I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 750 - Receiving the Holy Ghost

“Do I need all five Ultimate Eyes or just one?” Zhou Xuanji asked as his eyes flickered with a dazzling purple glow.

Little Sovereign raised his eyes and said with a little surprise, “Oh, you have the Exterminating Divine Eyes. You are indeed qualified to suppress the Holy Ghost.”

“However, your cultivation is too weak. If you gave your eyes to an Origin Fusion Divine Lord, you might have some hope. Of course, if you can collect the other Divine Eyes or artifacts, then…”

He abruptly shut his mouth before finishing his sentence because at that moment, the Soul Source Orb emerged from Zhou Xuanji’s glabella.

His eyes widened in shock as he blurted in a trembling voice, “How is this possible!? Isn’t that Soul Source Orb the artifact of Soul Source Pond? How can you have it? Kid, you are lucky to be alive after taking the Soul Source Orb!”

Then, Zhou Xuanji took out the Proud Mortal Divine Sword and Ghost Sword.

The two mortal swords were extremely powerful. He didn’t dare to take them out for too long. So, he put them back in the Supreme Storage immediately after taking them out.

Little Sovereign was stunned again.

How come this kind have even the mortal-grade artifacts?

Even though they weren’t Sovereign-grade mortal artifacts, it still shocked the hell out of him.

Zhou Xuanji calmly asked, “Is this enough? Are you going to tell me or not? Do you know how many living beings have died?”

Why is this Sovereign so long-winded?

However, what’s this Origin Fusion Divine Lord he mentioned?

Is it the realm above the Nine Vast Heavens?

Little Sovereign sighed and replied, “It’s enough. You will have to first use the mortal artifacts to weaken the Holy Ghost’s bad luck, then use your Exterminating Divine Eyes to freeze the Holy Ghost, and then, suck it into the Soul Source Orb to suppress it. Remember, the whole process has to be extremely fast.”

“The Holy Ghost can’t be killed. No matter what kind of injury it suffers, it will quickly recover. The Soul Source Orb is the only treasure that can suppress it. The mortal artifacts can only weaken its bad luck.”

He sized up Zhou Xuanji again, paying more attention this time.

He wanted to see how talented Zhou Xuanji was for him to have so many lucky encounters.

Zhou Xuanji then asked, “What’s the connection between the Holy Ghost and the five Ultimate Eyes? Why does it work only with the Divine Eyes?”

Why was it that only the five Ultimate Eyes could freeze the Holy Ghost?

There are untold divine abilities than can transfix the target’s body and soul!

Little Sovereign explained, smiling arrogantly, “I was the one to bestow the so-called name, five Ultimate Eyes. Very long time ago, I tried to merge the five extremely strong divine eyes. There were many failures. The only successful attempt was the Holy Ghost. For some reason, the Holy Ghost ended up like this. After that, someone discovered my cave and thereby, the existence of the five Ultimate Eyes.”

“Before I fell, I once saw the five Great Gods. They were really shameless. They even dared to name themselves as the five Ultimates with their little strength!”

Zhou Xuanji couldn’t help but raise his brow upon hearing this.

Unexpectedly, the five Ultimate Divine Eyes came from him.

He was even more curious and asked, “Then why did you fall? As a Sovereign, how can you fall?”

Little Sovereign calmly said, “After being invincible, I wanted to find something for myself. I want to follow the path of sages but I ended up taking my life as a joke. That’s it now, you can go do your thing.”

After speaking, he slipped back into the Lesser Supreme Sword, disappearing into thin air.

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath and put away the Lesser Sovereign Sword.

He then slowly stood up and left the Training Palace.

Before he left, he swept the Pure Sword Heaven with his divine will.

At first, he wanted to go and inform Jiang Xue about this but after giving it a thought, he realized that he would be back soon. There wasn’t any need to worry her.

He discarded this notion and flew straight out of the Pure Sword Heaven, making a beeline toward the Void Boundary.

Along the way, he didn’t see any living creatures. The hustling and bustling Kunlun Origin Court was dead silent. There was no sign of any life.

He activated the Exterminating Divine Eyes and gazed into the distance.

Beast Sovereign and the Origin Court War God were still fighting with the Holy Ghost.

No one had come to help them.

Other Super Divine Ranges or Sovereign Divine Ranges definitely had existences stronger than them.

But they were indifferently watching on, wanting to eliminate Origin Court War God and Beast Sovereign using the Holy Ghost’s hands.

Under the invasion of the bad luck, Beast Sovereign and Origin King War God had already started to shed blood but they kept fighting with no apparent change on their faces.

“Holy Ghost!” Zhou Xuanji suddenly shouted, making the Holy Ghost turn its head in shock.

Beast Sovereign and Origin Court War God’s faces changed.

Especially Beast Sovereign’s, his face turned blue as he shouted, “What are you doing here? Are you crazy?”

He had placed all his hopes on Zhou Xuanji.

He was ever ready to die. He even asked Wei Yi to assist Zhou Xuanji to become the Range Master.

But much to his dismay, Zhou Xuanji had come out!

He wasn’t moved. On the contrary, he was furious and in despair.

Zhou Xuanji activated his Exterminating Divine Eyes, locking on to Holy Ghost, and said with a contemptuous smile, “Aren’t you very strong? Come and eat me then!”

With his right hand behind his back, he merged the Proud Mortal Divine and Ghost Swords.

He wasn’t afraid of the Holy Ghost taking precautions.

Because the Holy Ghost was arrogant, he wouldn’t care about this little trick.

As expected, the Holy Ghost charged straight at him with a greedy and crazy smile on its face.

Beast Sovereign and Origin Court War God appeared out of thin air before Zhou Xuanji, trying to help him stop the Holy Ghost.

“Back away!” Zhou Xuanji shouted in a deep voice, directly prompting the power of the Exterminating Divine Eyes to push the two away.

If it were before, he would not have been able to shake off Beast Sovereign and Origin Court War God even if he did his best, but they were seriously injured and corrupted by bad luck; they were far from their peak strength.

The Holy Ghost rushed straight at him. In a lightning-fast moment, Zhou Xuanji waved his sword.

Sword Qi immediately broke out from the Proud Mortal Ghost Divine Sword, wreaking havoc in the Void Boundary. The Holy Ghost was instantly cut several dozen times by the sword Qi.

But it wasn’t in pain, rather it smiled even more excitedly.

Only, its smile had been shredded to pieces by the sword.

“Even if it’s Mortal…” Origin Court War God said in a deep voice.

But before he could finish, Zhou Xuanji suddenly cast the Exterminating Divine Light, covering the Holy Ghost.

At this moment, a human-like look of disdain appeared on the Holy Ghost’s face.

With one step. Zhou Xuanji stood before the Holy Ghost and his glabella split opened, revealing the Soul Source Orb emerging from within.

A powerful suction immediately erupted from the Soul Source Orb, sucking in the Holy Ghost in an instant; not even the slightest bit of bad luck black Qi was left.

The Void Boundary instantly became calm.

Origin Court War God and Beast Sovereign were flabbergasted. The two top-level experts of the Kunlun Origin Court were left gawking.

They didn’t dare to believe their eyes.

What just happened?

The Soul Source Orb quickly disappeared and as did the purple glow in Zhou Xuanji’s eyes.

As he closed his eyes, he could see the Holy Ghost imprisoned in the depths of the Soul Source Orb, unable to move, with only its pair of eyes looking around in helplessness.

“How did you do it?” Beast Sovereign grabbed Zhou Xuanji’s shoulders and asked excitedly.

The almost invincible Holy Ghost was suppressed just like that!

Origin Court War God was also shocked. He still hadn’t regained his wits.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and said, “It might be because my eyes have a certain connection with the Soul Source Orb.”

He couldn’t tell them that it was taught by Little Sovereign.

The matter seemed simple but it just seemed impossible for Zhou Xuanji to have had no foreknowledge.

“Incredible…” Origin Court War God muttered to himself. His gaze had completely changed when he looked at Zhou Xuanji.

What’s making this kid so incredible?

Swish! Swish! Swish!…

One after another, a crowd of figures appeared out of thin air, surrounding the trio. Their number increased rapidly, soon surpassing a thousand.