I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 746 - Unexpected Mutation

“Can I ask about the Divine Range’s next course of action?” asked Zhou Xuanji. This matter was related to their future.

Kunlun Origin Court was so turbulent but Beast Sovereign still dare to take Origin Court War God. In his opinion, this was playing with fire.

What would the Origin Court think if word about this got out?

What about those Divine Ranges who are hostile to the Evil Sky Divine Range?

Zhou Xuanji suspected that the Beast Sovereign believed Zhou Fan’s prophecy and wanted to protect the Origin Court War God.

Even though Beast Sovereign was kind to him, he didn’t want his son to be caught in a dispute.

Beast Sovereign replied, gazing at him, “Do you remember what this Sovereign expects from you? This Sovereign hopes that you can ascend to a position that’s higher than Range Master. Now, that opportunity is here. This Sovereign will pave the way for you.”

Wei Yi’s expression slightly changed after hearing this.

But Origin Court War God, on the other hand, remained unmoved as if he knew about this long ago.

Zhou Xuanji asked back, “You are still at your peak. You can even go a level higher. Why do you need to pave the way for me? You can think about yourself.”

He didn’t believe Beast Sovereign just wanted to remain as Range Master.

How could the Range Master of a Super Divine Range’s ambitions stop right there?

In any case, he didn’t believe it.

“It’s impossible for this Sovereign to become the Sovereign. First, the Sovereign has experienced the bearing of the Sovereign. Second, this Sovereign’s cultivation has reached a bottleneck and cannot co up. In order to become Sovereign, one must have invincible strength in the Kunlun Origin Court. Do you understand?” Beast Sovereign meaningfully said, staring at Zhou Xuanji.

[TLN: This Sovereign = Beast Sovereign, Sovereign = the ruler of the Origin Court. Sorry for the confusion.]

To put it bluntly, he felt that his talent wasn’t as good as Zhou Xuanji’s and that Zhou Xuanji had more hopes of becoming the Sovereign.

As long as Zhou Xuanji became the Sovereign, the Evil Sky Divine Range would be able to rise along with him, advancing into a Sovereign Divine range.

As for him, he had already tried it; he was too far away from the Sovereign’s position.

Zhou Xuanji could only nod his agreement. He couldn’t refuse when Beast Sovereign said it like that.

At this time, Origin Court War God said, “Don’t worry, I will treat him like Beast Sovereign treats you.”

A pun!

Zhou Xuanji smiled at him, pretending to be thankful.

“Besides, the Kunlun Origin Court is getting more and more chaotic. Black Sword Court may take advantage of this chaos. The same is true for the forces that hate Kunlun Origin Court. Next, this Sovereign will give you a mission, and that is to annihilate those forces. While carrying out this mission, you will have to hide your identity,” Beast Sovereign continued.

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow after hearing this.

It has been just a few years and he is already dispatching me?

Could it be that something serious has happened to the Evil Sky Divine Range?

He glanced at Wei Yi and found that Wei Yi didn’t dare to look straight at him. He kept looking around with a calm and composed look.

“Do you want me to move out now?” asked Zhou Xuanji. He happened to be thinking of going out to become stronger.

He wasn’t satisfied with his current growth just by relying on plain-old cultivation.

“You can do it anytime this year. You can pick a time yourself and then go to Wei Yi. He will take you to change your aura and hide your identity,” Beast Sovereign pondered for a moment and said. He didn’t want to force him, which would just make Zhou Xuanji hasty.

Zhou Xuanji nodded.

Afterward, Beast Sovereign began to talk about the recent situation of the Kunlun Origin Court. It was nothing more than the disputes between various Divine Ranges and the bad luck brought by the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost had been hiding outside the Kunlun Origin Court, constantly absorbing the luck of all living beings and causing mysterious deaths.

“Is there really no way to punish the Holy Ghost?” asked Zhou Xuanji. His straight and sword-like eyebrows furrowed tightly. The Holy Ghost was really an extremely disturbing factor. The sooner they removed him, the sooner he would be at peace.

He didn’t want to see a scenario where the Holy Ghost broke into the Kunlun Origin Court just after he left.

Beast Sovereign couldn’t help but furrow his brow when he heard the two words Holy ghost.

Origin Court War God’s expression also changed.

“Don’t pay attention to him. No one can do anything to him except for Sovereign. But he will not slaughter unscrupulously. He will naturally leave after he has his fill,” Beast Sovereign stated, shaking his head. This was the first time he was this helpless and had to let the opposite party go.

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes but didn’t say anything.

After chatting for a while, Zhou Xuanji finally left with his son.

The reason for bringing Zhou Tanhua with him was obviously about his apprenticeship under Origin Court War God.

On the way back, Zhou Tanhua was very excited. He kept asking about Origin Court War God.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t belittle Origin Court War God either. After all, the Origin King Void God was extremely strong. He was absolutely qualified to be Zhou Tanhua’s master.

On the other side…

Beast Sovereign looked at Wei Yi and asked in a deep voice, “When are the ten Dead Sects of the Mortal Divine Range going to move?”

Xei Yi heaved a long sigh and reported, “The ten Dead Sects are really unpredictable. Our intelligence personnel can’t spy on their movements.”

Beast Sovereign’s face turned even gloomier after hearing this.

The Mortal Divine Range was the number one enemy of the Evil Sky Divine Range. Whether in numbers or strength, the Mortal Divine Range could crush the Evil Sky Divine Range. During this period, Beast Sovereign had been extremely anxious.

“I can go and deal with the ten Death Sects. After all, you have offended them because of me,” Origin Court War God said. When the ten Death Sects were brought up, his expression wasn’t as ugly as Beast Sovereign’s and Wei Yi’s.

Beast Sovereign raised his eyes to look at him and said, “Alright, but you have to be careful. You can’t fall into their trap. You still remember the future I told you about, right?”

Origin Court War God furrowed his brow before slowly nodding.

He didn’t like this feeling.

Although he was very grateful for Beast Sovereign’s kindness, this kindness was too heavy for him. So heavy that he found it uncomfortable and restrained.

Origin Court War God turned and left.

Very soon, only Beast Sovereign and Wei Yi were left in the Sovereign Palace.

Wei Yi then said, “Sovereign, the situation is growing more and more serious. All the Divine Ranges cooperating with us have their own axes to grind. We have taken the lead. Next, we should hide our blades and let other Divine Ranges take the vanguard.”

Beast Sovereign nodded and raised the corner of his lips into a smile as he said, “Someone is more anxious than us.”

Pure Sword Heaven…

Zhou Xuanji took Zhou Tanhua to Xian Xianghua and Jiang Xue. He told them about the mission after this year and also informed them about Zhou Tanhua’s apprenticehip.

Xian Xianghua curled her lips and said, “It seems that Beast Sovereign really loves Origin Court War God. He even let Origin Court War God form a relationship with you.”

If Zhou Xuanji rose in the future, Origin Court War God would naturally be in the limelight.

Jiang Xue nodded her agreement. Especially after hearing Zhou Fa’s prophecy, they were very disgusted with Beast Sovereign’s move but they couldn’t refuse it. After all, Beast Sovereign had taken care of Zhou Xuanji a lot.

“Let’s talk about it when the time comes. There is still over a decade before he reaches adulthood,” Zhou Xuanji tousled Zhou Tanhua’s hair and said with a smile.

The two nodded before they sat down at the table and began discussing the Kunlun Origin Court.

Zhou Tanhua was so bored that he slipped out to play.

His physique was so strong that he could not fall to death. And no one would murder him in the Pure Sword Heaven. So, Zhou Xuanji and the two weren’t worried about his running around.

After chatting for a while…

Zhou Xuanji suddenly turned his head as his eyes glowed with a bright purple gleam.

Ten Thousand Worlds Piercer!

He caught the Holy Ghost’s location at a glance.

The Holy Ghost actually followed a group of creatures into the Kunlun Origin Court.

Zhou Xuanji’s face changed drastically at the sight of this.

Once the Holy Ghost entered the Kunlun Origin Court, the entire Kunlun Origin Court would be in chaos.

Just as he wanted to stand up and go to Beast Sovereign, Beast Sovereign’s voice resounded throughout the Evil Sky Divine Range, “From now on, no one can leave the Evil Sky Divine Range. All those who are out will have to quickly come back. Whoever dares to go out will be killed without mercy.”