I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 748 - War God vs Holy Ghost

Everyone didn’t dare to speak in the face of the strong oppression of Beast Sovereign.

You said it so lightly!

As the founding members of the Evil Sky Divine Range, who hadn’t contributed to the Evil Sky Divine Range?

Origin Court War Go said, “I will draw the Holy Ghost away. Meanwhile, you should think of another way to at least safeguard your Evil Sky Divine Range.”

As soon as he said this, everyone turned their gazes toward him.

Beast Sovereign furrowed his brow and said, “No, you are too great a force of our Evil Sky Divine Range. You will have to fight for hegemony in the future.”

All the authoritative figures furrowed their brows after hearing this.

What nonsense!

Such hypocrisy!

They didn’t dare to lose their temper at Beast Sovereign. They could only look at Origin Court War God, threatening him with their gazes.

Origin Court War God turned a blind eye to this and calmly said, “I’m the best candidate. It’s decided. Otherwise, I will leave the Evil Spirit Divine Range immediately. No one can stop me.”

Beast Sovereign stopped to think before finally nodding.

He had no reason to refuse. If he continued, he would really be unreasonable.

Then he began to discuss strategies to protect the Evil Sky Divine Range.

The Evil Sky Divine Range had many arrays but even with them, it would still be really difficult to stop the Holy Ghost.

Holy Ghost had escaped from the limits of the universe. It wasn’t constrained by the rules of the universe.

The only thing he feared was Kunlun Origin Court. And now, it could travel freely even in the Kunlun Origin Court. Who could stop it?

“Why don’t we go and ask the Sovereign to make a move?” Someone abruptly asked. He had a weird expression on his face as if he didn’t dare to make any assumptions.

By now, they had already known in their heart.

There had been rumors from a long time ago that the Sovereign was no longer here.

Now, Kunlun Origin Court is in chaos but Sovereign hasn’t appeared yet. It seems that the rumors are true.

Beast Sovereign pensively gazed at the man and said, “Can’t you guess it in your heart?”

The man sunk into silence as a look of despair appeared in his eyes.

All the Super Divine Ranges were aiming for the Sovereign’s position. But when there was a crisis, they would rely on the Sovereign.

Because Sovereign represented the strongest in the Kunlun Origin Court.

The Sovereign wasn’t here and the Holy Ghost was attacking…

At this moment, everyone’s heart was gripped with fear.

Could it be that the Kunlun Origin Court will be destroyed by this?

They didn’t dare to think any further. They tried their best to deny it.

Pure Sword Heaven, in the Training Palace…

Zhou Xuanji was sitting cross-legged, cultivating. The Soul Source Orb in his glabella flashed with a bright light, illuminating the entire Training Palace.

Zhou Xuanji was about to break through to the thirteen flowers Dao Ancestor Realm.

The thirty-six flowers of the Dao Ancestor Realm represented different understanding and accomplishment of their own Dao. It took countless years and hard work to raise just one rank.

Since his Exterminating Divine Range had upgraded to the perfect state, his Dao Flower Seed was showing signs of budding.

He turned his mastery of swordsmanship into understanding of Sword Dao and congealed it into a Dao Flower.

After two hours…

He had successfully broken through to the thirteen flowers Dao Ancestor Realm.

After breaking through, he consolidated his foundation for a while before he got up and left the hall.

He walked to the edge of the cliff and activated his Exterminating Divine Eyes and used the Ten Thousand Worlds Penetrator.

At this very moment, the Holy Ghost was in one of the low-grade Divine Ranges. Hundreds of millions of creatures that resided there had all died tragically. The entire Divine Range was filled with an aura of death.

Zhou Xuanji glanced about and saw a ghastly sight everywhere. He was shocked.

He then locked on to the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost was many times stronger than before. Its figure was burly and its face was hideous. Its fangs were pointing outward and its entire body was surrounded by a blood-filled mysterious mist.

Sensing his gaze, the Holy Ghost suddenly turned its head and grinned at him, making Zhou Xuanji’s pupils dilate.

When I spied on the Holy Ghost back then, the Holy Ghost hadn’t noticed it. How could this time..

Is it because it’s getting stronger?

Zhou Xuanji didn’t believe in hearsay and continued to observe the Holy Ghost. But the Holy Ghost roared at him, showing an aggressive stance.

Finally, he withdrew his gaze.

He frowned and murmured, “What the hell does this guy want?”

For some reason, he felt that the Holy Ghost was sentient and had some kind of consciousness.

This guy doesn’t seem to just be hunting like a wild animal~?

It might be planning something.

For instance, the Divine Ranges he chose to attack were all weaker Divine Ranges.

Clearly, there was a Super Divine Range next to him but it didn’t go there.

If it was just bullying the weak, it did not make sense. Who in the Kunlun Origin Court could deal with this Holy Ghost?

After thinking for a moment, Zhou Xunaji couldn’t help but open his Exterminating Divine Eyes to track the Holy Ghost.

Immediately, his eyes widened in shock. He was shocked to find that the Holy Ghost was rapidly approaching the Kunlun Origin Court. And its target happened to be the Evil Sky Divine Range!

He immediately stood up.

This guy is actually coming here!

He took a deep breath and immediately transmitted his voice to the others to prepare for the battle.


Ying Zhuge, Chang Xiyan, Sheng Tiandao, and the others appeared next to Zhou Xiaoxuan, signalled by the swishing sounds.

Each of them had a solemn look on their faces. They already knew about the appearance of the Holy Ghost.

“Could he be really coming for you?” Ren Niming gulped and asked with apprehension.

Against an evil spirit that could slaughter the entire Kunlun Origin Court, he would feel terrified even if he was reincarnated.

Zhou Xuanji solemnly said, “It’s not the time to laugh. If he breaks in, we will all die. He had already slaughtered more than ten Divine Ranges.”

Once he informed them about this, everyone’s heart was gripped with a chill.

How many living beings were there in a Divine Range?

As for the number of living beings in ten Divine Ranges…

They didn’t dare to imagine- even Ying Zhuge’s face turned cold.

Zhou Xuanji opened his Exterminating Divine Eyes and used the Ten Thousand Worlds Piercer.

He immediately saw a figure holding a golden spear appear in the front of the Exterminating Divine Range. The figure looked like a domineering general. It was the Origin Court War God!

He was looking at the end of the Kunlun Origin Court, quickly waiting for the arrival of the Holy Ghost.

“Origin Court War God is defending outside!” Zhou Xuanji informed in a soft voice. His expression turned solemn. He was a little skeptical about whether the Origin Court War God could stop the Holy Ghost.

Everyone held their breaths. Origin Court War God’s name was tantamount to invincibility in the Kunlun Origin Court.

As long as Origin Court War God was still in the Kunlun Origin Court, many living beings would agree that he was the strongest existence under the Sovereign.

However, the Kunlun Origin Court was only so big. There was always someone better out there. Who could say for sure that he or she was the strongest.

Outside the Evil Sky Divine Range, in the Kunlun Universe…

Origin Court War God stood with an expressionless look on his face. The armor on his body gradually started to shine golden as if he was about to turn into a sun, illuminating the universe.

The look in his eyes grew solemn as he thrust the spear forward.


An explosive beam of golden light shot straight toward the front, without causing any harm to the nearby Divine Ranges.

From what Zhou Xuanji could see, the Holy Ghost easily evaded this move and charged straight at Origin Court War God, bearing an unstoppable momentum.

Origin Court War God jumped up, transforming into a blinding light as his figure flew toward the top of the universe. Meanwhile, he flung the spear in his hand behind him as a spear of Qi shot out, aiming to annihilate the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost’s waist was completely cut off. Infuriated, it roared at Origin Court War God but no sound could be heard.

It quickly re-joined its body together and chased after the Origin Court War God.

Origin Court War God immediately flew away, leading the Holy Ghost away.

Zhou Xuanji withdrew his gaze and informed everyone, “Origin Court War God has led the Holy Ghost away.”

Everyone was relieved after hearing this. A look of admiration immediately appeared on everyone’s face.

He really deserved the name Origin Court War God!