I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 75 - Two Legendary Swords!

Chapter 75 - Two Legendary Swords!


“Ding! Congratulation! The Sword Owner obtained [Gold] Furious Ape Sword and [Bronze] Chicken Slaying Sword! ”

Zhou Xuanji was stunned. Two legendary swords?

*  What just happened?*

I thought the Gacha only gives one?

“The Sword Owner receives a legendary sword with each year. At the same time, there is a chance to Gacha other items, including legendary swords.”

The Sword Spirit explained quickly, which made Zhou Xuanji come to a realization.

What if someday, he was so lucky that he obtained 10 legendary swords from the Gacha?

If so, then his Hundred Sword Mode could be realized.

He withdrew the Furious Ape Sword and Chicken Slaying Sword.

Furious Ape Sword was a Gold Grade legendary sword, it must have been very powerful.

But the Chicken Slaying Sword…

This name… Ahem.

At this moment, a few lines of words that only he could see appeared before his eyes:

Sword Name: Furious Ape Sword

Grade: Gold

Description: This sword was forged with the Ancient Furious Ape’s ligaments. After imbuing it with spirit energy or magic energy, it can charge up and shoot out Sword Qi. The longer it is charged, the more powerful the sword Qi is. Special reminder, there is no time limit on charging.

Sword Name: Chicken Slaying Sword

Grade: Bronze

Description: Specialized in slaying chickens. It exists for killing chicken!

When Zhou Xuanji saw the description of the Furious Ape Sword, his eyes brightened. Awesome special effect. It can charge energy to shoot out Sword Qi, and it has no time limit. Would that make it infinitely powerful?

But when he saw the description of the Chicken Slaying Sword, he was immediately speechless.

He already had a Swineculling Sword. Now, he received another Chicken Slaying Sword?

Could the category “chicken” have a special meaning behind it?

Zhou Xuanji thought as he focused on the two swords in his hands.

Furious Ape Sword was a black sword. Its handle was covered with black ape hair, which was comfortable in the hands. Its blade was four fingers wide and a meter long. The place where the blade and handle connects was inlaid with a small furious ape head, which appeared terrifying.

The Chicken Slaying Sword was purely ordinary. No one would pay it any notice if it was put into a weapon store. It was just a typical silver sword, a little longer than the Furious Ape Sword. It was primarily used for killing chickens.

“A brilliant sword!”

Zhao Congjian, who was walking over, praised. His eyes were burning with passion.

As a swordsman, his evaluation of swords was very sharp.

Zhou Xuanji immediately kept the Furious Ape Sword and held onto the Chicken Slaying Sword. “Want to spar?” He said with a smile.

Zhao Congjian looked at the Chicken Slaying Sword and shook his head. “This sword cannot make it. The other sword is far better than this. Why don’t you use that one to spar?”

Zhou Xuanji jerked his sword and said with a smile, “This is Chicken Slaying Sword. Don’t underestimate it!”

After he spoke, he charged at Zhao Congjian with Vibrant Raindrops Sword.

Zhao Congjian’s eyes brightened, and he immediately understood that Zhou Xuanji wanted to give him some pointers on the sword technique.

He immediately fought back with Vibrant Raindrops Sword also.

As the two swords clashed, Zhou Xuanji gained an advantage immediately.

In terms of spirit energy, Zhou Xuanji was weaker than Zhao Congjian, but Zhou Xuanji had both energy and physical cultivation. Moreover, after he broke through to Level Three of Sword Qi Golden Body Incantation, Sword Qi Soar, his strength increased tremendously. With his superior speed, Zhao Congjian was naturally at a disadvantage.

Some distance away, Little Jiang Xue and Huang Lianxin were chatting on the cliffside.

“Master is 12 years old today, doesn’t that make you 16? Time passed so quickly. Back then, you were only a little girl and now you are at the age to be married off.”

Huang Lianxin sighed. She was only a little over 20, a prime age for a woman. She was dressed in a dress with the color of a green lotus. Her hair was coiled around two hairpins into a bun. Along with her beautiful face, she had the appearance that could make most men fall for her.

Although little Jiang Xue still looked immature beside Huang Lianxin, her facial feature was more delicate with eyes that shone brightly. Under her blue shirt, she wore the Golden Chainmail. On the outside, she wore a long gown, with the Jade Phoenix Evil Destroyer Hairpin on her hair. She already had the look and posture that could turn a nation upside down

After she heard Huang Lianxin’s words, her face blushed and she muttered shyly, “I’m not going get married.”

Young girls had full of expectations toward romance, as well as shyness.

“Are you waiting for master to grow up?” Huang Lianxin asked with an expression that looked like a smile.

In their eyes, Zhou Xuanji was the incarnation of some ancient power. So they never treated Zhou Xuanji as a child. Huang Lianxin already knew Little Jiang Xue’s thoughts, but Zhou Xuanji did not. This guy was really crazy about cultivation. Everything he talked about was cultivation.

Little Jiang Xue looked down, even her earlobes were red now.

At such moments, she would always remember the first time she met Zhou Xuanji.

That day when she was bullied, Zhou Xuanji laid on the bed and adorably called out to her, “Sister, I’m thirsty.”

That scene was something that she would never forget.

She raised up her head and asked with a blushed face, “Sister Lianxin, do you have someone that you like?”

Huang Lianxin was a little stunned, then she shook her head with a smile, “All I think about is revenge. I have already given up on romantic love.”

Little Jiang Xue blinked. “So, you don’t know what love is either?” She asked

Huang Lianxin’s face blushed a little when she heard Little Jiang Xue. She faked a cough and said, “Of course I know!”

“What is love?”

“To have and to hold, for eternity. To be filled with each other in one’s heart. That is love.”


The two girls began discussing love. For the sake of proving that she knew about love, Huang Lianxin began to tell Little Jiang Xue about the love stories in Northern Wilderness Region.

On the other side, the sparring between Zhou Xuanji and Zhao Congjan caught Beixiao Wangjian’s attention.

He had a peculiar expression on his face and muttered softly, “Master’s sword… why does he always pierce downward?”

Zhou Xuanji was also astonished.

Why does the Chicken Slaying Sword always travel downward…

Zhao Congjian’s face was very red. With the Vibrant Raindrops Sword, he really could not stand up to Zhou Xuanji.

He wanted to use other sword techniques, but the pride in his heart did not allow him to do so.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji suddenly withdrew his sword and stood up straight. He faked a cough and said, “Let’s stop here. You should already know the areas you are lacking?”

Zhao Congjian took a deep breath and cupped his fist at Zhou Xuanji, ashamed. He immediately turned around to leave and intended to practice Vibrant Raindrops Sword for the entire night.

Zhou Xuanji turned around and looked at Beixiao Wangjian as he slowly raised up the Chicken Slaying Sword.

Beixiao Wangjian shuddered. He felt a gust of cold air coming at him in between his legs. He immediately ran away.

Zhou Xuanji looked at the Chicken Slaying Sword and exclaimed, “Chicken Slaying Sword indeed!”

After that, he stored the legendary sword into the Supreme Storage.

Then, he walked toward Little Jiang Xue, intending to listen to what they were talking about.

His auditory prowess was remarkable. He could hear their conversation even from a distance.

“So, it was a story.”

Zhou Xuanji came to Little Jiang Xue quickly and sat beside her with a smile, “What stories are you telling?” He asked

Little Jiang Xue wrapped her arms around his shoulder and giggled, “Why don’t you tell us a story, sis. Lianxin’s stories are not good at all. They always ended tragically.”

Huang Lianxin muttered softly, “How would Master know love stories? The only story he can tell is about people rising up to power.”

“Who said that I don’t know any?” Zhou Xuanji said as he gave her a stare, “You will be frightened at the number of love stories I know!”

“Okay, okay. Tell us. Tell us a good love story.”

Little Jiang Xue nodded with a smile and urged Zhou Xuanji.

Since young, she always listened to Zhou Xuanji’s stories. He could always tell her interesting but different stories to her.

“Okay. Listen carefully. Let me tell you a love story that moved even the hearts of ancient gods.”

Zhou Xuanji shook off Little Jiang Xue’s hand from his shoulder and began telling the story.

“Legend has it. There was a great god in heaven, who was called General Tianpeng. He had in his command 100,000 Heavenly River Soldiers. He was handsome and mighty, and he was well-known across the three worlds. Later, he violated laws because he became drunk and was punished to descend to the human world and reincarnated into a pig. When he was young, he was almost killed. Fortunately, a little girl could not bear to let him die, so she asked her parents to purchase him and so he could be released.”

“General Tianpeng began to cultivate in the wilderness and eventually became a Demon King. After he gained human form, he went to search for the little girl who saved his life. However, after hundreds of years passed and the world changed so drastically, the little girl was reincarnated into a wealthy family who resided in a placed called Old Manor Gao.”