I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 758 - Ancient Abyss Dragon Emperor

“The Divine Range we will be going with is called Innocent Divine Range. Their strength can only be regarded as mid-level. They are rich in Sword Heart Grass, which can strengthen the Sword Dao. You are a sword cultivator as well, how can you miss out?” Young Heavenly Lord took a sip of the wine and said with a smile.

He didn’t pressure Zhou Xuanji and waited patiently.Zhou Xuanji didn’t give the reply immediately, but rather sunk into his thoughts.As the Sword Heart Grass could strengthen the Sword Dao, it was indeed a treasure for him.But he had principles. He found it a little shameful to bully a Divine Range when he had no grievances or hatred towards them.It was okay for the Mortal Divine Range as they had enmity with the Evil Sky Divine Range, and it was even stronger than the Evil Sky Divine Range.After a while…Zhou Xuanji slowly replied, “It’s okay! Thank you for your kind intention.”Just when he said this, Young Heavenly Lord’s eyes immediately turned colder.Nonetheless, Zhou Xuanji’s expression remained unchanged. He was ready to fight at a moment’s notice.”Very few people dare to refuse me. And among those with cultivation weaker than me, you are the first,” Young Heavenly Lord said with a smile. Only, his smile was very cold.Zhou Xuanji gazed at him without any fear.As their gazes met, their gazes clashed with each other, tension sizzling in the air.”Zhou Xuanji, will you be my biggest obstacle on my road to being the Sovereign?” Young Heavenly Lord asked. The cold look on his face had disappeared almost immediately, replaced by a meaningful smile.Zhou Xuanji replied, “I really hope I can but for the time-being, I don’t have that kind of strength.”Young Heavenly Lord couldn’t help but break into laughter after hearing this.He stood up and said, condescendingly looking down on Zhou Xuanji, “You have a very strong aptitude. You have also encountered many lucky breaks. I hope you will have the strength to compete with me.”After having said his piece, his figure disappeared.Zhou Xuanji, on the other hand, didn’t leave immediately but continued to drink in the guest room.He was thinking about his future road.If he really wanted to fight for the Sovereign’s position, his current cultivation speed was far from enough.Young Heavenly Lord had already left the ranks of geniuses, and joined the ranks of the true powerhouse of the Kunlun Origin Court.If Zhou Xuanji wanted to become Sovereign, he must at least have the strength comparable to Young Heavenly Lord….After having returned to Pure Sword Heaven, Zhou Xuanji came directly to the Training Palace.He sat down cross-legged and then took out the Lesser Sovereign Sword.”Do you know anything about the Tianyi Divine Range?” asked Zhou Xuanji.Little Sovereign stretched his waist and said, yawning, “Tianyi Divine Range? Isn’t that my disciple’s Divine Range? It’s the one I mentioned before, the Sovereign who lacked the strength but was filled with unparalleled justice and righteousness.”Zhou Xuanji raised his brow. So basically, isn’t Little Sovereign related to the Tianyi Divine Range?Little Sovereign jokingly smiled and said, “Why? Did the Tianyi Divine Range bully you?”Zhou Xuanji remained silent. This Kid is really despicable. He guessed exactly that.Even though Young Heavenly Lord hadn’t made things difficult for him, the Tianyi Divine Range was still hunting him down.Nanmu Tianyi would not give up on him until he handed over the Holy Ghost.”Cultivate hard. When you are stronger, no one will bully you,” said Little Sovereign with a contemptuous smile. As always, he needed a spanking.Afterward, he started preaching Dao to help Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation.The plain and bitter days of cultivation started again.The appearance of Old Demon Soulmover had caused a great sensation in the Kunlun Origin Court. But he was completely reduced to just a stepping stone for Young Heavenly Lord.Since then, Young Heavenly Lord had completely displayed his edge.He became the most shining contender on the Sovereign List….Void Boundary Palace…Old Demon Soulmover stood behind Zhou Fa, facing the vast void outside the tower.He looked completely shamed and seething in anger. It seemed like he had something to say, but said nothing.Losing to the Young Heavenly Lord had given him a big blow, but he couldn’t find an excuse.That sword is too strong!“Don’t think about it. That sword is the Holy Judgement Sword of the Tianyi Divine Range. It’s especially powerful against evil demons like you,” said Zhou Fa. His voice carried a bit of ridicule, making Old Demon Soulmover even more uncomfortable.Old Demon Soulmover asked in a suppressed voice, “What are we going to do next?”He had a bad start. He was defeated by Young Heavenly Lord in his first battle. How could he compete for the Sovereign’s position?”Except for Young Heavenly Lord, there are very few people who can defeat you with a Sovereign treasure. There are still many who are still hiding and haven’t taken any action. The dark period has just begun. In the future that I see, Young Heavenly Lord will be just a cannon fodder, a stepping stone for the Sovereign to set his prestige,” Zhou Fa calmly said, gazing into the distance.Old Demon Soulmover grit his teeth and asked, “What is the future like?”He often suspected that Zhou Fa was fooling him.The future is always changing.Is it than fun to joke around?“That being said, the true Sovereign has still not appeared. We must rise higher before he appears. Wait till I help you catch Daohu, then you can become stronger than. At that time, you can easily defeat Young Heavenly Lord,” Zhou Fa turned and answered with a meaningful smile, looking at Old Demon Soulmover. He raised his right hand beckoning towards something as an enormous figure appeared in the dark void. It was a dragon’s head. It was pitch black and had four dragon horns. It’s pair of golden pupils flickered with killing intent.Old Demon Soulmover furrowed his brow and asked, “Why are you always playing with fire? First it was the Holy Ghost, and now this guy. Aren’t you afraid of digging your own grave?”He couldn’t understand Zhou Fa. In his opinion, Zhou Fa was making a dangerous move.Zhou Fa raised the corner of his lips into a smile and said, “The Ancient Abyss Dragon Emperor is filled with anger. As long as it is set loose in the Kunlun Origin Court, all those Sovereign Divine Ranges will descend into chaos.”Looking at the Ancient Abyss Dragon Emperor, Old Demon Soulmover’s heart was filled with fear.”Remember, it’s an existence that almost became the Sovereign. Don’t underestimate it,” Old Demon Soulmover warned him. Although the head of Ancient Abyss Dragon Emperor was still outside the Kunlun Origin Court. It was still unable to break the Kunlun Origin Court’s rules.Zhou Fa nodded slightly but didn’t say anything.His gaze was locked on Ancient Abyss Dragon Emperor. His gaze was filled with expectations….In a flash, years had gone by.Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation had been growing all the while. Every month he would be challenged by some genius, who would be defeated without any exception.While really strong geniuses would not personally challenge anyone. Generally speaking, they were all the geniuses who needed to garner fame. They wanted to make a name for themselves by challenging someone on the Sovereign List.However, something that worried Zhou Xuanji happened.Zhou Tanhua had suddenly stopped growing.He stopped growing at the age of twelve. His height didn’t grow at all.At first, everyone didn’t care about it. But later, they felt that something was wrong.*With Zhou Tanhua’s cultivation, it’s impossible for him to have some hidden illness. So, why isn’t he grow taller?*Zhou Xuanji went to Zhou Tanhua. He was dressed in white and had a handsome face. While he was just twelve year old, he already gave off the feeling of a graceful young master as if he had just walked out of the painting.He was still sitting in the very same place he had started cultivating for the first time. A breeze blew past him but he still didn’t get up.Even when Zhou Xuanji came, he didn’t get up to welcome him.Zhou Xuanji knocked his head and cursed him with a laugh, “Sly Boy, you haven’t become completely obsessed with cultivation, have you?”Zhou Tanhua opened his eyes and replied with a shy smile, “Father, I’m not obsessed. I just like the feeling of cultivation.”Zhou Xuanji squatted down and asked, “Why haven’t you grown taller?”In his opinion, Zhou Tanhua was deliberately suppressing his growth.Zhou Tanhua replied, blinking his eyes, “I recently felt the power of the Exterminating Divine Eyes. I adjusted my body to best suit my cultivation. My current form is the best form for my cultivation at the moment.”Zhou Xuanji was stupefied. He suddenly felt that he didn’t know anything about his own kid anymore.