I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 753 - Sovereign List

“It’s impossible to become Sovereign with your cultivation. You don’t even have the qualifications to participate in the fight for the Sovereign’s position. Even if you have suppressed the Holy Ghost, you are still far away,” Little Sovereign proudly said, gazing at Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji pursed the corner of his lips into a smile and said, “Just so it happens, I want to compete for the Sovereign’s position. That’s also why I summoned you. I wanted to make the Holy Ghost a part of my arsenal.”

Little Sovereign was dumbfounded after hearing this.

He furrowed his brow and asked, “What did you say? You are about to compete for the Sovereign’s position?”

Zhou Xuanji felt happy and satisfied seeing him thoroughly shocked.

“What nonsense! Has the current Kunlun Origin Court gone nuts? Even someone like you is qualified!?” Little Sovereign blew his top as if he had been insulted. He immediately roared in anger.

This guy looks so refined and polite but he is very conceited and hot-blooded.

No wonder he died so young.

Zhou Xuanji just sighed in his heart. He wasn’t angry either.

Can a living person get angry at the dead?

After scolding for a good long while, when Little Sovereign didn’t get a response, he finally grew tired.

He glared at Zhou Xuanji and asked, “Damn Kid, do you really want to compete for the Sovereign’s position?”

Zhou Xuanji nodded but didn’t rush to answer. Little Sovereign almost couldn’t hold his anger.

This Kid is so irritating.

“What makes you think you can?” Little Sovereign asked.

Zhou Xuanji replied, “It’s not that I think that I can but I want to fight for it so that I won’t regret it in the future.”

Little Sovereign nodded and said, “Kid, if I help you, can you let me resurrect in the future?”

As I expected!

He couldn’t hold it anymore!

Zhou Xuanji deliberately frowned, causing Little Sovereign’s heart to start pounding.

His face beamed with smiles as he added, “It’s very difficult to be the Sovereign. Judging by the spiritual Qi of this world, I can tell that this must be a Super Divine Range at best. It will be too difficult for you to compete with the Sovereign Divine Ranges. I can help you become stronger quicker.”

“Do you know why I’m called Little Sovereign!? It’s not that my strength is inferior to other Sovereigns, but that I became a Sovereign in the shortest time.”

Little Sovereign’s pride returned as he spoke of this.

Zhou Xuanji said, “Alright, how do you plan to help me?”

Little Sovereign asked hesitatingly, “How do I trust you?”

Zhou Xuanji calmly said, “You can use your divine will to scan a bit. There are many people in this world that I brought up from the mortal world. Those who helped me were repaid ten fold, and those who harmed me, I never showed them mercy.”

Little Sovereign immediately used his divine will to scan as the situation of the Pure Sword Heaven entered his mind.

He nodded with satisfaction and said, “I believe you. Only with benevolence and righteousness can you rule over all living beings. It takes more than strength to become Sovereign. I gave way to the Sovereign after me because of his compassionate nature and love for the Kunlun Origin Court.”

How hypocritical!?

Zhou Xuanji didn’t bother to nag him. He bluntly asked, “How can you help me?”

Little Sovereign proudly said, “First, I will help strengthen your Great Dao. I will start chanting Dao for you as you cultivate.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and immediately activated the mechanism of the Training Palace as vast and majestic Dao Energy came bearing down on him.”

He immediately cast World Internalization and madly started to absorb the Dao Energy.

“Hmm!?” Little Sovereign exclaimed in surprise. He became immediately interested in the World Buddha Art.

Zhou Xuanji only improved on the World Internalization of the World Buddha Art. World Reincarnation and World Overlord couldn’t keep up with his pace.

Little Sovereign was only a little interested and didn’t ask much.

He began chanting Dao to Zhou Xuanji.

Just as his Dao voice came out, a refreshing feeling immediately stormed Zhou Xuanji’s senses.

I have to admit, a Sovereign is a Sovereign. Even if it’s Little Sovereign, his Dao is really profound.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji felt as if he had returned to the Wanshen Great Thousand. When he first listened to the preaching of Old Immortal, he felt that it really was a wonderful feeling.

He instantly entered a state of absolute calm.

After a year…

Origin Court published the Sovereign List, which spread throughout the Origin Cities.

The Sovereign List wasn’t a ranking, but only a record of the list of people competing for the Sovereign’s position. Those who could enter this list were all famous and renowned figures in their respective Divine Ranges. The gathering of stars had caused a sensation in the Kunlun Origin Court.

Among them, Zhou Xuanji’s name was the most eye-catching.

As he had suppressed the Holy Ghost, no one could hide their edge.

One had to admit, Beast Sovereign was indeed smart.

By letting Zhou Xuanji compete for the position of Sovereign at this juncture, he didn’t even need to build the momentum for it.

“Is Zhou Xuanji even qualified to be the Sovereign? He is even a thousand years old?”

“Ai… what is the Origin Court thinking?”

“All the geniuses of the Sovereign Divine Ranges are in it. It’s going to be interesting.”

“Not only geniuses, but even the older experts are participating as well.”

“Beast Sovereign is so courageous. He himself isn’t participating but he’s letting his later generation participate!? Is he arrogant or has he just given up?”

“Who would have thought that Sovereign would change in our generation. We are going to witness the birth of a legend!”

All the Divine Ranges and Origin Cities were discussing this. Everyone was stirred up.

It was an absolutely glorious thing to witness the birth of the Sovereign.

This had caused a sensation in the Evil Sky Divine Range as well. Every creature in the Divine Range knew that Beast Sovereign had attached quite a bit of importance to Zhou Xuanji but they had not expected him to push Zhou Xuanji for the Sovereign’s position.

Before the change, the Evil Sky Divine Range became increasingly noisy.

Every creature was looking forward to Zhou Xuanji’s performance because in the Evil Sky Divine Range, Zhou Xuanji was a hero.

A savior!

At the top of Void Boundary Palace…

Zhou Fa was sitting on the main seat, stroking the hand rest. God knows what was going through his mind.

Suddenly, a figure walked out of the darkness. Surprisingly, it was Old Demon Soulmover.

He had taken the form of an ordinary human. Even so, he was still exuding a terrifying aura.

“What are you thinking? The Sovereign List is already out. Are you still not going to act? Are you planning to wait until the next Sovereign is born?” said Old Demon Soulmover. His tone was filled with dissatisfaction.

After occupying the Void Boundary Palace, Zhou Fan became very low-key. The Void Boundary Palace was also moving as usual, without attracting the Origin Court’s attention.

Zhou Fa calmly said, “I am thinking about whether Zhou Xuanji can become the Sovereign or not.”

Old Demon Soulmover furrowed his brow and asked, “Are you talking about the kid with the Exterminating Divine Eyes? Why are you paying attention to him?”

Even though the Exterminating Divine Eyes were powerful, the five Ultimate Eyes weren’t invincible bloodlines in the Kunlun Origin Court.

There were many heaven defying bloodlines under the Sovereign Divine Ranges’ control.

“He will be our biggest threat,” stated Zhou Fa as the corners of his lips rose into a cold smile.

Old Demon Soulmover let out a cold snort and said, “This Kid suppressed the Holy Ghost because of the Soul Source Orb. He is indeed a threat. Then, should we kill him?”

When Zhou Fa heard this, his gaze immediately became colder.

He changed the subject and said, “The Sovereign List is out. Get ready, your next mission is to hunt down the contenders on the Sovereign List. Later, I will enter the Kunlun Origin Court with an legitimate identity and compete for the Sovereign List.”

“As long as we are strong, even if we are not on the top of the Sovereign List, we can become Sovereign.”

Old Demon Soulmover couldn’t help but frown, hearing this.

He felt that it was a little dangerous.

Wouldn’t hunting the people on the Sovereign List offend many Divine Ranges?

Furthermore, all of them are extremely powerful Divine Ranges.

Zhou Fa continued, “I have predicted that there will be very strong existence in the future. He is still inconspicuous now but one day, he will shock the entire Kunlun Origin Court.”