I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 76 - Start of the Heaven Selection, Start of the Hunt

Chapter 76 - Start of the Heaven Selection, Start of the Hunt


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Zhou Xuanji told the entire story about General Tianpeng. His voice was so loud that even Zhao Congjan and Beixiao Wangjian were listening from afar.

Heavenly Realm?

General Tianpeng?

100,000 Heavenly River Soldiers?

Why were they not aware of such legends?

Zhou Xuanji spoke with such credibility that they almost believed him.

As the story continued, General Tianpeng, who finally gained recognition for his good works, worked so hard and eventually got together with the lady from the Gao family. However, the evil monk Tang Sanzang brought his demonic disciple Sun Wukong into the scene and tore them apart. Both Huang LIanxin and Little Jiang Xue were sobbing at what happened.

”To give immortality to the lady of Gao family and to stay with her forever, General Tianpeng bid his farewell to his lady and was renamed as Zhu Bajie, with the title, Wuneng. He became a slave to Tang Sanzang and served him along the way to retrieve scriptures from the West Heaven.”

Zhou Xuanji revealed the ending to them and even sighed. No words could fully describe the grief of departure and the emotions of human relationships.

The two girls burst into tears.

Zhao Congjan exclaimed softly, “General Tianpeng was such a good man. He knew when to take up and when to let go. He’s such a hero.”

Beixiao Wangjian felt upset too. He remembered his “her.”

All heroes become a prisoner of love.

Little Jiang Xue wiped off her tears. She grasped Zhou Xuanji’s arms, with both eyes swollen, and asked, “What happened next? Did General Tianpeng and the lady from the Gao family get back together again?”

Huang Lianxin was also looking at Zhou Xuanji, hoping to hear of a good ending for General Tianpeng.

He was a hero of such enduring love. If they did not get back together, how many lifetimes would he continue to search for her?

Zhou Xuanji got up and looked afar. “He went to the West Heaven and became an Emissary of Jingtan under Buddha’s command. He was never to meet his love, while the lady of the Gao family fell prey to the ruthless passage of time. She turned into dust and was swept away by the wind.”

”Everyone in the world envied immortals, but who can escape mortal love?”

”Regardless of immortals or demons, no one can escape love. ”

After he spoke, he flicked his sleeve and left.

Even he had to admit that his acting was really smooth and natural, and had such a charm.

Little Jiang Xue was a little stunned. She immediately got up and caught up with Zhou Xuanji.

”They really could no see each other ever again?” She asked, tilting her head.

She sounded sad, which made Zhou Xuanji a little helpless.

Am I that good at story-telling, or is your heart to soft?

”The story belongs to another. You should really be concerned with how your own story will be written.”

Zhou Xuanji patted her head and comforted her.

Little Jiang Xue nodded. “How come whatever you say sounds so reasonable? Is it because you have grown up?” She said pouting.

Zhou Xuanji almost fainted.

What do you mean by “grown-up”?

Little Jiang Xue looped her arms around his neck and touched his forehead with hers. “Tell me. Do you have someone that you like? Since you know so many stories, you must be early-maturing.”

Zhou Xuanji stared at her. He wanted to break free but felt helpless because the girl would not let go.

”I’m only twelve, how can I have someone that I like?” He said grudgingly.

Youthful girls are troublesome.

Thinking about these useless things all day.

Little Jiang Xue let go of her hands satisfactorily and Zhou Xuanji got away immediately.

”Hold on! He doesn’t have someone who he likes?”

Little Jiang Xue suddenly thought of something, and her expression immediately turned gloom.

But Zhou Xuanji had already disappeared.

For an entire month, Little Jiang Xue was sulking.

Although she still washed Zhou Xuanji’s clothes and cooked for him, she snorted coldly before leaving Zhou Xuanji each time he wanted to chat with her. She intentionally ignored him.

Zhou Xuanji felt funny. He already knew what was in Little Jiang Xue’s mind.

He was intentionally trying to make her angry.

After five months, Zhou Xuanji had a breakthrough again and reached Enlightening Level Seven.

This day, Zhao Congjan came flying on his sword.

He landed on Zhou Xuanji’s side and said after he bent down, “Master, Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection began. The martial art side has 372 participants. Their target was to hunt down a Rank Four demon, a Rank Five demon king, as well as a Rank Six Great Demon King. ”

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and asked in astonishment, “Only these three demons can be hunted?”

Zhao Congjian nodded. “Demons that are lower than that would not meet the standard of Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection. Great Zhou sent out a Second Grade general and six Third Grade generals to go patrol. One of them was Xiahou Jin, who helped us previously. ”

”Did Meng Tianlang came?” Zhou Xuanji asked.

Although he broke an appointment with Meng Tianlang, he did not feel guilty about it.

After all, he did not owe Meng Tianlang. He did not use the Meng General Token at all, either.

Zhao Congjan answered, “He came.”

”There are many princes and princesses who came from the Great Zhou’s royal family, but the emperor and empress did not come.”

”Let’s not worry about them and continue our training.” Zhou Xuanji nodded and said.

Although Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection was located at Immortal Sundering Mountain, the empire did not empty the place of people. Even if the participants of Heaven Selection were to enter into conflicts, with non-participants, the empire would not care even if they killed each other.

As long as no cultivator exceeded Soul Fountain, everyone was considered a test.

Therefore, many failed the Heaven Selection came to find trouble for the participants.

This made the Great Zhou Empire bustle with excitement during the Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection because all kinds of news spread across the empire.

Zhao Congjian nodded and continued to train his sword technique under a tree.

That day, after Huang Lianxin, Beixiao Wangjian, along with Ah Big and Small Er, came back, Zhou Xuanji gathered everyone and reminded them to not go out recklessly, so that they could avoid unexpected trouble.

No one objected.

Little Jiang Xue asked, “So, we just stay here? Are we not going to hide?”

They were too obvious to stay on the cliff, trouble would be inevitable.

Zhou Xuanji said in a smile, “There are so many genii out there, some of them might be suitable to become my sword slave.”

Everyone’s eyes brightened and began expecting.

Zhao Congjian looked at Beixiao Wangjian and said, “Aren’t you going to train your swords techniques quickly? If another person joins us while you have yet to attain the Great Accomplishment, you will still be at the bottom.”

Beixiao Wangjian felt a little depressed. What about Huang LIanxin?

The first round of martial art auditions of Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection would last for a year. Among the 372, participants, only 20 would be chosen to enter the royal city of Great Zhou. After that, they would compete under the Emperor’s observation and the first three would be selected.

The group continued their training. Five wooden huts were already built with food and firewood stored inside.

There was a river at the foot of the mountain for washing.

With their cultivation, they could just jump into the river with their clothes and dry them with their magic energy once they come out of the river. They had no need to take off their clothes. And when they needed to change, they could just do it in the hut.

The group began training day after day. Each day after dinner, Zhou Xuanji would tell a story to them. There was one moral of the story each day, even Zhao Congjan loved to listen to them.

In the blink of an eye, another two months passed.

This day, Zhou Xuanji and the rest finally encountered a genius.

”I am Long Yangtian, ranked twenty-sixth on Great Zhou’s Hero Ranking Board. Sell me your Dragon Eagles, how about that?”

A handsome young man flew over on his fan. He wore a green gown elegantly and looked at the Dragons Eagles with a burning passion.

Zhou Xuanji and the rest smiled.

”Shall I do it?” Beixiao Wangjian asked excitedly.

Huang Lianxin rolled her eyes at him. “Don’t you have a good estimation of yourself? Do you want to die with your Enlightening cultivation?”

Long Yangtian saw how beautiful Huang Lianxin was. When he heard what she said, he immediately lifted up his chin and looked high and lofty.

Zhao Congjan got up slowly and looked at Long Yangtian, said, “I am Zhao Congjan, ranked ninth on Great Zhou’s Reputation Ranking. Since you are here, why don’t you stay?”

Long Yangtian opened his eyes wide in shock.