I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 765 - Inverse Chaos Divine Ability

“Will you die if you go straight to the point?” Zhou Xuanji angrily asked. This guy never forget to tantalize!?

Little Sovereign smiled and explained, “The principle that maintains the existence of Anti-Kunlun is Inverse Chaos Qi. As long as you devour enough it, you can continue to grow stronger and can even master the Inverse Chaos Divine Ability. This divine ability can reverse every divine ability. It can make strong weak, hard soft, wide narrow.”

“Mastering the Inverse Chaos Divine Ability can help you secure the road to Sovereign.”

“You can even say that you can only escape from here by mastering the Inverse Chaos Divine Ability.”

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes. He became immediately interested in the Inverses Chaos Qi.

If this Inverse Chaos Divine Ability is as strong as Little Sovereign says, I should indeed learn it.

He was waiting for Little Sovereign to continue.

Little Sovereign leisurely said, “The Inverse Chaos Qi is equivalent to the luck in Anti-Kunlun. You must kill the enemies to accumulate the Inverse Chaos Qi.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and immediately made a decision in his heart.

I can’t remain here forever.

I must go back!

Since that’s the case, I will have to kill my way back!

Perhaps it might be unfair to the beings of Anti-Kunlun, but I have no choice.

Even if I don’t kill them, the people of Anti-Kunlun would kill me.

Having thought of this, Zhou Xuanji spread his divine sense, preparing to hunt.

Since then, every being he encountered along the way was slain by him; their form and soul were completely destroyed. His movements were very fast. He was trying to kill the residents of Anti-Kunlun as painlessly as possible.

Gradually, he felt a strange energy flowing in his body.

Inverse Chaose Qi!

This energy was very strange. It was uncontrollable but was very warm. It made him feel very refreshed.

To prevent being hunted down by everyone of Anti-Kunlun, he didn’t move forward very fast. And he specifically looked for a direction where there were fewer creatures. He didn’t want a word about him to leak.

In the blink of an eye, several days had gone by.

Over these days, Zhou Xuanji had accumulated a lot of Inverse Chaos Qi. But according to Little Sovereign, he was still far from being able to practice the Inverse Chaos Divine Ability.

According to Little Sovereign, when his Inverse Chaos Qi had reached a certain extent, he would comprehend the Inverse Chaos Divine Ability. And after comprehending it, he would still need to cultivate it, which would require even more Inverse Chaos Qi.

“Just tell me how many more I have to kill in order to develop the Inverse Chaos Divine Ability?” Listening to Little Sovereign’s explanation, Zhou Xuanji impatiently interrupted.

Little Sovereign replied, smiling, “You would need to kill at least a hundred Origin Fusion Divine Lord to comprehend it. And if you want to learn it completely, you will have to kill a thousand Origin Fusion Divine Lord.”

Zhou Xuanji’s face drastically changed after hearing this.

He already knew that the Origin Fusion Divine Lord was the realm above the Nine Vast Heavens.

He couldn’t kill an Origin Fusion Divine Lord alone, let alone a thousand.

Wei Yi was an Origin Fusion Divine Lord; it was equivalent to killing a thousand Wei Yi.

Just the thought of it was giving him a headache.

How would I kill this many?

It wasn’t just a matter of time, he had to grow stronger first before he could even do it.

“How can it be that easy!? Take your time, okay!?” Little Sovereign comforted. He clearly understood Zhou Xuanji’s despair.

Back then, he was even more desperate than Zhou Xuanji. At least Zhou Xuanji had Little Sovereign to guide him. Little Sovereign was running completely blind back then.

Had he not killed countless souls and suddenly comprehended the Inverse Chaos Divine Ability, he would have been still oblivious to the existence of the Inverse Chaos Divine Ability. It took him several millennia before he saw the light.

He had suffered a lot over those millennia. He hid here and there. It was as painful as it could be.

Zhou Xuanji nodded his understanding. He also understood that he couldn’t rush this.

And with the strength of the Evil Sky Divine Range, they would be destroyed anytime soon. So, he wasn’t worried about the Evil Sky Divine Range.

At the moment, he must find a way to grow stronger.

While killing the enemies, Zhou Xuanji also used World Internalization to enhance his cultivation.

Time went by…

Six months later…

The word about Zhou Xuanji hunting Anti-Kunlun residents still got out. After all, there were many powerful creatures in Anti-Kunlun. They had noticed him from the distance. Besides, so many Anti-Kunlun residents had died in his hands. It was bound to be noticed.

“Stop!” a deafening shout suddenly rang.

Zhou Xuanji, who was inside the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage, promptly released his divine will.

His expression suddenly became weird.

Much to Zhou Xuanji’s surprise, it was Ying Zhuge.

Ying Zhuge had a grim look on his face and he was emanating an intense murderous intent. His black robe kept fluttering as if his entire body was on fire.

Is this the opposite of him!?

Zhou Xuanji wanted to laugh. In his impression, Ying Zhuge was completely confident and calm. But this Ying Zhuge appeared so violent.

Nevertheless, Zhou Xuanji didn’t panic. He wasn’t afraid of Ying Zhuge.

He directly took out the Proud Mortal Divine Sword and at the same time, used the Suppressing the Universe. In an instant, Ying Zhuge couldn’t move. The next moment, the Proud Mortal Divine Sword flew out of the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage, piercing through Ying Zhuge.

With the Mortal Qi cut off, Ying Zhuge’s soul was completely destroyed!

Ying Zhuge’s Dao Energy was then sucked into Zhou Xuanji’s body.

After insta-killing Ying Zhuge, Zhou Xuanji controlled the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage and quickly left.

He had no idea which side this Ying Zhuge represented but he knew that no matter on which side he was, he couldn’t afford it.

Anti-Kunlun might seem desolate but the Divine Ranges still existed. However, they weren’t as harmonious as the ones in the Kunlun Origin Court. All the Divine Ranges were on each other’s throat, fighting openly and secretly.

Zhou Xuanji, sitting in the carriage, fell into contemplation.

Can I take the advantage of the enmity between the Divine Ranges?

But I can’t go in person, using my real body.

He immediately took out his avatar, Pan Zhen.

Pan Zhen was the strongest Chaos Demon God of his universe. Over these years, Zhou Xuanji had neglected his clones a little. But Pan Zhen’s strength was already closer to the Dao Ancestor Realm.

He poured the Inverse Chaos Qi in his body into Pan Zhen’s body, hoping to turn Pan Zhen into a creature of Anti-Kunlun.

“Hey, smart! I understand what you want to do,” Little Sovereign’s eyes lit up as he praised.

If he had discovered the effect of Inverse Chaos Qi earlier and had resorted to Zhou Xuanji’s method, he might not have been in that difficult situation back then.

He just felt sad thinking about it.

Zhou Xuanji calmly stated, “Come and help me drive the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage to escape to a deserted place.”

He wasn’t afraid of Little Sovereign betraying him. The Sword Spirit had said that the sword souls in the Supreme Legendary Sword System were absolutely loyal to him. They couldn’t harm him.

It was an undetectable type of control.

“Alright, I will take you to the secret cave I used to reside back then,” Little Sovereign smiled triumphantly. After coming to the Anti-Kunlun, this Kid finally knows how strong this Sovereign is.

As long as he helped Zhou Xuanji break out of Anti-Kunlun, Zhou Xuanji would have great hopes of becoming Sovereign.

And once Zhou Xuanji became Sovereign, he had hopes of getting resurrected.

As for betraying Zhou Xuanji and looking for another master, he didn’t have this thought at all.

Even he himself hadn’t noticed it.

Perhaps this Kid’s experiences will be like mine.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t speak anymore and focused on modifying Pan Zheng.

Over the next few days, powerful experts continued to chase after Zhou Xuanji. Apparently, they all belonged to the same Divine Range. But thanks to the Exterminating Divine Eyes, Zhou Xuanji killed every last of them.