I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 751 - The Hero of Kunlun Origin Court

Beast Sovereign glanced around at the figures surrounding them with a gloomy expression. Meanwhile, he sent a voice transmission to Zhou Xuanji, “They are Range Masters of various Divine Ranges. Let me handle them, don’t say anything for the moment.”

Zhou Xuanji didn’t reply but he also understood what to do.

He had already noticed that Longbow Divine Ancestor was among the figures. This old guy was hiding among the crowd, afraid to look straight at him.

More and more figures appeared. Almost all the Range Masters of all the Divine Ranges had arrived, staring at Zhou Xuanji with hostility.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head, sighing in his heart.

The past Kunlun Origin Court looked like it was completely slaughtered but after he had received the Holy Ghost, everyone had suddenly come out.

The Kunlun Origin Court was full of hypocrisy.

“How did you do it?” an old man asked with a serious look on his face.

He was the Range Master of the Sovereign Divine Range, Tianyi Divine Range. His name was Nanmu Tianyi and was extremely strong. Many Origin Cities had erected statues of him.

In the Tianyi Divine Range, every Range Master was named Tianyi, but only the surname remained original.

Zhou Xuanji felt a suffocating pressure bearing down on him. He felt as if he had been completely seen through by Nanmu Tianyi in one glance.

This oldie doesn’t have good intentions!

“No matter how he did it, it was he who saved the Kunlun Origin Court. Why? What do you want? Are you thinking of snatching his power? Can you be any more shameless?” Beast Sovereign asked, sneering. He was ridiculing every Range Master and he wasn’t afraid of offending them.

Just as he said this, all the other Divine Range Masters all began to condemn him.

“What the hell are you saying?”

“Beast Sovereign, we are just worried that the Holy Ghost will escape again!”

“The kid must have a certain artifact. Hand it over and let the Origin Court keep it to prevent any trouble in the future!”

“That’s right. If I didn’t see it wrong, he just used the Soul Source Orb.”

“The Soul Source Orb is the ultimate artifact of the Kunlun Origin Treasure. It can never belong to an individual!”

Every Range Master began to speak, more eagerly than the one before. It seemed as if Zhou Xuanji had stolen their ultimate artifact.

Zhou Xuanji was filled with emotions.

At this moment, the image of Range Masters collapsed in his heart.

Even strong Divine Range Masters were so selfish.

Origin Court War God coldly snorted, “Don’t go too far. Otherwise, let’s fight!”

He even dared to fight the Holy Ghost. Even if he had to take on all the Range Masters alone, he still wasn’t afraid.

Beast Sovereign too erupted with a fearsome aura.

But they were both seriously injured. Their immense auras were like small flames in the forest of flames. They couldn’t stand up against the surrounding flames.

“It’s not that we are going too far. The Holy Ghost was released by your Evil Sky Divine Range, causing it to slaughter many Divine Ranges. And now, it’s being suppressed by you; God knows what you are planning,” Nanmu Tianyi said in a deep voice. His gaze was extremely sharp as if he was ready to take action at moment’s notice.

Right then, Zhou Xuanji’s glabella split apart as the Soul Source Orb emerged. Bit by bit, bad luck black Qi started to emerge, scaring all the Divine Range Masters into backing away.

“If you dare to bark anymore, I will directly let the Holy Ghost out, we can all die together!” Zhou Xuanji stated with a gloomy smile. His face immediately turned hideous.

Many Divine Range Masters looked panic-stricken.

The Holy Ghost was an incomprehensible existence. It couldn’t be killed. And one would suffer calamity if they were even touched once. How could they not be afraid of it?

Beast Sovereign and Origin Court War God were also terrified. But they didn’t utter a single word.

They prayed in their heart, that Zhou Xuanji was not playing with fire.

“Calm down! Don’t get excited! We won’t intimidate you anymore!” A female Range Master anxiously said, afraid that he might make a rash move.

Zhou Xuanji still maintained a ferocious smile on his face as if he was possessed by the Holy Ghost.

He then turned around and flew toward the Kunlun Origin Court. Beast Sovereign and Origin Court War God closely followed after him.

All the Range Masters stood in silence.

Their eyes flickered with a complex mood, watching Zhou Xuanji’s back.

This kid isn’t so simple!

In the future, he will definitely be the next Beast Sovereign. Or might even surpass Beast Sovereign!

After entering the Kunlun Origin Court, Beast Sovereign finally couldn’t hold himself from asking, “How did you find a way to subdue the Holy Ghost? What’s the situation with the Holy Ghost now?”

Zhou Xuanji replied, “I just wanted to test it out. Who would have thought that it would really succeed. It was just on a whim. As for Holy Ghost, the Soul Source Orb has an absolute restraining effect on him, it can’t escape.”

Beast Sovereign and Origin Court Wart God glanced at each other, shocked.

The Holy Ghost was subdued just like that?

Beast Sovereign had many questions but after thinking further, he felt that he shouldn’t ask.

This kid has already started to grow.

There is no need to shelter him anymore.

After thinking this, a smile appeared on his face.

A look of anticipation suddenly appeared in Origin Court War God’s eyes.

He wasn’t looking forward to Zhou Xuanji but Zhou Tanhua instead.

I wonder if that kid will excel his father.

Pure Sword Heaven…

“What!? You have already subdued the Holy Ghost?” Xian Xianghua’s pretty eyes widened in disbelief as she exclaimed.

Besides her and Zhou Xuanji, there was also Jiang Xue in the house. Zhou Xuanji came to inform them just after returning so that they would no longer worry.

But even so, Jiang Xue still felt scared. Looking at Zhou Xuanji, her eyes were filled with resentment.

Xian Xianghua however, was very excited. She grabbed Zhou Xuanji’s arm and asked, “Quickly tell me, how did you do it?”

Zhou Xuanji didn’t hide it from them either. Only, he didn’t tell them about Little Sovereign.

“You really are a genius, and not just in cultivation,” Xian Xianghua praised. Her face was filled with worship.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Jiang Xue and said with a smile, “Don’t think about it. I will never do things that I’m not sure about.”

Jiang Xue softly sighed. She tried to calm her mood before she revealing a smile on her face.

Zhou Xuanji deliberately told them not to spread this matter.

Over the next few days, other people in the Pure Sword Heaven were all living in fear and in a constant state of alert. They were all afraid that the Holy Ghost would suddenly attack the Evil Sky Divine Range.

This was until Chang Xiyan brought back the news from the outside.

Zhou Xuanji had suppressed the Holy Ghost!

This matter had spread throughout the Kunlun Origin Court. Beast Sovereign had even spread the matter of various Divine Ranges threatening Zhou Xuanji, which had gathered the disapproval of the Divine Ranges.

However, in the hearts of the low-level creatures, Zhou Xuanji was regarded as a great hero overnight.

Ying Zhuge came to Zhou Xuanji, who was cultivating at the top of the mountain, and asked, “How did you do it?”

He might have acknowledged Zhou Xuanji as his master but he had always regarded Zhou Xuanji as his opponent in his heart.

Before he noticed, Zhou Xuanji had become the hero who had rescued the Kunlun Origin Court.

He couldn’t believe this fact.

This rate of growing could no longer be labelled as shocking!

It’s was just completely impossible!

“It’s very simple, slash the sword, stare at him once, and finally collect it,” Zhou Xuanji answered with a smile. He didn’t even open his eyes as he replied and hid away all his fame and achievements.

Ying Zhuge sunk into silence, he had no idea how to reply.

It sounded quite simple.

“Now the entire Kunlun Origin Court was discussing this. Although the public is singing praises of you, the Divine Ranges will not let you go. They are already eying the Soul Source Orb.”

Ying Zhuge immediately changed the subject and exhorted seriously, “In any case, you must never hand over the Soul Source Orb. Even if the Sovereign asks you to, you can’t hand it. Once you hand it over, you will undoubtedly die.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded. He was also very clear of this.

Against all the Divine Ranges, the Evil Sky Divine Range was like a mantis trying to stop a car. At present, he could only depend on the Holy Ghost to frighten everyone away.