I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 760 - Mortal God

“Don’t you want to be the strongest so that your father can’t control you anymore?” Zhou Fa asked with a smile. The depths of his eyes were flickering with envy.

Why is this kid so talented at such a young age?

I can’t accept this!

What frightened him the most was that his persuasion could make Zhou Tanhua change the future.

The future was illusory. There were many things that were difficult to change.

What did it mean then?

It meant that this child’s heart was transparent; he could change his will at any turn.

“Whether I’ll be the strongest or my father will be the Sovereign, there is no contradiction between the two,” Zhou Tanhua earnestly said, not moved by Zhou Fa at all.

After speaking, two beams of Exterminating Divine Light promptly shot out of his eyes.

But Zhou Fa easily dodged it, whereas the surface of the lake sizzled and steam rose from it after being hit by the Exterminating Divine Eyes. Its lethality was quite shocking.

Seeing this, Zhou Tanhua slowly got up as he burst forth a fearsome aura.

Zhou Fa’s expression immediately changed. He needed to immediately leave this place.

“Kid, you just wait, I will make you regret it.”

In the face of this threat, the young Zhou Tanhua remained completely unmoved. A smile could even be found on his face.

He then touched his eyes and murmured to himself, “This power is really pleasant.”

Ever since he started cultivating, his Exterminating Divine Eyes had been growing stronger at a rapid pace. He hadn’t even informed his parents about this. He wanted to give them a surprise.

Now, he was very happy.

His Exterminating Divine Eyes had already gone up a level. And they would only grow stronger.

Having thought this, he sat down cross-legged and continued to cultivate.

In the Kunlun Universe, the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage kept moving forward. The cries of the fire phoenix were crisp and reverberating.

Meanwhile, Zhou Xuanji was cultivating in the carriage.

Along the way, he could sense a lot of divine wills paying attention to him.

Be that as it may, he still had not received a challenge for a long time, which gave him a bad feeling.

It seemed that someone was waiting for him ahead.

After the time it took for an incense to burn…

Zhou Xuanji felt powerful auras in front, unscrupulously declaring war on him.

Thousands of miles away, eleven figures were standing side by side, exuding fearsome momentum.

Looking at the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage flying in the starry sky, their eyes burned like torches as all of them displayed their fighting spirit.

Zhou Xuanji’s strength might not have been nothing on the Sovereign List but his fame was second to none.

Exterminating Divine Eyes, eighteen-star genius, Holy Ghost…

He had had far too many lucky encounters and breaks that made everyone greedy.

“Are you guys ready? Be careful of his Exterminating Divine Eyes,” said the leading man in golden robes. He had a serious look on his face and his gaze was locked to the front.

Very soon, the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage flew over.

“Zhou Xuanji, come out to fight!” The man in gold shouted. In the dark period, if Zhou Xuanji didn’t accept their challenge, they were allowed to forcefully make a move.

The curtain of the carriage suddenly parted as Zhou Xuanji walked out from inside. Gazing at the eleven figures before him, he curled his lips into a smile; his smile was filled with joy.

“Everyone is in the Nine Vast Heavens Realm, you really think that highly of me.”

He sighed in his heart. Eleven Nine Vast Heavens experts besieging a Dao Ancestor, who would believe it?

If it was a century ago, he would still be looking up to Nine Vast Heaven cultivator.

Zhou Xuanji then said, “Come, all of you can attack me together.”

Just as he proposed this, all eleven Nine Vast Heavens stood dumbstruck.

This kid is too arrogant!

Infuriated, all of them charged at Zhou Xuanji.

Their speed was astonishing. They were above Zhou Xuanji almost instantly.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly looked up as his eyes flickered with a purple glow. Immediately, the entire universe froze, and the eleven Nine Vast Heavens cultivators in the air were stuck in the air. They were completely unable to move.

Their eyes bulged in terror. All of them were scared.

“What happened?”

“Impossible… why can’t I move?”

“The Exterminating Divine Eyes also has this kind of ability!?”

“We weren’t struck by the Exterminating Divine Light!”

“No, this is a divine ability, Suppressing the Universe.”

The eleven Nine Vast Heavens cultivator paled with fright as they saw shining silver-colored swords appear over Zhou Xuanji’s head, shooting straight at them.


Seeing the swords flying toward them, they subconsciously closed their eyes in fright.

However, all the divine swords came just less than two centimeters away from their foreheads. At this moment, the eleven Nine Vast Heavens cultivators felt death knocking on their doors.

Zhou Xuanji smiled as the swords suddenly turned around and flew into his sleeve with a flash of thought, entering the Supreme Storage.

He then turned and walked into the carriage.

He feared that they would continue with their attacks. And the defense of the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage was quite strong.

When the Suppressing the Universes finally ended, the eleven Nine Vast Heavens cultivators could move again. They looked at Zhou Xuanji with a complex look in their eyes.

The Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage continued to move ahead. This time, they didn’t dare to block his way.

Watching the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage going away, they glanced at each other.

They were utterly convinced of their defeat.

If it was them, they would not have shown any mercy.

Thereupon, they bowed to Zhou Xuanji, showing their respect.

In the carriage, Zhou Xuanji pondered about whether he was too kind.

He hadn’t even used World Internalization before the enemy had surrendered.

In the future, I shouldn’t hesitate to use the Exterminating Divine Eyes, otherwise it will not be of much help to my cultivation.

The previous battle was witnessed by many creatures. The tales of Zhou Xuanji’s strength once again spread through the Kunlun Origin Court.

Apart from the war between high-level Divine Ranges, most of the creatures were paying attention to the competition of the Sovereign List. A genius like Zhou Xuanji would attract attention every time he made a move.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t receive any challenges again. He smoothly arrived at the Innocent Divine Range.

The Innocent Divine Range was in pieces. Countless pieces of rocks were floating in the space, showing evidence of a great battle.

Zhou Xuanji stood on the footboard of the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage, looking around at the Innocent Divine Range.

He found no living being in the nearby universe. It appeared deathly silent.

He saw no hope of finding the Sword Heart Grass.

“Strange, why is there no one here?” Zhou Xuanji fell into thinking. Since one was wounded and the other fled, this area should have been safe, right!?

He spread his divine will, enveloping this universe.

The distant Divine Range and the Origin City seem to be in another universe. The Innocent Divine Range is completely different.

At this moment, his divine will suddenly caught a sliver of aura. It was very well hidden. It was hidden on the other side of the universe.

Zhou Xuanji made a grabbing motion as the space distorted and a figure flew out.

It was a bald girl in a red dress. Her pretty face was blanketed by a terrified look. She appeared to be only fifteen or sixteen years old.

A young nun!?

Zhou Xuanji furrowed his brow. Just as he was about to interrogate her, a black space crack appeared behind the girl in red. Immediately, an enormous hand grabbed her and pulled her inside.

Everything happened too fast. Even if Zhou Xuanji had tried to stop it, he would have been too late.

The space crack disappeared in the next moment.

Zhou Xuanji was left wondering who it was.

“Mortal God, she was taken away. The person who caught her might be an expert of some Sovereign Divine Range,” Wei Yi’s voice rang as he flew over from the east.

Him again!

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes. Why do I feel that Wei Yi is following me?

He curiously asked, “What’s a Mortal God?~

Is it related to Mortal Qi?