I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 754 - Competition, Mysterious Genius

“Who!?” asked Old Demon Soulmover. Apart from Zhou Xuanji, it was the first time he had heard Zhou Fa talk about someone else.

Zhou Fa’s eyes flickered as he replied, “I cannot tell you about that person’s identity otherwise the future would change, and I will become unable to control his fate. All I can say is, once this man makes a debut, he will overshadow all the geniuses. Only a few people will be able to stand shoulder to shoulders with him.”

Old Demon Soulmover furrowed his brow. His curiosity was piqued.

Who the Hell is it?

Since this person is inconspicuous, that means that he is probably not on the Sovereign List.

Old Demon Soulmover was lost in thoughts.

“The Holy Ghost has been captured by Zhou Xuanji. I can’t let him have my toy. When my men find out Zhou Xuanji’s whereabouts, you will personally deal with him. Remember, you can only deal with him, you can’t kill him. At that time, I will help you seize the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost can only be my pet,” Zhou Fa continued exhorting. Unknowingly, he had already taken a superior stance before Old Demon Soulmover.

“If we can get the Holy Ghost, we can break into the Origin Court and capture Daohu.”

Old Demon Soulmover who was about to blow his top instantly calmed down.

His goal had always been Daohu.

He personally wanted to tear Daohu into pieces. That was only why he joined Zhou Fa.

“Alright,” Old Demon Soulmover answered.

Zhou Fa then waved his hand, indicating that he should take his leave.

Before leaving, Old Demon Soulmover asked, “If I ask you to deal with Nanmu Tianyi, can you do it?”

Nanmu Tianyi, the Range Master of Tianyi Divine Range, one of the high-level experts in Sovereign Divine Range.

Someone from the Sovereign’s generation, who watched over all the worlds and was a strategist.

“This old guy is very insidious. He obviously isn’t afraid of the Holy Ghost but pretended to be scared to incite all the Divine Ranges to make things difficult for the Evil Sky Divine Range. I can’t use my own strength to deal with him, but I do have my own way,” answered Zhou Fa. When Nangmu Tianyi was brought up, his eyes flickered with killing intent.

Old Demon Soulmover let out a snort before he turned around, disappearing into the darkness.

Zhou Fa, on the other hand, continued to meditate, God only knew what was going on in his mind.

The cold gleam in his eyes flickered in the palace like a star in the night sky.

In some courtyard of some Origin City…

A stout old man was standing in front of a group of prisoners, checking the group of captives with an arrogant bearing.

The prisoners, on the other hand, were nervous and excited as well.

This was because they all came from different universes and chose to become prisoners in order to enter the Kunlun Origin Court. Everything was by their own will.

One of them happened to be Sage Daojing.

In the Heavenly Law Universe, Heavenly Law Saint was the first to leave.

At the beginning, he had focused on cultivating Zhou Xuanji. After leaving the Heavenly Law Universe, he wandered in the Void Boundary for many years. Heaven rewards the faithful and he finally met the living beings from the Kunlun Origin Court.

In order to seize the opportunity, he was even willing to be a slave.

As long as he entered the Kunlun Origin Court, he had endless hope.

“You are all slaves who entered the Kunlun Origin Court for the first time. You have all been informed about your duties. You don’t need to feel bitter. As long as you work hard, you will all have hope of soaring into the sky. Hundreds of years ago, a slave from the lower world was selected. He displayed his talent and rose to success. In just a few hundred years, he had already become the Sovereign’s candidate,” stated the stout old man, causing all the slaves to gasp in surprise.

Can anyone even rise to such prominence in just a few hundred years?

They only had a very one-sided understanding of the Kunlun Origin Court, such as Sovereign, Divine Ranges, and Origin Cities.

Sage Daojing’s eyes flickered with anticipation. He too wanted to become that kind of existence.

He was indeed a little ill at ease after being reduced to a prisoner from being the master of the universe. But he had been trying to persuade himself.

“Only those who work well and diligently have the hope of being selected by me and sold to a Divine Range. Maybe someday, you will gain the liking of some master,” continued the stout old man. And after having finished speaking, he sucked all the slaves into his sleeves with the wave of his right hand.

He then turned and left the courtyard.

Pure Sword Heaven, Training Palace…

Zhou Xuanji had formed the sixteenth Dao Flower.

Under the guidance of Little Sovereign’s dao voice, he had formed three Dao Flowers in just a short span of one year.

Now, his cultivation had already reached the Sixteen Dao Flowers Realm.

Little Sovereign marveled, “Your Sword Dao is self-made and very pure. It also has very high potential. I guess you can really because the first Sovereign Sword Emperor.”

Throughout the ages, there had been many Sovereigns but there had not been anyone who became Sovereign using Sword Dao.

In everyone’s opinion, the sword was just an external object.

And the higher one cultivation was, the more one would pay attention to their own body.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and replied, “But of course.”

Little Sovereign smiled.

After being with Zhou Xuanji for an year, he no longer despised Zhou Xuanji much. On the contrary, he found many of Zhou Xaunji’s strong points.

“Cultivation is the foundation. Even though you have mastered the Exterminating Divine Eyes and can perfectly control its power, if your cultivation is stronger, you will definitely be able to unleash even greater strength,” Little Sovereign said with a smile. His eyes rolled as he thought about what else he could do to help Zhou Xuanji quickly become stronger.

At this time, Chang Xiyan’s voice came from outside the palace, “Master, a genius from Northern Nether Divine Range has come to challenge you. Do you want to accept the challenge?”

The battle for Sovereign’s position had already begun. As the most famous genius nowadays, Zhou Xuanji had naturally become the target of many geniuses.

He immediately got up, put away the Lesser Supreme Sword, and walked out of the Training Palace.

Under Chang Xiyan’s lead, he left the Pure Sword Heaven and came to the space of Evil Sky Divine Range.

His opponent was a handsome young man wearing purple robes with blue embroidery and a folding fan in his hand. He was maintaining a straight face but his brow was slightly furrowed, seeming a little impatient.

He had been waiting for a long time.

Afraid of disturbing Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation, Chang Xiyan stood a long time outside the Training Palace, waiting for him to finish first before notifying him.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji and Chang Xiyan flying, the young man in purple said with a cold snort, “Zhou Xuanji, you really made me wait. Come and fight me with your full strength!”

He directly unleashed his aura that had surpassed the Dao Ancestor Realm.

He was in the Eigh Vast Heavens Realm!

Chang Xiyan furrowed her brow. She felt that the other party was very inferior.

He has come to use Zhou Xuanji as a stepping-stone. The Northern Nether Divine Range is really looking to sling mud.

Zhou Xuanji calmly nodded as his eyes flickered with a purple glow.

Chang Xiyan immediately flew to one side. She had no intention of interrupting him in the fight.

Countless divine wills swept over. All of them wanted to see Zhou Xuanji’s first fight for the Sovereign’s position.

The young man in purple opened the folding fan and waved it at Zhou Xuanji.

Immediately, a storm of nether winds blew towards Zhou Xuanji.

Meanwhile, Zhou Xuanji’s eyes fiercely widened as he prompted the Exterminating Divine Eyes. At the next moment, two purples beams shot out of his eyes, shattering the storm before enveloping the young man in purple.

The young man in purple’s eyes instantly widened in shock. He was unable to move.


The young man broke into cold sweat. He was well aware of the fearsome power of the Exterminating Divine Eyes. He had always been on guard. But he had never expected that things would turn out like this even after preparing everything he could.

Instant defeat!

At this moment, he felt that all those divine wills couldn’t wait to kill him on the spot.

How shameless!

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and smiled before turning around and flying toward the Pure Sword Heaven.

Chang Xiyan closely followed him after. She kept blinking her pretty eyes, evidently taken aback.

So fast!

When Zhou Xuanji and Chang Xiyan disappeared, the Exterminating Divine Light’s energy dissipated as the young man in purple regained freedom.

He was completely ashamed. He wanted to leave right then but he felt that it was too humiliating.