rose up. It was none other than Zhou Fa.

“You are so annoying! I’ve said it, I’m not going to follow you!” Zhou Tanhua frowned and lashed out, without opening his eyes.

Over the recent years, Zhou Fa would always come to pester him. It was getting very annoying.

Zhou Fa stated with an evil smile, “Your father’s fate has ceased to exist. He is very likely dead. Since you have lost your father who was supposed to be Sovereign, how will you grow up? Come with me, I will help you become Sovereign. In the future I see, you will rise to the top in the dark period, sweep through the Sovereign Ranking. Though, there is still a genius who is stronger than you. When you will be in high spirits and basking in glory, he will step on you and rise to the top.”

Zhou Tanhua remained indifferent and looked very annoyed.

He was tired of hearing the same words.

Every time it was the same rhetoric!

Hasn’t he gotten tired of it!

“How about we make a bet? The Evil Sky Divine Range will definitely be wiped out in a century. If the Evil Sky Divine Range is destroyed, you will follow me. And if it isn’t, I’ll work like a horse for you,” Zhou Fa proposed with a meaningful smile. Zhou Tanhua finally opened his eyes after hearing this.

Zhou Tanhua was born and bred in the Evil Sky Divine Range. He had a lot of feelings for the Extreme Divine Range. It could be said that in the Pure Sword Heaven, his feelings for the Evil Sky Divine Range was the strongest. After all, Beast Sovereign would even occasionally visit him.

“What do you mean? Where did you get this information?” Zhou Tanhua asked with a frown. He had immediately lost his composure.

Zhou Fa shook his head and replied, “Evil Sky Divine Range’s fate is exhausted. It’s doomed for sure. Just wait and watch. If and when you have thought it through, just contact me. You should keep the dagger I gave you with yourself.”

Having said this, Zhou Fa turned back into a puddle of water and merged back with the creek.

Zhou Tanhua slowly got up and started walking to and fro. Worries were weighing down on his heart. He was unable to calm down for a long time.

He immediately turned around and went looking for his mother.

At this moment, Xian Xianghua and Jiang Xue were chatting in the small pavilion under a tree. Their conversation was naturally about the turmoil of the Evil Sky Divine Range.

Even Ying Zhuge was sent to fight. Despite the internal harmony of the Evil Sky Divine Range, who knew how many creatures were dying outside every day.