I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 763 - Anti-Kunlun

“What’s this Old Bastard doing here? Does he want to catch me out too?” Zhou Xuanji secret thought. Generally speaking, a Range Master would not make a move on geniuses from other Divine Ranges; it was unbecoming of their status.

However, the Evil Sky Divine Range was in a dangerous position and anything could happen.

If the Beast Sovereign didn’t make a move now, perhaps he would have to kneel before them today.

Although he was filled with confidence, he also understood the gap between Nanmu Tianyi and himself.

The hundreds of creatures in the surroundings also noticed the approaching Nanmu Tianyi. But they didn’t recognized Nanmu Tianyi.

There were many powerful experts in the Kunlun Origin Court. Who could remember each and everyone of them? And as the Range Master of a Sovereign Divine Range, Nanmu Tianyi had rarely made public appearances.

Even if no one recognized Nanmu Tianyi, they could tell that Nanmu Tianyi was pretty strong.

“Zhou Xuanji, come with me,” stated Nanmu Tianyi. His eyes were completely locked on Zhou Xuanji, not allowing him to escape from his gaze.

Zhou Xuanji asked with a smile, “If I follow you, can I still survive?”

The onlookers broke into an uproar immediately after hearing what he said.

Who is this old man?

Even Zhou Xuanji is afraid of him!?

“As long as you obey, I won’t kill you,” Nanmu Tianyi calmly replied. He then promptly changed the topic, “Don’t think that Beast Sovereign will come and save you. He is already busy with his own affairs. Everyone is nothing before the general trend. Even though the Evil Sky Divine Range is a Super Divine Range, its current ranking is already its limit. Do you understand?”

“There is no future for the Evil Sky Divine Range. You will only have hope by joining our Tianyi Divine Range.”

Not only does this guy want to rob treasures, he also wants to seize people.

With a flash of thought, the Soul Source Orb emerged between Zhou Xuanji’s eyebrows, releasing a little bad luck black Qi.

Nanmu Tianyi immediately let out a cold snort and stated, “Do you think I’m really afraid of the Holy Ghost?”

His eyes suddenly focused as the surrounding void turned completely dark. All the onlookers were immediately isolated. In the blink of an eye, only him and Zhou Xuanji were left in this dark void; there was no one to bother him anymore.

“I’m not afraid to tell you. In the beginning, I was just pretending to be frightened into promoting your Evil Sky Divine Range. A Super Divine Range wants to surpass the Sovereign Divine Range, without any fear of dying!? Your Beast Sovereign is very courageous. He dares to take any plate and eat it like it’s his own,” Nanmu Tianyi said with a disdainful smile. His eyes were filled with contempt.

Obviously, his evaluation of Beast Sovereign was very low.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t refute this. Beast Sovereign was indeed hurrying a little.

He might not have any idea about how strong a Sovereign Divine Range was but if he wanted to fight against the entire Kunlun Origin Court – with the current rank of the Evil Sky Divine Range, he was just eager for quick success.

Be that as it may, Zhou Xuanji would not betray the Evil Sky Divine Range.

Unless the Evil Sky Divine Range didn’t want him.

Zhou Xuanji used the Sword Fusion Technique and Nine Soul Fusion Technique to push his aura to the peak. Next, the Proud Mortal Divine and Ghost Swords appeared in his hand while he put away the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage inside the Supreme Storage.

He had already entered the combat mode.

Nanmu Tianyi, seeing his stance, immediately understood his intention.

“What a pity!?” Nanmu Tianyi shook his head and sighed. He raised his right hand as four golden mountains appeared above, below, left, and right of Zhou Xuanji.

It happened in an instant.


Zhou Xuanji was completely clamped by the four golden mountains, unable to move.

“What divine ability is this?” Zhou Xuanji’s heart started pounding crazily. This move was very fast. He hadn’t been able to react even when he was attacked head-on.

He struggled with all he got but was completely unable to push away the four golden mountains. At this moment, he was like the Monkey King under the Five Elements Mountains. He was completely unable to escape.

Nanmu Tianyi slowly made his way over and said with a straight face, “Since you don’t want to surrender, then I will send you to hell. Looking at your extraordinary aptitude, I will give you a chance to reincarnate.”

Zhou Xuanji grit his teeth and threw the Holy Ghost straight out of the Soul Source Orb.

He was dying anyway, it was better to do everything!

The invisible Holy Ghost flew out of the Soul Source Orb and let out a silent roar with a foreboding look on its face.

Although Nanmu Tianyi couldn’t see the Holy Ghost, he could feel him.

“It’s just right on time!” Nanmu Tianyi’s corners of lips rose into a smile. He raised his right hand and grabbed toward the air, catching the Holy Ghost in his hand.

Zhou Xuanji was stupefied, a little horrified.

The Holy Ghost is caught just like that!?

How advanced is the cultivation of this old bastard!?

“No, I must find a way to escape.” Zhou Xuanji thought. He noticed that there was an ecstatic look on Nanmu Tianyi’s face as if he didn’t care about Zhou Xuanji anymore.

After giving a second thought, Zhou Xuanji prompted the Exterminating Divine Eyes to resist the four golden mountains with all his strength.

It was his first time encountering such a divine ability. He felt as if he was sandwiched between four hard sponges. No matter how much dao energy he used, it would all just be absorbed by them.

Nanmu Tianyi, noticing his movements, smiled and asked, “Do you want to live? I can give you a chance.”

Zhou Xuan furrowed his brow and asked back, “What do you mean?”

Nanmu Tianyi withdrew his smile and stated in a calm manner, “I have lived for countless years and killed far too many Range Masters and geniuses. Since you can subdue the Holy Ghost, it means you are different from the others. If you can return alive from a place fraught with danger, I will even help you become the Sovereign. Do you accept or not? Should you refuse, I can give you a quick death.”

Zhou Xuanji hesitated. Is there really such a good deal?

What does this old bastard exactly want!?

Nanmu Tianyi continued, “There is nothing unbelievable about this. The Tianyi Divine Range has given birth to Sovereign, and supported Sovereigns as well. I’m not interested in being the Sovereign, however I would have had the best chance in becoming the Sovereign. I will be sending you to a danger zone known as Anti-Kunlun.”

“Everything has two sides. The same goes for Kunlun Origin Court. In Anti-Kunlun, everything is the opposite of reality as we know it. Hardly anyone has escaped after entering the Anti-Kunlun. There is only one way to escape, and that is to reach the top of Origin Court.”

“Will you go or not?” Nanmu Tianyi asked in a serious manner, gazing at Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “How many people have you sent to the Anti-Kunlun?”

Nanmu Tianyi replied, “Ten thousand at the very least.”

“And how many of them escaped?”



“The missing Sovereign.”

Zhou Xuanji furrowed his brow. He had never thought that Nanmu Tianyi and the Sovereign would have such a past.

“When you are strong enough, you will understand that there are no eternal enemies in the Kunlun Origin Court. In the past, the Sovereign was just like you, my enemy. But after he passed the test, I helped him become the Sovereign. And he also promoted the Tianyi Divine Range. Strength is the key to everything.”

Nanmu Tianyi waved his left hand as a colorful vortex appeared right before Zhou Xuanji, blocking his vision.

Zhou Xuanji sunk into silence. He was still recalling Nanmu Tianyi’s words.

The colorful vortex kept approaching and soon drowned him.

The four golden mountains dissipated and vanished into thin air.

Nanmu Tianyi turned his gaze onto his right hand. There seemed to be nothing in it but he was actually holding the Holy Ghost by its neck. The Holy Ghost couldn’t move.

He then curled his lips and stated with a smile, “I hope that you can show me a miracle. The Origin Court can’t exist without the Sovereign. But it’s not that easy to escape from the Anti-Kunlun. I have sent far too many promising seedlings but all of them died inside.”

Immediately after, he turned and left.

He was very happy to have the Holy Ghost. He was planning to study it after going back.

“Di Ya, you will surely lose this time!”