I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 761 - Trap!?

“With the Mortal Qi spreading over all the universes, it had become one of the basic elements of the universe. Anyone or anything, as long as it has existed for a long time, would give birth to a spirit. The woman in red just now was a Mortal God,” Wei Yi made his way to Zhou Xuanji and explained with a smile.

Zhou Xuanji doubtfully asked, “So you’re saying, a Mortal God should be very strong. But that girl wasn’t emanating any cultivation aura at all, she was just like a mortal.”

Wei Yi nodded and explained, “A mortal-grade artifact is so powerful that it can cut through everything. And naturally, a Mortal God born from Mortal Qi will be stronger. However, a long time ago, there was a Sovereign who had suppressed the Mortal Principles, making the future Mortal Gods unable to unleash their true strength. The worst thing is that they have been reduced to cultivation materials for powerful experts instead.”

“Since they are born from Mortal Qi, they can be used to cultivate mortal-type divine abilities or refine them into mortal-grade artifacts.”

Zhou Xuanji couldn’t help but sympathize. If that’s the case, the birth of every Mortal God is tantamount to a tragedy.

All the super experts would want them.

But of course, it was just sympathy; it didn’t arouse any other emotions.

After all, he didn’t know this Mortal God.

“Why was a Mortal God hiding here?” Zhou Xuanji asked. Logically speaking, a Mortal God would go far away from the Kunlun Origin Court.

Wei Yi replied with a smile, “She probably wanted to save Daohu. Daohu had adopted a Mortal God as his daughter. This girl must have been eager to save her father and had decided to come back, taking advantage of the dark period. Unfortunately, those super experts are very sensitive to her aura.”

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow. Daohu also adopted a Mortal God!?

After giving it a thought, he realized he didn’t know much about Daohu. As for his stance about him, he hadn’t really met Daohu before.

Zhou Xuanji asked another question, “Aren’t Mortal Gods protected by the Mortal Divine Range?”

Logically speaking, they belonged to the same lineage. And the Mortal Divine Range was also a Sovereign Divine Range. How could they not protect the Mortal Gods?

Wei Yi shook his head and explained, “The last sovereign from the Mortal Divine Range was a Mortal God. Therefore, they were forced to accept a restriction by other nine Sovereign Divine Ranges; they were not allowed to take in another Mortal God. Back then, that Mortal God Sovereign was absolutely powerful, so powerful that the future generations covered up her history to suppress the Mortal Divine Range.”

Zhou Xuanji couldn’t help but grow interested in the Mortal Sovereign.

Besides Little Sovereign, Mortal Sovereign was the second Sovereign name he came to know about.

He asked Wei Yi, “What do you need from me? Or is it just a coincidence that we met just after we went both our ways?”

He could tell that Wei Yi had another purpose.

Wei Yi answered with a smile, “I had to keep up the appearances back at the Evil Sky Divine Range. I know who took the Sword Heart Grass, I will take you there.”

Zhjou Xuanji nodded and returned inside the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage, letting Wei Yi show the way.

Wei Yi enviously glanced at the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage. He didn’t dare to get on the carriage. It was Zhou Xuanji’s exclusive mount. It represented his status. And Beast Sovereign had once ordered that everyone must treat seeing the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage as if they were seeing him.

Wei Yi turned around and flew forwards into the distance.

The Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage followed closely after him.

Inside the carriage, Zhou Xuanji began to observe Wei Yi.

What is this guy planning?

Is it true that he was really tempted by Zhou Fa and now wants to betray the Evil Sky Divine Range?

But no matter how you look at it, Wei Yi is still loyal to Beast Sovereign. And with Beast Sovereign’s ability, how could he not realize Wei Yi’s betrayal?

After half an hour…

They arrived at the edge of the Kunlun Origin Court. There were untold meteorites floating there, along with many broken buildings and artifacts.

“All the garbage and wastes of the Kunlun Origin Court will float to the edge. And the guy who stole the Sword Heart Grass is hiding here,” Wei Yi said through a voice transmission. His tone was filled with ridicule.

Zhou Xuanji replied, “Help me get the Sword Heart Grass.”

Wei Yi looked back. This kid isn’t getting out of the carriage. He seems to be afraid of me.

He shook his head with a smile and acted immediately.

At the same time, Zhou Xuanji scanned the surroundings with his divine will.

Under his gaze, Wei Yi quickly found a man hiding inside a meteorite. After a round of coercion and temptation, the man gave in and handed over a ring.

Wei Yi didn’t embarrass him, and the man quickly escaped.

“So smoothly!?” Zhou Xuanji raised his brow. He always felt that something was wrong.

Wei Yi flew to the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage and threw the ring toward the carriage. Zhou Xuanji pulled it toward him through the air.

Zhou Xuanji, playing with the ring, asked, “What do you plan to do next?”

Just as he said this, a mocking voice rang, “He plans to follow me!”

Zhou Fa!

This haunting guy has appeared again!

Zhou Fa appeared next to Wei Yi, looking at the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage with a wicked smile as if he was looking at his prey.

“Zhou Xuanji, this time, you are like a turtle in a jar. You can’t escape,” Zhou Fa mocked with laughter.

With a wave of his hand, the surrounding universe was immediately swallowed by darkness. All the pieces of broken rocks and artifacts in the surrounding suddenly started glowing as they transformed into a colorful net, locking Zhou Xuanji inside the space.

Zhou Xuanji walked out of the carriage as his purple star robe[1] started fluttering even with the absence of the wind.

He calmly looked at Zhou Fa and asked, “Why do you always pay so much attention to me? Was the miserable defeat last time not enough for you?”

Last time, he had used Suppressing the Universe to defeat him and make him beg for mercy. And yet, Zhou Fa came looking for Zhou Xuanji again. He must be really tired of living.

“I really want to invite you to join the Black Sword Court. As long as you join me, I will let you be the Deputy Lord,” said Zhou Fa with a smile. However, his smile appeared provocative in every way. It could even be said that he was asking for a beating.

Zhou Xuanji discourteously said, “Black Sword Court? Isn’t that just the imitation of my Emperor Sword Court?”

How is this kid related to me? He is copying me in every way, even my appearance and body.

Zhou Fa curled his lips and replied, “What imitation!? I just like…”


Suddenly, a sapphire pierce through his chest, stopping his words abruptly.

Zhou Fa looked back in astonishment and saw Wei Yi appear behind him.

At this moment, Wei Yi’s entire body had turned sapphire. He had an extremely cold look on his face, looking like an ancient deity.

“You dare to backstab me!” Zhou Fa was infuriated. His voice was filled with killing intent.

Zhou Xuanji couldn’t help but make speculation after hearing this. Could it be that Wei Yi pretended to cooperate with Zhou Fa while digging a pit to make this guy jump.

Wei Yi sneered and said, “What backstab!? Have you given me anything? You think I am as stupid as Old Demon Soulmover?”

He then directly blew Zhou Fa’s physical body, holding Zhou Fa’s soul in his palm.

Meanwhile, Zhou Xuanji, who was standing on the carriage’s foothold, calmly watched this scene.

Suddenly, Zhou Fa’s soul exploded, turning into wisps of black Qi, circling wantonly.

“If that’s the case, you can go to hell!” Zhou Fa shouted angrily as two black beams suddenly shot out of nowhere, aiming for Wei Yi.

Wei Yi crossed his arms before his chest as a flash of blue light emerged from his body, blocking Zhou Fa’s attack.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t make a single move. He just kept watching like a bystander.

For some reason, he felt that these two were just acting.

Their fight appeared quite spectacular but none of them had suffered any serious injuries.

Zhou Fa had also not displayed his famed teleportation divine ability.

It’s a trap!

With a flash of Zhou Xuanji’s thought, the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage quickly turned around and flew back.