I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 770 - Comprehending the Inverse Chaos Divine Ability

Zhou Xuanji adjusted the Inverse Chaos Qi in his body, slowly opened his eyes, and glanced toward the Origin Court War God, “Thank you very much.”

Origin Court War God waved him off and stated, “You and I need each other. If you can do it, we might be needing each other in the future. I have done so many things for the Kunlun Origin Court but the Sovereign still hates me. And those Divine Ranges curse me so much behind my back that my luck hadn’t grown at all. It is really detestable.”

He ground his teeth in anger when he mentioned this.

Seeing him so angry, Zhou Xuanji could only pretend to be angry.

“Okay, you and I will cooperate with each other from now on. When we arrive at my side of Kunlun Origin Court, I will take you to see Beast Sovereign. Of course, there is always an option to go anywhere you want,” Zhou Xuanji spoke earnestly, showing his sincerity.

Origin Court War God nodded and stated, “Let’s go, I will take you to a very annoying Divine Range. You will have to block time and space with your Exterminating Divine Eyes, otherwise the Sovereign will become aware of it.”

Zhou Xuanji couldn’t help but ask after hearing this, “Even the Sovereign can’t sense the Exterminating Divine Eyes divine ability?”

In his opinion, the Sovereign wasn’t omnipotent, but he was still strong.

The reason why the Kunlun Origin Court was in chaos was because of the mysterious disappearance of the Sovereign.

Origin Court War God explained with a sinister smile, “He doesn’t have the time to pay attention to the entire Kunlun Origin Court, otherwise he wouldn’t need me.”

Having said this, he brushed past Zhou Xuanji and flew toward Anti-Kunlun.

Zhou Xuanji immediately put away the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage and hurriedly chased after Origin Court War God.

Along the way, Zhou Xuanji pretended to be relaxed but he was very alert.

Little Sovereign was also communicating with him via voice transmission, telling him what he needed to pay attention to.

After the time it took for an incense to burn passed, they arrived before a Divine Range.

This Divine Range was relatively remote. Hardly anyone came in and went out.

Origin Court War God congealed three black spears of light behind his back. In the next moment, as he focused his gaze, one of the black spears of light shot ahead, piercing through the Divine Range’s array, silently and secretly.

Next, he waved his right hand as he took Zhou Xuanji inside with him.

He could see the gap rapidly closing with his naked eye. It had been completely restored in no time.

After entering the Divine Range, the Origin Court War God solemnly said, “Use your previous divine ability.”

Zhou Xuanji promptly cast the Suppressing the Universe, freezing the entire space inside the Divine Range.

Origin Court War God raised his right hand as the three black light spears started fiercely rotating, radiating violent black aura, wreaking havoc everywhere.

“Who dares to invade the Great Hidden Divine Range!” A violent shout suddenly rang as Origin Court War God disappeared from his place the next moment.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t make a move and just patiently waited there.

He believed in the strength of Origin Court War God. Since he said he could do it, he meant it.

After a while…

Origin Court War God appeared before him and said with an evil smile, “Alright, you can start harvesting now. I have suppressed the cultivation of everyone stronger than you. They are now like lambs to be slaughtered.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and immediately took out thousands of legendary swords, using them to kill everyone automatically.

Now, with the Jade Treasure Basket he could replicate the legendary swords- making the amount he owned exceeding 5,000.

With a flash of thought, he used the Extreme Nightmare Abyss to cover the entire Great Hidden Divine Range, making everyone fall into a beautiful dream.

Then he repeated the same tricks.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t want to witness everything next. He let the swords do their jobs.

He asked in his heart, “Little Sovereign, is what we are doing at this moment really correct?”

He had been trying his best to convince himself that Anti-Kunlun wasn’t real.

Otherwise, how could he explain two Kunlun Origin Court with the same composition?

“Don’t focus on whys. Only when you are strong enough can you achieve everything you want, whether its justice or fairness,” Little Sovereign answered indifferently. However, he was a little relieved in his heart.

This Kid has a benevolent and righteous heart.

If killing becomes a habit, it’s easy to lose compassion for life.

But after becoming the Sovereign, you will have the common people in your heart. In those lonely years of invincibility, your compassionate heart will start beating again, and you will reflect your own faults.

This is something every Sovereign will encounter.

Invincibility comes with loneliness. And loneliness will make you think about others.

“Even I was unable to get the bottom of the existence of Anti-Kunlun. If you want to understand all of this, you will have to become the Sovereign first. Become a Sovereign better than me, than the past or present Sovereign. Understand?” Little Sovereign guided him. After having been with him for so long, he started liking Zhou Xuanji overtime.

I really like this Kid’s temperament. He is decisive but not cruel, bold but not reckless, and also accepts temporary setbacks.

When this Kid becomes supreme, he might be able to reach a height that I have never reached.

Zhou Xuanji remained silent, absorbed in his thoughts.

If even the Sovereign doesn’t understand why Anti-Kunlun existed, how did Anti-Kunlun came to be?

Was it created by someone, or was it guided by some powerful rule?

In any case, this force has very likely to have surpass the Sovereign.

Origin Court War God looked at Zhou Xuanji with interest. But he didn’t say anything.

After the Divine Range was slaughtered, surging Inverse Chaos Qi poured into his body, giving rise to wind that slowly grew bigger and bigger, finally turning into a hurricane.

“Inverse Chaos Qi… unfortunately…” Origin Court War God clucked his tongue in amazement. He very much wanted to get this power. However, he belonged to Anti-Kunlun. He couldn’t sense the Inverse Chaos Qi. He was limited by the rules, unless he surpassed this rule.

Perhaps only the Anti-Kunlun Sovereign could surpass this rule.

Zhou Xuanji began to suppress the Inverse Chaos Qi.

“Great. If you continue like this, you will soon be able to develop the Inverse Chaos divine ability!” Little Sovereign stated excitedly. He had to admit that it had definitely become easy with a powerful expert forging the way ahead.

Zhou Xuanji just have to keep harvesting.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t respond. All his focus was on the Inverse Chaos divine ability.

In a flash, a week had gone by.

Zhou Xuanji had finally suppressed the Inverse Chaos Qi.

Origin Court War God broke into laughter and said, “Come on, let’s go!”

He was looking forward to what the Inverse Chaos divine ability looked like. He wanted to leave Anti-Kunlun. So, he did his best to rein in his temper.

Zhou Xuanji nodded in agreement before the two quickly left.

A month later…

Zhou Xuanji and Origin Court War God flew out a Divine Range, quickly flying toward the Void Boundary.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji was trembling all over, leaving countless afterimages. His breath was extremely unstable.

He was accepting the Inverse Chaos divine ability inheritance. Origin Court War God lifted him with Dao Energy and flew them straight toward the Void Boundary.

Along the way, Origin Court War God kept observing Zhou Xuanji.

Little Sovereign wasn’t remaining idle either. He kept preaching Zhou Xuanji via sound transmission, calming Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji was in an extremely mysterious state. He felt that two similar but completely different memories were flashing in his mind.

He saw everything about Kunlun Origin Court and Anti-Kunlun as well.

At the same time, pairs of opposite things appeared in his mind, shaking his soul.

Little Sovereign’s voice continued ringing in his ear, stopping him from falling unconscious.

Gradually, he understood the true meaning of Inverse Chaos divine ability.

Reverse everything, from chaos to primordial world!

Reverse led to creation, turning the entire world into supreme!