I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 755 - Inherent Dao Energy

The young man in purple struggled for a long time before he finally left.

The Exterminating Divine Eyes were so strong that they gave him jitters. He was unable to regain his courage to challenge Zhou Xuanji again.

This battle was witnessed by many living creatures in the Evil Sky Divine Range using their divine wills.

“Tsk tsk, a Dao Ancestor can defeat an Eight Vast Heavens cultivator.”

“His Exterminating Divine Eyes are too strong, even stronger than his realm.”

“No wonder he can enter the Sovereign List. It seems like he still has a glimmer of hope.”

“He is still not strong enough. He isn’t even an Origin Fusion Divine Lord.”

“Not now, but he will definitely be in the future!”

Creatures of every strata in the Evil Sky Divine Range began to discuss Zhou Xuanji. Most of the creatures were filled with anticipation.

Just for that vague glimmer of possibility; if Zhou Xuanji did became the Sovereign, their Evil Sky Divine Range would rise along with him.

They had no reason to not want Zhou Xuanji to become the Sovereign, unless their name was also on the Sovereign List.

The defeat of Northern Nether Divine Range genius quickly spread. And the person behind such quick dissemination of the news was naturally Beast Sovereign.

Once Zhou Xuanji achieved a victory, he would definitely create momentum.

It wasn’t just Zhou Xuanji but the same was true for the other geniuses of the Evil Sky Divine Range.

Every Divine Range would do this.

It was impossible to be the Sovereign single-handedly. One must have the full support of their Divine Range.

Zhou Xuanji however, didn’t become arrogant because of this victory and continued his seclusion in the Training Palace.

Whenever a genius came to challenge him, he would step forward to meet it.

Relying on his Exterminating Divine Eyes, he won every battle and without any pressure.

Two years went by just like this.

His cultivation had now reached the Nineteen Flower Dao Ancestor Realm.

Today, he stopped cultivating and went to visit Zhou Tianhua.

Recently, there had been something wrong with Zhou Tianhua’s aura. He had noticed it a few days ago. And today, he had decided to check it as he was really starting to get worried.

After all, he was his son. It was impossible for Zhou Xuanji to not care about him.

At this moment, Zhou Tianhua was with Oldman Daoya and Xuan Daoya. The trio were playing hide and seek in the woods.

Zhou Tianhua was still a carefree child. He had not become arrogant or negligent while Zhou Xuanji was away.

Zhou Xuanji, hovering over the woods and watching over his lively child, couldn’t help but smile.

Jiang Xue, Lady Zhao Xuan, Oldman Daoya, Xiao Jinghong, and the others would often say that he looked like Zhou Xuanji when Zhou Xuanji was a child. Sometimes, even Zhou Xuanji was a little stupefied.

Then he recalled Zhou Fa.

Zhou Fa claimed to be able to foresee the future. Zhou Xuan had suspected the Zhou Tanhua was Zhou Fa but when he observed Zhou Tanhu closely, he realized that Zhou Tanhua would not grow up to look exactly like him. He was just alike in spirit.

After playing for a long time, the profusely sweating Zhou Tanhua finally stopped.

“Tanhua, tired?” Oldman Daoya appeared before him and asked with a smile and arms wide.

Xuan Daoya also appeared next to Oldman Daoya and said with a snort, “How can there be a teacher like you? You don’t even know when to make concessions.”

Oldman Daoya, glaring and pointing at him, started cursing, “Weren’t you chasing him relentlessly, why didn’t you let him win in the game of tag then?”

There was a gap between the cultivation of the two. He was just making fun of Xuan Daoya.

Xuan Daoya just dismissed it in response.

Suddenly, Zhou Xuanji appeared behind Zhou Tanhua and hugged him. He then asked, laughing, “Son, what are you playing?”

Zhou Tanhua, who was already nine years old, was no longer ignorant and cute as he used to be. On the contrary, hehad become more and more handsome. In the future, he would definitely be a lady’s killer.

“Father, why are you here?” Zhou Tanhua cried in surprise before hugging Zhou Xuanji’s neck tightly.

Zhou Xuanji scratched his nose in embarrassment. He then said to Oldman Daoya and Xuan Daoya, “I will take him with me to check on him.”

Having said this, the father and son duo disappeared from their place.

Oldman Daoya’s face grew solemn as he muttered to himself, “I guess, it’s true.”

Half a year ago, they calculated that there was something wrong with Zhou Tanhua’s fate. However, because of what happened in the past, they didn’t dare to jump to conclusions. After all, Zhou Tanhua hadn’t had any accidents yet.

However, they had never expected that even Zhou Xuanji would sense it.

“I guess, he is just like his dad. He is destined to be extraordinary,” stated Xuan Daoya. Every time he recalled Zhou Xuanji’s past, he couldn’t help but lament.

This kid is really amazing!

Zhou Xuanji’s son must be equally amazing. However, I wonder if he could surpass Zhou Xuanji!?

After all, Zhou Tanhua was born with Exterminating Divine Eyes.

Zhou Xiaoxuan’s eyes weren’t Exterminating Divine Eyes but Kongtong Divine Eyes. But it was the Kongtong Divine Eyes that chose her, she didn’t inherit it from Zhou Xuanji.

On another side…

Zhou Xuanji brought Zhou Tanhua to the lakeside.

He then asked Zhou Tanhua to sit down before he used his divine will to scan his body.

Zhou Tanhua innocently asked, “Father, what’s wrong?”

His eyes were filled with anticipation.

Is he going to awaken the Exterminating Divine Eyes?

In any case, he was nine years old and quite intelligent. He had often heard others mention the Exterminating Divine Eyes. It had been already etched in his memories.

“It’s nothing! I just want to check if you are sick,” Zhou Xuanji gently answered. But very soon, he found that there was something wrong.

There was Dao Energy flowing inside Zhou Tanhua’s body.

This Dao Energy was very strange. It was the first time he had encountered this kind of Dao Energy.

He meticulously observed it and came to a conclusion.

This Dao Energy was bred by Zhou Tanhua himself. It was quite similar to Zhou Xuanji’s Sword Dao, but it was very different.

It seemed to be a mutation of Sword Dao.

If this continued, Zhou Tanhua could directly reach the Dao-Treading Saint Realm without having to go through lower realms.

Zhou Xuanji was suddenly filled with anticipation for his son’s future.

How high will he go?

“Father, say something!” Zhou Tanhua urged Zhou Xuanji. He looked quite nervous, but a little excited at the same time.

Zhou Xuanji replied with a smile, “You just surprised me. It seems that my son will be very great in the future.”

Zhou Tanhua immediately became excited upon hearing this.

He began to ask when he could start cultivating.

Everyone in Pure Sword Heaven was cultivating. Although everyone took turns to accompany him, occasionally, he would be left alone. As such, he became more eager to cultivate.

Zhou Xuanji hesitated for a moment before deciding that it was time to teach him cultivation.

He first taught him the World Buddha Art to Zhou Tanhua.

As for the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique, he needed to wait until Zhou Tanhua had awakened the Exterminating Divine Eyes.

Zhou Tanhua was very excited. His long-time dream of cultivating had finally come true.

In any case, it was his first time cultivating. Even if Zhou Tanhu was talented and intelligent, there were many terms he couldn’t understand.

Zhou Xuanji had to instill in him some common cultivation knowledge.

On another side…

Inside the Sovereign Palace…

The Beast Sovereign sitting on the main seat suddenly opened his eyes and muttered, pursing the corner of his lips into a smile, “He has finally started cultivating. This Sovereign wants to see how good his aptitude is.”

He raised his right hand and snapped his finger.

Immediately, an Evil Sky Divine Guard appeared in the palace and knelt down on one need.

“Where is Origin Court War God?” Beast Sovereign asked. He wanted Origin Court War God to personally teach Zhou Tanhua so that Zhou Xuanji wouldn’t be disturbed.

Even though he was eager about Zhou Tanhua, Zhou Xuanji was still his biggest hope.

The Evil Sky Divine Guard respectfully replied, “He went to the Origin Court and never came back.”