I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 749 - The Manifestation of Little Sovereign

After Origin Court War God led the Holy Ghost away, the dark clouds covering the Evil Sky Divine Range finally dispersed.

Zhou Xuanji stood in his place, watching the battle using the Exterminating Divine Eyes.

Origin Court War God and the Holy Ghost had already started fighting. No matter how terrifying the Holy Ghost was, it was unable to touch Origin Court War God.

The golden light around Origin Court War God’s body was like a protective shield, protecting him from the bad luck.

They were getting farther and farther away from the Evil Sky Divine Court. Very soon, they reached the edge of the Kunlun Origin COurt.

It seemed that Origin Court War God wanted to contain the Holy Ghost.

However, Zhou Xuanji noticed that the Holy Ghost was slowly getting closer and closer to Origin Court War God. And if he continued to fight like this, it wouldn’t be long before Origin Court War God would be touched by it.

“Pity!” Zhou Xuanji shook his head and sighed. Origin Court War God was about to die before he became Zhou Tanhua’s master. Zhou Xianji released a deep sigh.

Zhou Tanhua grabbed his hem and asked, “Father, how is Origin Court War God?”

Ever since he heard that Origin Court War God was going to be his master, he had a number of feelings towards Origin Court War God.

He was curious and excited but also anxious and worried.

“He has led the bad guy away,” Zhou Xuanji, caressing his Zhou Tanhua’s head, replying with a soft laugh.

The others looked at each other before they finally chose to leave.

The catastrophe was approaching and only then did they realize their own incompetence.

In the future, they would work hard to grow stronger and at at least have the strength to escape from the Holy Ghost.

“Xuanji, do you think we should leave the Kunlun Origin Court? The Holy Ghost absorbs the luck. The Kunlun Origin Court must be his favorite place. We can go to a lower-level universe so we do not attract him,” Jiang Xue suggested. Xian Xianghua had already gone back to cultivate, while Zhou Xiaoxuan took Zhou Tanhua to play, diverting his attention.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and stated, “If the Kunlun Origin Court is destroyed, we can’t hide anywhere.”

Besides, he didn’t want to run away just like this.

The Evil Sky Divine Range provided him with so many resources and gave him such a high status, he didn’t want to leave.

Jiang Xue nodded and proclaimed, “You don’t have to feel too pressured. No matter whether you live or die, I will accompany you without any regret.”

Zhou Xuanji couldn’t help but look at her and smiled.

He reached out and pinched her face before assuring her, smiling, “Don’t worry, as long as I’m here, I won’t let anything happen to you guys. We still have a long time before that will happen.”

He didn’t believe that the Holy Ghost was really invincible.

If that had been the case, the Kunlun Origin Court would have been destroyed by it a long time ago!

Jiang Xue happily smiled and entered his arms.

On the other side…

Origin Court War God was still locked in a fierce battle with the Holy Ghost. His long spear danced in the space, weaving through space like a dragon.

He still had an expressionless look on his face. Even though he felt that the Holy Ghost was getting closer and closer, he still remained very calm.

He was the Kunlun Origin Court’s War God. It was his duty to defend the Kunlun Origin Court!

“Sovereign, I will do what you had asked me to. But it seems that the Kunlun Origin Court will no longer be guarded by me,” Origin Court War God thought in his heart as his eyes shone with determination.

He spread his arms as the golden light around his body suddenly became tangible before shooting straight at the Holy Ghost.

He couldn’t see the Holy Ghost but he could sense an evil aura.

The Holy Ghost was almost wiped out by the golden light.

Its face turned hideous as it glared at Origin Court War God in spite.

Very soon, it rushed out of the Kunlun Origin Court, crossed the purple sea fog, and arrived at the Void Boundary.

The Holy Ghost suddenly took a deep breath, its body inflating like a balloon.

It then opened its mouth and spurted a black wind of endless bad luck toward Origin Court War God.

Origin Court War God was taken aback. He used the golden light to dissipate the bad luck black Qi. But the bad luck black Qi just directly devoured his golden light.

“What’s this!?” Origin Court War God’s eyes widened in shock. But in the next moment, a smile appeared on his face.

Since he was already ready to die, why would he be afraid of the unknown?

He started fighting hard, delaying his heath as much as possible.


Suddenly, the bad luck black Qi was blasted away as a powerful hand reached in and grabbed Origin Court War God’s wrist, pulling him out.

It was Beast Sovereign.

Beast Sovereign smacked his palm at the Holy Ghost as billowing lava and scorching hot rocks flew out from his sleeve. The terrifying high temperature forced the Holy Ghost to retreat.

Origin Court War God furrowed his brow and asked, “Why are you here?”

Beast Sovereign didn’t reply but gazed in front of him instead. Although he couldn’t see the Holy Ghost, he could sense an uneasiness that direction.

“Let’s team up to destroy it,” Beast Sovereign suggested in a deep voice. Origin Court War God was stunned before he broke into laughter.

When they were young, they also fought side by side, just like this.

Later, they seldom met due to their own responsibilities.

The notion of fighting together sent the Origin Court War God in a daze.

Zhou Xuanji also witnessed this scene through the Exterminating Divine Eyes.

“The Holy Ghost represented bad luck, how can bad luck be eliminated just like that?” Zhou Xuanji was immersed in his thoughts. He always felt that there had to be a way to destroy the Holy Ghost.

He even wanted to capture the Holy Ghost and turn it into a part of his strength.

He took out all the legendary swords he had and went through them, thinking.

A long time passed but he still couldn’t find a single clue.

Just as he was about to put away his swords, the Lesser Supreme Sword suddenly started trembling.

The minimum criteria for using the Lesser Supreme Sword was 30 flowers Dao Ancestor Realm. But somehow or the other, he could take it out in advance.

“Is the Sovereign’s spirit about to manifest?” Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes as he thought, waiting patiently.

Destiny was always moving things mysteriously.

Since the Holy Ghost had appeared, a Sovereign was necessary to punish it.

After a while…

A soul rose from the Lesser Supreme Sword.

He was handsome and in his twenties. He looked like a polite and elegant scholar.

When he saw Zhou Xuanji, he couldn’t help but size him up.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t say anything and just kept gazing at Little Sovereign calmly.

Judging by his body shape, it was quite similar to the outline of Little Sovereign he saw. It could even be said to be exactly the same.

“Kid, I’m the Sovereign, why are you still not kneeling?” Little Sovereign spoke with an arrogant expression on his face.

Zhou Xuanji asked back, “How did you die?”

Little Sovereign’s face couldn’t help but freeze.

He angrily rebuked, “Kid, what do you mean? Are you laughing at me?”

Even though he was angry, it was difficult for his appearance to make others feel oppressed.

“Did you manifest this time because of the turmoil caused by the Holy Ghost?” asked Zhou Xuanji with a calm look on his face.

When Little Sovereign heard the word ‘Holy Ghost’, he was immediately stunned.

He asked, astounded, “Isn’t the Holy Ghost sealed? What do you mean by this?”

Zhou Xuanji directly informed him the reasons for the chaos caused by the Holy Ghsot.

Little Sovereign’s expression dramatically worsened.

“How is this possible? Have they gone nuts? They wanted to use the Holy Ghost as a bargaining chip!?” Little Sovereign muttered to himself as he gritted his teeth. A murderous intent even appeared in his eyes.

Zhou Xuanji continued, “The current Sovereign has disappeared. Is there any way for us to get rid of the Holy Ghost or even suppress it?”

Little Sovereign didn’t answer immediately. He was still immersed in his emotions.

After about half the time it took for incense to burn…

He sighed and said, “Five Ultimate Divine Eyes, Supreme-level mortar-type treasure, Soul Source Orb. If you can get any one of these, I will teach you how to suppress it. But these treasures are very hard to find. Especially for a younger generation like you, you won’t even be able to get them.”

He began to size up Zhou Xuanji. A Dao Ancestor didn’t deserve to control him!