I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 745 - – Tanhua Takes War God as Teacher

“Void Boundary Palace? Why do you want to occupy the Void Boundary Palace?” Old Demon Soulmover asked, frowning his brow. He was very puzzled.

Even though Void Boundary Palace has a lofty position in the Kunlun Origin Court, it’s unnecessary to capture it first.

And since Kunlun Origin Court will be in chaos, why not just fight our way in!?

Zhou Fa rolled his eyes and rebuked, “Don’t you know how terrifying a Sovereign Divine Range is? If you could fight your way in, you and I might not have the chance to meet.”

Old Demon Soulmover was infuriated.

This Kid’s mouth is too poisonous!

If I had known this, I would have never cooperated with Zhou Fa and ripped him to pieces.

But since the plan had already been made and he had offended many Divine Ranges for this plan, he could only take the one way to darkness.

“Do you dare to look for the Holy Ghost, send the Holy Ghost into your Soul Mountain, and take it into the Kunlun Origin Court? What do you think?” Zhou Fa asked, narrowing his eyes.

As soon as Zhou Fa suggested this, Old Demon Soulmover punched at him but he quickly avoided it.

Old Demon Soulmover lashed out in anger, “Do you want me to die?”

After that, he immediately punched toward Zhou Fa. But unfortunately, Zhou Fa dodged it as nimbly as a fly.

In the Kunlun Origin Court, the conflict between the Evil Sky Divine Range, Mortal Divine Range, and the Emperor Divine Range continued to grow bigger and bigger. Meanwhile, more and more Divine ranges started to take sides.

Originally, the Mortal Divine Range was far stronger than the Evil Sky Divine Range. They couldn’t even be compared with each other. But many Divine Ranges and Super Divine Ranges started taking the Evil Sky Divine Range’s side.

Eventually, this dispute created two camps.

The Divine Ranges began to expose each other’s dirty secrets, overwhelming the residents of the Kunlun Origin Court. The creatures’ blood seethed as they too were participating in this war of words.

As for the panic caused by the Holy Ghost, they were all considered as the work of the opposing Divine Ranges.

In Pure Sword Heaven, Zhou Xuanji came to learn of the commotion in the outside world through Chang Xiyan and Ten Thousand Worlds Piercer.

He found it very interesting.

The dignified Kunlun Origin Court was also locked in a quibble.

If the creatures come to know that the Sovereign is no longer here, wouldn’t everything just blow up?

Zhou Xuanji had already expected the arrival of a chaotic period. And for this, he could only focus hard on cultivation to make it easier to survive in the oncoming time of chaos.

He still remembered Zhou Fa’s prediction.

Even if he didn’t believe it, he couldn’t forget it.

Just like this, the time in the surging Kunlun Origin Court passed.

Unknowingly, Zhou Tanhua had turned six-years old.

Although he wasn’t cultivating, his strength was still growing continuously.

Since he turned four, he stopped following Zhou Xiaoxuan around and instead enjoyed pestering Zhou Xuanji.

But as Zhou Xuanji needed to cultivate, Xian Xianghua stopped him, making him cry.

Today, Zhou Tanhua secretly came to Zhou Xuanji again.

He was hiding behind a tree, looking at his father from a distance.

At the age of six, he was wearing small and delicate purple clothes. He might be young but he was very handsome. He looked a lot like Zhou Xuanji when he was a child.

Every time Lady Zhou Xuan saw him, she would fall into a trance.

“Hei hei,” Zhou Tanhua covered his mouth and snickered. His eyes rolled as he thought about how he was going to scare his father.

Little did he know that Zhou Xuanji had already sensed his presence.

Seeing him like this, Zhou Xuanji wanted to laugh.

What a naughty kid!?

Every time he came to see Zhou Xuanji, he wanted to scare him. He never got tired of it.

After Zhou Tan snuck behind Zhou Xuanji and was just ready to hit Zhou Xuanji…

Suddenly, everything went white before his eyes as a pair of big hands caught him.

His eyes went wide with surprise as he found himself being held by his father.

He exclaimed in surprise, “Wow! What diving ability is this? Can you teach me?”

He might be just six-years old but he already knew a lot. He could learn many divine abilities as long as he was taught once.

Of course, this only included easy and insignificant divine abilities.

He was extremely talented. Zhou Xuanji had high hopes for him. But before that, Zhou Xuanji hoped that he could enjoy a childhood that didn’t require him to cultivate.

If he was made to cultivate since childhood, Zhou Xuanji was worried that Zhou Tanhua might grow tired of it and not want to cultivate.

“I will teach you when you grow up,” Zhou Xuanji said, laughing and roughing his hair.

He wasn’t there during Zhou Xiaoxuan’s childhood, so he always spoiled Zhou Tanhua.

Under the guidance of so many people, Zhou Tanhua hadn’t developed a roguish character. This pleased Zhou Xuanji very much.

It might be because he had a sister like Zhou Xiaoxuan. If he made a mistake, Zhou Xiaoxuan would definitely give him a good lesson.

“Grow up, when will I exactly grow up?”

Zhou Tanhua puffed his lips as he said, “They all say that I have a very good aptitude and that I am inherently suitable for cultivation. Why do you always want me to grow up to be able to cultivate?”

Zhou Xuanji pinched his face and said, laughing, “Because your father believes in you. I believe that you will be the strongest person in the future. But there is more to life than cultivation.”

Even he would spend some time with his family and calm himself down after every bout of bitter cultivation.

Zhou Tanhua couldn’t understand. So, he could only hide it with a grimace.

Zhou Xuanji couldn’t help but hold his leg, lift him upside down, and give him a shake, making him scream.

Right then, Chang Xiyan suddenly appeared before him and bowed to him before speaking, “Master, Beast Sovereign is requesting you to come. He also wants you to take the young master with you.”

Zhou Xuanji put Zhou Tanhua down and furrowed his brow slightly.

He didn’t say anything and disappeared from his place, holding Zhou Tanhua.

During the flight, Zhou Tanhua was very excited. He asked in a childish voice, “Father, are we going to meet Beast Sovereign? What does he look like?”

Zhou Xuanji exhorted, “You will know soon. Don’t speak when you meet him unless he asks you, understand?”

Zhou Tanhua nodded his compliance. It was the first time he was leaving Pure Sword Heaven. His eyes were filled with expectations towards the new world.

Very soon, they came to the Sovereign Palace.

Apart from the Beast Sovereign, Origin Court War God and Wei Yi were also here.

They all nodded when they met Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji noticed that Origin Court War God’s left arm seemed to be plated with gold. Obviously, his arm had been replaced.

Beast Sovereign’s gaze fell on Zhou Tanhua. Facing three total strangers, Zhou Tanhua didn’t act timid; rather, he was observing them.

“So this is your son!? Great! He might not have started cultivating yet but he has pretty great aptitude. He has inherited your blood perfectly,” Origin Court War God complemented with a smile, looking at Zhou Tanhua with appreciation.

Before Zhou Xuanji could say anything, Zhou Tanhua asked first, “Who are you?”

The Origin Court War God was amused by him. He smiled even more as he replied, “You can call me War God.”

“War God!? Wow, then are you stronger or is my father stronger?” Zhou Tanhua asked excitedly. He was just about to continue asking but Zhou Xuanji covered his mouth.

Zhou Xuanji helplessly said, “This Kid is young and ignorant to the ways of the world. Why did you ask me to come?”

He had guessed a little from the expression in Origin Court War God’s eyes.

Beast Sovereign stated, “When your son grows up, he can worship Origin Court War God as his teacher. When he reaches adulthood, Origin Court War God will personally teach him cultivation. Don’t worry, Origin Court War God will live in the Evil Sky Divine Range from now on.”

“He is stronger than this Sovereign. The others didn’t give him the title War God for nothing.”

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes.

The Evil Sky Divine Range has subdued Origin Court War God!?

Isn’t this blatantly challenging the Origin Court!?