I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 752 - The Fight for the Sovereign Position

Ying Zhuge quickly left after chatting with Zhou Xuanji for a while. Judging by the unwilling look on his face, he was obviously stimulated.

Meanwhile, Zhou Xuanji continued to tame the Holy Ghost.

Since the Holy Ghost was suppressed by him, he wanted to make the Holy Ghost join his arsenal.

As he cultivated, the Evil Sky Divine Range blocked both the wind and rain for him.

The vast majority of the Divine Ranges were putting pressure on Evil Sky Divine Range. As they couldn’t target Zhou Xuanji, they focused all their firepower on Beast Sovereign.

They hoped the Beast Sovereign would persuade Zhou Xuanji to hand over the Soul Source Orb.

But Beast Sovereign never disturbed Zhou Xuanji.

This peace lasted for six months before it was broken.

Today, Beast Sovereign summoned Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji promptly arrived at Sovereign Palace. There was only Beast Sovereign inside the palace, neither Origin Court War God nor Wei Yi were there.

After looking around for a while, Zhou Xuanji found that the Beast Sovereign had become a lot more haggard since the last time he saw him.

Beast Sovereign asked, “How has your cultivation been lately?”

Zhou Xuanji replied, “It’s going smoothly. Currently, I’m focusing on the Holy Ghost. I want to subdue him. In this case, he will be our strongest weapon.”

Currently, the Evil Sky Divine Range could be said to be facing many Divine Ranges. Even if Kunlun Origin Court’s peace had been restored, the creatures did not dare to easily go out.

Subdue the Holy Ghost!?

Beast Sovereign’s eyes lit up. He asked hesitantly, “Are you sure you can do it? Don’t set yourself on fire.”

Zhou Xuanji confidently smiled, “Don’t worry, I’m sure.”

This was indeed good news for Beast Sovereign. He immediately regained his spirits.

“The news about the Sovereign’s disappearance is already out. The Origin Court is preparing a plan to select the new Sovereign. The Kunlun Origin Court might enter a dark period,” Beast Sovereign said, staring at Zhou Xuanji, meaningfully.

Zhou Xuanji furrowed his brow and asked, “Do you want me to join the fight now?”

His strength might be pretty good but he was still far from the position of Sovereign.

It was only by chance that he was able to defeat the Holy Ghost.

“You can give it a try. Even if you fail, it could be considered as adding to your experience. During the dark period, Kunlun Origin Court will not impose any restrictions for fights, even killing will be allowed. As long as one doesn’t cause a mass killing, everything will be allowed. The rules of fighting are strength and fame. This Sovereign will report your candidacy. With your previous reputation, people will soon come knocking on the door to challenge you,” explained Beast Sovereign. His eyes were filled with anticipation.

With the perfect Exterminating Divine Eyes, Zhou Xuanji was no longer weak. If he used his artifacts, he would definitely be able to establish his own prestige.

Zhou Xuanji nodded. He just happened to be thinking of growing stronger by fighting.

“How many people in the Evil Sky Divine Range are competing for the Sovereign’s position. And when will it be?” asked Zhou Xuanji. He noticed Beast Sovereign saying something about reporting his candidacy.

There wouldn’t happen to be a list, is it?

No matter where one was, various lists and rankings always stimulated people.

“There are probably more than 7,000 people. The weakest one is in the Nine Vast Heavens. The time of the competition isn’t fixed. The fight will always be going on. Sooner or later, a person will stand out who can make everyone think that he or she is the Sovereign,” Beast Sovereign answered with a smile. Zhou Xuanji was rendered speechless after hearing this.

More than 7,000 people…

This is just the Evil Sky Divine Range, and yet there are so many participants!

If all the Divine Ranges are added together, how many people would there be?

As these thoughts crossed Zhou Xuanji’s mind, he found the Sovereign’s position to just be wishful thinking.

Even if he reached the Nine Vast Heavens Realm during the battle, he was still far away from the Sovereign’s position.

No matter how one looked at it, it was impossible for him to be the Sovereign with just the cultivation of Nine Vast Heavens.

Beast Sovereign continued to warn him about some situations during the struggle for the Sovereign’s position.

For instance, if possible, he didn’t have to kill his opponent. But if he encountered a life-threatening crisis, he didn’t need to care about the opponent’s Divine Range.

A Sovereign needed to be compassionate as well as domineering when needed.

After talking for half an hour, Beast Sovereign finally let him return.

Back in Pure Sword Heaven, Zhou Xuanji told his wife and daughter about him joining the competition for Sovereign’s position.

“Wow, Father, are you going to be the Sovereign?” Zhou Xiaoxuan excitedly asked, squeezing Zhou Tanhua’s cheek while speaking.

And the target of her squeezing, Zhou Tanhua pouted his lips. He was trying to break free from her embrace but his sister’s strength was just too great for him.

Jiang Xue rolled her eyes at Zhou Xiaoxuan and rebuked, “He is just participating. How could it be that easy to become the Sovereign?”

Zhou Xiaoxuan shrugged her shoulders with a smile and said, “Since you are fighting for the Sovereign’s position, does it mean the Holy Ghost has been suppressed? Otherwise, how can Father go out to fight?”

Xian Xianghua couldn’t help but burst out loud, making Zhou Xiaoxuan puzzled.

When Xian Xianghua told her about the truth, Zhou Xiaoxuan’s eyes widened in shock as a look of disbelief took over her face.

She indeed worshipped and believed in her father but what kind of existence the Holy Ghost was?

It was an existence that had sent the entire Kunlun Origin Court into panic. And it had been received by Zhou Xuanji?

The more she thought about this, the more incredible she found it.

Zhou Tanhua also looked at his father with curiosity. Although he was just a kid, he did understand how terrifying the Holy Ghost was. Even his future master, Origin Court War God, wasn’t its opponent.

As expected…

Father is the strongest.

Zhou Tanhua looked at Zhou Xuanji with a gaze full of worship as if he was looking at a great hero.

“Is there any criteria for registering the name for the candidacy of Sovereign’s position?” Xian Xianghua asked, looking excited.

Zhou Xiaoxuan pursed her lips and stated, “Aunt Xian, you should have a sense of propriety.”

Xian Xianghua glared at her and tenderly shouted, “Damn girl, you will not let off a single chance of getting your revenge!?”

Zhou Xiaoxuan responded to her by making a face.

From this point on, Zhou Xuanji began to sprint for the Sovereign’s position.

When he came to the Training Palace, he took out the Lesser Sovereign Sword.

He then used his divine will to summon Little Sovereign. Very soon, Little Sovereign’s soul manifested itself.

“What do you want?” Little Sovereign asked impatiently. He then immediately asked, changing the subject, “What about the Holy Ghost?”

Zhou Xuanji immediately said, “I was just about to talk to you about this. Is there a way to make the Holy Ghost surrender to me?”

As soon as he said this, Little Sovereign’s eyes widened in anger. He was extremely furious.

“Impudent Kid, what they hell are you thinking? How can you even think of subduing it?” He angrily roared. Fortunately, the Training Palace was soundproof and divine will proof. Otherwise, this shout would have attracted other people’s attention.

Zhou Xuanji remained unmoved and asked, “If it’s willing to surrender to me, I will stop suppressing it and let it roam freely. As long as it doesn’t cause mass killing.”

In his opinion, the existence of the Holy Ghost was actually a rule.

Even though it was killing, it was also controlling the number of sentient beings in a sense.

“Hmph, dream on! It’s impossible for you to subdue it. And even if you really achieved this, you will be dead for sure. Even if the Kunlun Origin Court chooses you to be the next Sovereign, you will still die,” Little Sovereign stated with a cold snort. His words were full of disdain.

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow. Does the Holy Ghost has a terrifying background?

Just as he was about to ask, Little Sovereign continued, “I have already told you about how to suppress the Holy Ghost, you should be content with it. Don’t think about other things, otherwise you will set yourself on fire. You have no idea how big the universe is. Do you know how the Kunlun Origin Court came into existence? Why can the Sovereign coerce the entire Kunlun Origin Court?”

He is really good at putting on airs to satisfy his own vanity!

Zhou Xuanji smiled slightly and asked, “Then tell me.”

Little Sovereign curled his lips and snorted, “Wait till you become the Sovereign!”