I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 747 - Beast Sovereign’s Decision

Beast Sovereign’s voice echoed throughout the Pure Sword Heaven, leaving everyone astonished.

This was the first time they had heard Beast Sovereign address the public like this. Could it be that something big has happened?

Zhou Xuanji couldn’t help but sigh. Apparently, he had underestimated Beast Sovereign.

He was able to detect the arrival of the Holy Ghost but so could Beast Sovereign. He was very curious about what divine ability Beast Sovereign used to spy on the whereabouts of the Holy Ghost.

“What happened?” Xian Xianghua hesitantly asked. She could make out the worry and seriousness of the situation from Beast Sovereign’s tone.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t hide anything from her. When he informed them about what he had seen, the two women gasped in shock.

Such a terrifying existence had actually sneaked into the Kunlun Origin Court!

They couldn’t help but get goosebumps all over their bodies at what they had just heard.

“Can the Evil Sky Divine Range stop it?” Jiang Xue asked worriedly. Somehow or the other, she always felt that the Holy Ghost was coming for Zhou Xuanji.

Perhaps it was because there had been too many similar incidents in the past.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and said, “Don’t worry if you can’t stop it. The Kunlun Origin Court would have been destroyed by the Holy Ghost a long time ago. Don’t forget that the Holy Ghost was suppressed by a Divine Range before.”

Jiang Xue felt that what he had said made sense.

Xian Xianghua, on the other hand, was still frowning. Perhaps it was because she had a baby, that she had started to become constantly more worried than before.

“By the way, don’t let Tanhua run around. What if the Holy Ghost sneaked in?” Jiang Xue reminded. Zhou Xuanji nodded in agreement as Zhou Tanhua appeared before them out of thin air with a wave of his hand.

Zhou Tanhua was stunned, immediately curling his lips, aggrieved.

At the same time…

The Evil Sky Divine Range was in chaos. Countless creatures were starting to discuss what was happening.

And this was not just limited to the Evil Sky Divine Range. Thousands of Divine Ranges in the Kunlun Origin Court had also grown vigilant.

All the people living in the major Origin Cities quickly left the city space, and within just half an hour, the entire Kunlun Origin Court fell into silence.

The creatures who had just entered were puzzled.

“Where is everyone?”

“Yeah, it’s so quiet.”

“Is it because of the civil war between the Divine Ranges?”

“I don’t know, let’s quickly return to our respective Divine Ranges.”

“Everyone, please be careful! Even if we are in the Kunlun Origin Court, there still might be danger.”

The creatures were frightened and prepared to leave.

But at that moment, a beautiful woman in blue suddenly let out a scream.

All the creatures turned their heads and looked at her. Immediately after, they saw her body rapidly shrivel up, reducing into a dried up corpse. It was extremely frightening.

“Ahhh…” Suddenly, a man ten meters away from them let out a miserable scream. He died tragically with blood and pus oozing out of his body.

The other creatures had goosebumps explode all over their bodies.

What the Hell is going on?

Is it possible that someone is using some vicious divine ability in secret?

Before they could react, everyone died miserably, each dying in a different manner but all of them died in extreme pain.

However, this scene didn’t attract the attention of the Void Boundary palace.

Neither did the Void City’s guards come to check.

Everything seemed very calm, terribly calm.

Meanwhile, dozens of corpses were left floating in the Kunlun Universe.

Zhou Xuanji witnessed this from the Pure Sword Heaven. He could clearly see the look of greed on the Holy Ghost’s face.

It was wandering around, almost as if it was looking for something.

It was robbing luck.

Right after, the Holy Ghost flew to the nearest Divine Range, turning into a phantom before rushing in.

Zhou Xuanji heaved a sigh at the sight of this. He knew that a catastrophe would soon erupt in that Divine Range.

He didn’t look any further. He was helpless. All he could do was wait.

He got up and walked out of his house, heading toward the cultivation palace.

This palace was actually a stove. The walls and the floor were inlaid with various rare treasures; all these treasures were helpful for cultivation. Once one stepped on it, his or her physical body would be tempered by violent Dao Energy.

It took nearly a century to build this palace. It had been supervised by Chang Xiyan, herself, and was only recently completed.

Except for Zhou Xuanji, no one could arbitrarily go in; not just because of status but because it was extremely dangerous as well.

The Dao Energy used the Nine Vast Heavens as a standard. An ordinary Dao Ancestor would be directly crushed into nothing as soon as they stepped inside.

Zhou Xuanji had Exterminating Divine Eyes, as well as the Soul Source Orb. He wasn’t afraid at all. But it wasn’t the same for other people.

As soon as he stepped into the training palace, violent Dao Energy gushed from every direction, trying to annihilate his Soul and body.

His glabella suddenly cracked open, revealing the Soul Source Orb. It madly absorbed the Dao Energy surrounding him, funnelling it into his body.

After, his eyes opened as he began to absorb the Dao Energy and convert it into his own.

He then slowly made his way to the center of the palace and sat down cross-legged.

He then entered in a retreat.

In the Sovereign Palace…

Beast Sovereign was sitting on the main seat as hundreds of figures were standing in the hall. The entire hall was shrouded in a silence. No one dared to utter a single word.

Origin Court War God stood in the front row, frowning as he thought about countermeasures.

Beast Sovereign said, “Is there any news about the other Divine Ranges? What’s the attitude of the Sovereign Divine Ranges?”

An old man raised his hand before he bowed and said, “Mortal Divine Range is reprimanding us for breaking the seal of the Holy Ghost. They don’t want to care about it anymore. Emperor Divine Range is organizing a sealing time but needs to gather resources for the Array. It will take a month or two.”

He looked resentful. He felt that Beast Sovereign was to blame for this matter but didn’t dare to voice his thoughts out.

If it weren’t for the Origin Court War God, why would Beast Sovereign have sent Zhou Xuanji to destroy that universe?

The authoritative figures of the Evil Sky Divine Ranges didn’t have a good impression of the Origin Court War God.

On the contrary, the Origin Court War God was impartial and incorruptible. He had captured many Evil Sky Divine Ranges creatures, which made many creatures from the Evil Sky Divine Range criticize him.

“Holy Ghost can travel through time and space. The Evil Sky Divine Range’s Great Dao Walls are nothing to him. If he approaches the Evil Sky Divine Range, this Sovereign needs a group of people to draw him and lead him away from the Evil Sky Divine Range. You can choose a bunch of people from under you. Everyone needs to contribute the same number of men,” Beast Sovereign said in a heavy voice. And just as he said this, a commotion broke out in the Sovereign Palace.

All the authoritative figures were agitated.

“Isn’t this just sending them to their deaths?”

“Sovereign, this is not a good thing!”

“Evil Sky Divine Range has never done this kind of thing in its history!”

“You should send your own men to draw the Holy Ghost.”

“Yes, we didn’t cause this matter.”

All the authoritative figures here were senior members of the Evil Sky Divine Range. Many of them had watched Beast Sovereign grow up.

In the past, they never dared to put on airs because of Beast Sovereign’s majesty. But now, they were all angry.

Why should our grandchildren pay for the trouble that was caused by you?

Wei Yi was extremely calm and silent as if he was in another world.

Origin Court War God remained expressionless. He didn’t speak either.

Beast Sovereign didn’t immediately get angry but quietly gazed at them.

After everyone was finished venting their emotions, the hall fell into silence again. Finally, Beast Sovereign let out a sigh.

“This Sovereign is indeed guilty but I hope you think for a second. It’s not that this Sovereign is unwilling to sacrifice my own men but this Sovereign’s men had been sacrificed every time before. You can’t just enjoy the protection of Evil Sky Divine Range. You also have to repay it. Do you understand?” Beast Sovereign slowly said as he stood up. The overbearing pressure emanating from his being made everyone feel suffocated.