I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 757 - – Young Heavenly Lord

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“Why is he here?” Zhou Xuanji murmured to himself, frowning. Wei Yi too, looked surprised.

Old Demon Soulmover is wanted in the Kunlun Origin Court. Has he gone nuts? He actually dares to appear directly above the Origin City!?

“Young Heavenly Lord, come out and fight with me!” Old Demon Soulmover roared, shaking the entire Origin City.

The Origin Cities were far from peaceful during the dark period. But generally speaking, it was all related to the conflict between the Divine Ranges. This was the first time a wanted person declared by the Kunlun Origin Court had appeared.

This was too bold!

A group of figures rose from the various parts of the Origin City. The Divine Ranges near this Origin City weren’t weak. And they all knew that there was a wanted order out on the Old Demon Soulmover.

In less than a while, Old Demon Soulmover was surrounded by tens of thousands of powerful experts. And their number was still rising.

“Is Young Heavenly Lord that Sovereign genius of the Tianyi Divine Range?” Zhou Xuanji asked Wei Yi. He had heard of his name but couldn’t recall which Divine Range he belonged to.

Wei Yi replied with a nod, “That’s right. He has eighteen-star aptitude. And for the last five millennia, he had been in seclusion. He is pretty strong and perhaps even transcended the Nine Vast Heavens Realm.”

There were far too many geniuses in the Kunlun Origin Court. It wasn’t easy for all the geniuses to make a name for themselves. Not to mention the Young Heavenly Lord who came from the Tianyi Divine Range.

“Old Demon! Are you looking to die!?”

“Tsk tsk, this is Kunlun Origin Court. You have lost your mind!”

“Let’s attack together and kill him. We will divide the merit points equally.”

“So this is the legendary Old Demon Soulmover. Interesting! As I had expected, he sure is crazy.”

“How many merit points can we get for killing him?”

The experts surrounding Old Demon Soulmover broke into a discussion. They had already regarded Old Demon Soulmover as their prey.

After all, it wasn’t the Superstar Competition, and it sure weren’t young geniuses who were facing Old Demon Soulmover.

Old Demon Soulmover raised his hand and held the soul mountain over his head. Immediately, countless grieving souls on the mountain started to struggle and let out silent roars.

He then said with a contemptuous smile on his face, “If you have indeed become so confident, you are always welcome to try!”

Seeing him show no fear, all those tens of thousands of experts grew hesitant.

At this time, a beam of light rose from the Origin City, shooting straight at Old Demon Soulmover at an astonishing speed.

As the light dissipated, a man in a purple robe with a golden dragon pattern appeared before everyone. There was a cold look on his face and his long hair was combed behind the jewel crown on his head, leaving two strands of long hair sculpting his cheek.

Young Heavenly Lord!

The Sovereign genius of the Tianyi Divine Range. His status in the Tianyi Divine Range was just like Zhou Xuanji. Nanmu Tianyi cared deeply about him and poured thousands of resources into his body.

And more importantly, he was not a reincarnated expert.

This was his first life. He was born with eighteen-star aptitude. The sky shook and earth quaked the day he was born.

“Old Demon Soulmover, what gave you the guts to appear here?” Young Heavenly Lord calmly asked. As he raised his right hand, a sword of light formed in his palm. The blade of the sword had arcs of silver light circling around; it was dazzling.

Old Demon Soulmover responded with a hideous grin, “I have already entered the Sovereign List, and am competing for the Sovereign’s position. Why do you think I am here?”

After he finished speaking, he smashed the towering soul mountain he was holding on one hand toward Young Heavenly Lord.

It looked as if an ant was holding Mount Buzhou and Mount Buzhou was attached to his hand, unable to breakaway.

Just when it appeared that Young Heavenly Lord was about to be struck, Young Heavenly Lord suddenly raised his sword.


The soul mountain was directly cut in half. Everyone’s eyes widened in shock at the sight of this.


That’s Old Demon Soulmover’s ultimate artifact, how could it be cut in two so easily?

Zhou Xuanji and Wei Yi in the inn were also shocked.

“This…” Wei Yi stood up but he didn’t dare to spread his divine will.

Has Young Heavenly Lord already become this strong?

No wonder Beast Sovereign asked Evil Sky Divine Guards to pay attention to him.

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes as he focused his divine will on the Young Heavenly Lord.

He had a hunch that Young Heavenly Lord would be a powerful enemy.

Old Demon Soulmover was stupefied. Immediately after, he lost his cool as he directly put away the two halves of the soul mountain before charging straight at Young Heavenly Lord.


The two clashed with each other. Young Heavenly Lord easily resisted the violent kicks and punches of Old Demon Soul Mover with the sword of light in his hand.

At a glance, he appeared extremely relaxed and at ease. Even as Old Demon Soulmover’s aura increased, Old Demon Soulmover couldn’t hurt him.

The two quickly went out of the Origin City and started fighting in the Kunlun Universe.

Meanwhile, untold divine wills swept over from everywhere, paying close attention to this fight.

When they saw Old Demon Soulmover, most of the creatures were surprised.

However, when seeing Young Heavenly Lord’s astonishing strength, no one came to support him.

“Origin Fusion Divine Lord… that sword in his hand wouldn’t happen to be the founding artifact of the Tianyi Divine Range?” Wei Yi murmured to himself as a serious look appeared in his eyes.

Young Heavenly Lord gave him an extremely dangerous feeling.

Zhou Xuanji fell into contemplation.

For some reason, he found Young Heavenly Lord’s sword very familiar as if he had seen it somewhere.

This battle lasted for a long while.

Zhou Xuanji and Wei Yi continued to discuss the competition for Sovereign’s position.

After the Sovereign List was announced, all the geniuses started fighting to rise to the top. Meanwhile, the friction between the Divine Ranges was also increasing.

Especially the Evil Sky Divine Range, it was being suppressed from every front.

After all, Zhou Xuanji controlled the Holy Ghost, which was considered an unstable variable by other Divine Ranges.

After half a day…

The battle between Young Heavenly Lord and Old Demon Soul Mover finally come to an end.

Surprisingly, the winner was Young Heavenly Lord. According to Wei Yi, Young Heavenly Lord’s strength had reached the level of a mid-level Divine Range Master. And with that ultimate sword of light, his strength had reached an immeasurable level.

At the very least, Wei Yi definitely couldn’t defeat Old Demon Soulmover.

Zhou Xuanji however, did not take long to process this after finding out. In any case, Young Heavenly Lord was a popular candidate on the Sovereign List.

Wei Yi got up to leave. Before leaving, he said, smiling, “You should also show your talent. I will help you. You just have to wait for the opportunity to be delivered at your doorstep.”

After speaking, he disappeared from his place.

Zhou Xuanji was just about to leave before a figure appeared before him.

It was none other than Young Heavenly Lord.

He sat right across Zhou Xuanji and calmly stated, “Sit down, let’s have a chat.”

Zhou Xuanji sat down in response.

He was also curious about why this guy wanted to talk to him.

He didn’t fear Young Heavenly Lord that much.

Young Heavenly Lord looked at Zhou Xuanji with admiration.

He slowly parted his lips and said, “Your Exterminating Divine Eyes have already reached perfection! I also heard that you have many precious swords. Do you want to cooperate with me?”

Zhou Xuanji still remembered Nanmu Tianyi’s face. So, he didn’t have a very good first impression of Young Heavenly Lord.

“How would we cooperate?” He asked with a smile. He wanted to know what Young Heavenly Lord was thinking.

If it didn’t make sense to him, he would reject it.

“You and I will team up to break into a Divine Range and plunder their resources,” Young Heavenly Lord straightforwardly explained.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyebrows immediately twitched upon hearing this.

How arrogant!?

I guess, it must just be some low-level Divine Range?

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Which Divine Range are you planning to rob? Aren’t you afraid of Origin Court’s persecution?”

Young Heavenly Lord sneered and said, “Origin Court’s persecution? Without the Sovereign, how could they even provoke a Sovereign Divine Range?”

Zhou Xuanji didn’t immediately agree.

On the contrary, he was wondering how strong a Sovereign Divine Range was.

Every Sovereign Divine Range had given birth to a Sovereign. They had strong heritage.

After all, there was a inheritance between Sovereigns. So, two subsequent Sovereigns were closely related to each other, and so were their Divine Ranges.