I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 756 - Mysterious Genius

“Origin Court!? What is he doing in the Origin Court?” asked Beast Sovereign, frowning. He feared that Origin Court War God had run away.

With his relationship with Origin Court War God, it was impossible for him to restrain Origin Court War God’s actions.

Evil Sky Divine Guard replied, “It seems he has gone for the power of War God.”

Beast Sovereign sunk into contemplation after hearing this.

After six breaths of time, he slowly spoke, “Has there been any movement on the Black Sword Court’s side? Have they still not made any move after entering the Void Boundary Palace?

Ever since Zhou Fa started targeting the Evil Sky Divine Range, Beast Sovereign had been paying attention to the Black Sword Court’s movements all the while.

He had placed Evil Sky Divine Range spies already in the Black Sword Court.

“Not for the time being. They have all been remaining very calm. They have been so calm that it’s weird,” the Evil Sky Divine Guard replied. When this was brought up, a strange look appeared on his face.

Since he knew that the Holy Ghost’s escape had something to do with Zhou Fa, he had been extremely wary of the Black Sword Court. But he was surprised by the calm manner the Black Sword Court seemed to have been acting in even when the Kunlun Origin Court had entered the dark period.

This peace was like the calm before the storm.

“You can go. Remember, if there is any change in the Black Sword Court’s situation, you need to inform this Sovereign at the moment’s notice. Besides, pay attention to the Tianyi Divine Range’s Young Heavenly Lord as well. This kid is very likely to be the strongest contender on the Sovereign List,” Beast Sovereign ordered, waving his hand.

The Evil Sky Divine Range immediately left after taking his order.

Next, Beast Sovereign began to think about Zhou Fa.

Until the Black Sword Court was eliminated, he would not be at peace.

No one was allowed to control his fate, let alone target the Evil Sky Divine Range and Zhou Xuanji.

Ever since Zhou Xuanji had begun teaching Zhou Tanhua cultivation, Zhou Tanhua’s extraordinary talent for cultivation bloomed.

Zhou Tanhua seemed to be infatuated with cultivation. He would meditate by the lake througout the day. He wouldn’t even go out to play with others.

Xian Xianghua, who had been staying by his side and checking upon his progress from time to time, was rather shocked.

This Kid…

Xian Xianghua was in a trance. She thought of Zhou Xuanji when she saw the seriously meditating Zhou Tanhua.

Her heartbeat grew rapid.

Is this kid going to soar into the sky just like his father?

For some reason, she was feeling a ittle bit nervous as well as surprised.

She didn’t want to be surpassed by even her son.

Jiang Xue, Zhou Xiaoxuan, and the others often came to visit Zhou Tanhua.

But Zhou Tanhua was very focused on cultivation and didn’t even look excited to see them. On the contrary, he looked a little anxious. He didn’t want anyone to disturb him.

“Good job! You are cultivating pretty hard, do you want to surpass your sister?” Zhou Xiaoxuan jokingly said, to which the meditating Zhou Tanhua slightly nodded.

Jiang Xue marveled, “Sister, Tanhua is becoming more and more calm and restrained. That’s really good. Why can’t Xiaoxuan be a little like him?”

Zhou Tanhua used to be innocent and lively. But ever since he started cultivating, he had become more restrained. He was sitting there, meditating like a little adult.

Zhou Xiaoxuan curled her lips and said, “Mother, you don’t like me!”

Having said that, she glared at Zhou Tanhua. But as he was already absorbed in meditation, he didn’t notice her gaze.

Xian Xianghua shook his head and asked, “I’m suddenly worried about being surpassed by him. What should I do?”

She was concerned about her gains and losses. She always had the ambition of being invincible in the world. In the past, Zhou Xuanji was very weak in her eyes, but now, she can’t even stand in his sight.

If even her son surpassed her, he life would be full of doubt.

Jiang Xue smiled and comforted, “So what!? No matter how strong he becomes, he would always be your son.”

Xian Xianghua felt that what she said made sense.

She couldn’t help but turn her head and look at the meditating Zhou Tanhua, with a gaze of longing.

On another side…

Zhou Xuanji had been challenged again. He went out and returned within half the time it took to drink a cup of tea.

On the way back, he was suddenly stopped by Wei Yi.

“Senior Wei, is something wrong?” asked Zhou Xuanji. One would never go to the temple for nothing. And there wasn’t that deep of a friendship between Wei Yi and him for a sudden visit.

Wei Yi staring at him, sent a voice transmission, “I want to talk to you about Zhou Fa.”

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes.

Why did this guy send a voice transmission? Does he not want Beast Sovereign to know?

He nodded slightly as the two quickly left the Evil Sky Divine Range.

They entered a guest room of an inn in a nearby Origin City and after they were served dishes and drinks, no one disturbed them again.

“Zhou Fa found me and said that the future had changed again,” Wei Yi, drinking a glass of wine, slowly spoke in a heavy voice.

Zhou Xuanji asked while tasting a dish, “What did he talk about?”

He had always been skeptical about Zhou Fa’s prediction.

And now, hearing Wei Yi, he was even more convinced that Zhou Fa was just pulling his leg.

Who would go and talk about the future with just anyone?

What would Zhou Fa gain by doing this?

“He said that a genius will appear in the future, who will defeat you and sweep through the Sovereign Divine Ranges. He will rise to the Sovereign’s position within a hundred years after making his debut,” answered Wei Yi, staring at Zhou Xuanji. He wanted to see Zhou Xuanji’s expression change.

However, Zhou Xuanji remained indifferent.

He continued, “This genius is very cruel. After becoming the Sovereign, he will suppress all the Divine Ranges. Our Evil Sky Divine Range will even be eliminated in the first Great Extermination after he ascends onto the throne.”

Zhou Xuanji furrowed his brow. Wouldn’t that mean that this genius is an enemy of the Evil Sky Divine Range?

“In addition, Beast Sovereign will even abandon the Evil Sky Divine Range.”

As he said this, Wei Yi’s gaze became sharp.

He wanted to see Zhou Xuanji’s attitude.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “What’s your thoughts on this, then?”

Wei Yi frowned and replied, “The future can be changed but we aren’t sure where that genius is. So, we have to make some preparations. I will do everything to support you to make you the Sovereign but if we fail, I hope that we can escape together.”

He loved his life. After having lived for so long and done so much for the Evil Sky Divine Range, he didn’t want to sacrifice himself for the Evil Sky Divine Range.

“Escape? Where could we escape?” Zhou Xuanji said with a shadow of a smile on his lips. If their enemy becomes the Sovereign, would they still have any place to escape?

Wei Yi mysteriously smiled, “I naturally have a plan but it’s only a last resort when we reach a dead end. Before that, we must do everything we can. I am thinking of cooperating with Zhou Fa. First, we will get rid of that genius, you can fight each other later.”

Cooperate with Zhou Fa!?

Zhou Xuanji was hesitating. Has this old coot gone crazy?

Does he want to betray Beast Sovereign?

He shook his head and said, “I will reach for the Sovereign’s position but I will never cooperate with Zhou Fa.”

He had no good feelings towards Zhou Fa.

Wei Yi wasn’t disappointed. He instead, smiled and said, “It’s okay if you don’t want to cooperate. If you want to become stronger, you can’t just bitterly cultivate in the Divine Range. You need to go out and challenge others. This will help you set your prestige as well. Next, I will take you to a Divine Range.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded. He wasn’t afraid of Wei Yi harming him.

He had grown stronger. Against Wei Yi, he still had the strength to protect himself.

The two began to chat about the history of the Evil Sky Divine Range.

Wei Yi had entered the Evil Sky Divine Range when he was young. At that time, Beast Sovereign was just some talented young man, far from a genius. He wasn’t even in the ranking of the Evil Sky Divine Range.

Just when the two were chatting…


A deafening explosion rang outside, shaking the entire inn.

The two immediately used their divine wills to check what was happening outside. Immediately, they saw a figure appear above the Origin City.

Surprisingly, it was Old Demon Soulmover!

Gazing down at the Origin City, he raised his right hand as a black hole appeared in the space above, expanding rapidly. Soon, his enormous soul mountain descended from the black hole.