I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 767 - Making a Name for Oneself

The Evil Sky Divine Range is under siege by the other Divine Ranges!?

Zhou Tanhua was shocked speechless. Xian Xianghua’s expression drastically changed as well.

They could cultivate safely and in such peace all because of the protection of the Evil Sky Divine Range. They didn’t want something to happen to the Evil Sky Divine Range.

The Evil Sky Divine Range had taken Zhou Xuanji in even when there was past enmity between them.

“I hope your father isn’t in any danger,” Xian Xianghua mumbled in a gentle voice. She looked a little worried.

That kid has been gone for so long and still hasn’t returned. Nothing has happened to him, right?

Even she was this worried, not to mention Jiang Xue.

They didn’t dare to ask Old Man Daoya and Xuan Daoya for a fortune telling. All they could do was worry alone.

Zhou Tanhua curiously asked, “Mother, the Evil Sky Divine Range is only ranked in top twenties. Why is Beast Sovereign daring to be the enemy of all the Divine Ranges? Does he have a trump card?”

Xian Xianhua perfunctorily replied, “How would your mother know? Only Sovereign knows. So, just focus on your cultivation.”

Having said this, she quickly left.

Zhou Tanhua smiled helplessly. Suddenly, he wasn’t in the mood to cultivate.

He stood and went looking for Chang Xiyan.

He believed that Chang Xiyan might help him understand Beast Sovereign and the Evil Sky Divine Range.

Anti-Kunlun, in the underground world…

Zhou Xuanji was immersed in cultivation. Meanwhile, Pan Zhen returned and transferred the Inverse Chaos Qi into his body.

Zhou Xuanji noticed that Pan Zhen’s right arm was broken. It looked extremely miserable.

“Strange, why isn’t it recovering? Is it because of some kind of rule?”w

He was immersed in cultivation most of the time and hadn’t thought about Pan Zhen this whole time. So, only now did he notice that Pan Zhen was injured.

Little Sovereign explained, smiling, “This is very normal. If he could flip the Anti-Kunlun upside down with his meager strength without being injured, it would be even more ridiculous!”

Despite Pan Zhen’s strength, he didn’t even have the strength of a Dao Ancestor.

If Zhou Xuanji just relied on him to collect the Inverse Chaos Qi, only God knew how long it would take.

Zhou Xuanji nodded. He had no intention of staying here forever. He just wanted to cultivate for a while first.

When he reached the thirty flowers Dao Ancestor Realm, he would go out and kill!

Only when he had reached this level could he use the Lesser Supreme Sword.

For now, he could only communicate with Little Sovereign. It didn’t provide any boost in his combat force.

He took out the Holy Light Redemption Sword to help Pan Zhen.

A day later, Pan Zhen’s right arm began to heal itself. Nevertheless, Zhou Xuanji didn’t send him out yet.

For the meantime, he continued with his cultivation under the guidance of Little Sovereign.

He was very close to the thirty flowers Dao Ancestor Realm.

Over this period, he had learned many sword dao-type divine abilities, other Great Daos and created some of his own. Under the preaching of Little Sovereign, forming the Dao Flower wasn’t that difficult for him.

After six months…

Zhou Xuanji had finally broken through to the thirty flowers Dao Ancestor Realm. And the first thing he did after breaking through was taking out the Lesser Supreme Sword.

Very soon, he felt the surging power of the Lesser Supreme Sword.

“Kid, the sword I live in isn’t that easy. You have to use it carefully,” Little Sovereign warned but a triumphant look was quite clear on his face.

From now on, he could help Zhou Xuanji fight and sport his strength as a Sovereign. Although it was weaker than his peak strength, it was still enough!

Zhou Xuanji stood up and stated, smiling in high spirits, “Okay, it’s time we go out!”

He put the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage in the supreme storage and quickly flew out of this underground world with the Lesser Supreme Sword in his hand.

He flew straight toward the Anti-Kunlun central area.

The power of Lesser Supreme Sword was vigorous and majestic, just like the Exterminating Divine Eyes. It gave him the feeling of being inexhaustible.

No one under the Origin Fusion Divine Lord was his opponent.

As for the Origin Fusion Divine Lord, he wasn’t sure.

He could freeze some Origin Fusion Divine Lord though, just like Zhou Fa.

Some he couldn’t, such as Wei Yi.

Of course, Zhou Fa might not even have reached the Origin Fusion Divine Lord Realm at all but could make things look mysterious because of some unique divine ability.

At least that was what Zhou Xuanji thought.

In his eyes, Zhou Xuanji was really weak.

“Kid, you might encounter the five Ultimate Divine Eyes in Anti-Kunlun, be careful. The five Ultimate Divine Eyes mutually reinforce and counteract each other. The Exterminating Divine Eyes overpowers Dark Temptation Divine Eyes, while Devastating Divine Eyes overpowers Exterminating Divine Eyes,” warned Little Sovereign. He was afraid that Zhou Xuanji would grow complacent, which would lead to his downfall.

Exterminating Divine Eyes, Dark Temptation Divine Eyes, Kongtong Divine Eyes, Shockwave Divine Eyes, Devastating Divine Eyes!

All five Divine Eyes had magical abilities. All of them had extremely powerful eye abilities.

Zhou Xuanji hadn’t felt the energy of other Divine Eyes since he arrived here.

After all, the Barbaric Ultimate God’s eyes had long ceased to exist. Otherwise, how could he fall in the Great Elimination of the Saint Realm. It was precisely because he didn’t have the Shockwave Divine Eyes that he was so humiliated.

Zhou Xuanji flew for about an hour before he encountered a crowd of creatures. They were flying toward the Anti-Kunlun Origin Court.

By the looks of it, they all belonged to some Divine Range.

Zhou Xuanji promptly used the Suppressing the Universe, freezing time and space. Next, he raised the Lesser Supreme Sword and slashed it downward.

Ultimate Chaos Dao!

Countless Sword Qi ran amok, reducing all the creatures to ash instantly.

Everything happened so fast that the creatures had no time to even feel fear.

Strands of invisible Inverse Chaos Qi entered Zhou Xuanji’s body, making him feel refreshed.

And it was surging Dao Energy to boot!

Only this way could he quickly grow stronger.

He continued to fly forward and quickly disappeared into the depths of the starry sky.

After a while, a legend had spread in the Anti-Kunlun universe.

Someone was killing everyone he encountered, showing no mercy.

Undefeated against anyone below the Origin Fusion Divine Lord!

This was because Zhou Xuanji was forced to flee after encountering Origin Fusion Divine Lord.

Zhou Xuanji almost lost his life in this battle.

Fortunately, Little Sovereign displayed his powerful strength, giving room for Zhou Xuanji to flee.

After returning to the underground world, Zhou Xuanji laid low for three months straight.

After having recuperated completely, he started hunting again.

“Don’t be reckless this time!” warned Little Sovereign. He was afraid that Zhou Xuanji would repeat the same mistake.

Zhou Xuanji said with a confident smile, “Don’t worry, I have become stronger after that fight.”

When he fought with the Origin Fusion Divine Lord that time, he had absorbed a lot of his opponent’s Dao Energy, enhancing his cultivation again.

Now, he had already reached the thirty-two flower Dao Ancestor Realm.

“That guy must have been Third Comprehension Origin Fusion Divine Lord or stronger. Your defeat wasn’t unjust. It’s already a great feat that you didn’t instantly lose your life,” Little Sovereign said with a nod. He was speaking the truth. He was severely reprimanding Zhou Xuanji only to teach Zhou Xuanji a lesson.

Now that Zhou Xuanji was fully healed, Little Sovereign must instil him with confidence, lest a lingering shadow remained in his heart.

Fortunately, Zhou Xuanji’s will was firmer than he thought.

“This time, I am going to attack the Mortal Divine Range,” Zhou Xuanji stated as he pursed his lips into a mysterious smile.

Little Sovereign’s eyes went wide after hearing this. He immediately scolded, “Are you crazy?”

Mortal Divine Range was a Sovereign Divine Range!

Their history was even older than Little Sovereign’s.

Zhou Xuanji increased his speed and stated in a soft voice, “Don’t worry, I have a goal.”

Little Sovereign furrowed his brow. What is this Kid thinking?

He suddenly thought of something. His face drastically changed.

“Are you crazy?” he scolded angrily. There was a look of panic on his face.

A look of determination appeared in Zhou Xuanji’s eyes as he stated, “Didn’t you say that a Mortal God is very useful for cultivation? I want to give it a try.”