I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 744 - Origin Court Chaos

After Wei Yi left, Beast Sovereign was lost in thought.

Even though it seemed that he didn’t care about it, he was actually touched by Zhou Fa’s words.

In his heart, Origin Court War God, Zhou Xuanji, and the Evil Sky Divine Ranger were very important to him.

He had always felt that he could maintain the three-party relationship but today, he suddenly realized that he might have been too arrogant.

He must choose what was more important.

Who asked him to make a reckless choice when asked to choose?

“Ai,” he let out a heavy sigh.

In the Pure Sword Heaven, Zhou Xuanji was sitting on the top of a mountain. Strangely, his eyes were glowing purple.

He happened to be using the Ten Thousand Worlds Piercer to spy on the Holy Ghost.

It hadn’t given up at all and was wandering outside the Kunlun Origin Court.

“What on Earth attracted him?” Zhou Xuanji wondered. There must be a reason for the Holy Ghost to be so relentless.

Could it be because of my eyes?

Besides this, he couldn’t think of any other reason.

As for Wei Yi, that guy was almost scared to death. It was impossible for him to hide something wanted by the Holy Ghost.

Very soon, he withdrew his gaze and continued to cultivate.

In any case, the Holy Ghost couldn’t get in. He could just let him wait outside.

At the same time…

The news of Zhou Xuanji of Evil Sky Divine Range annihilating the Mortal Divine Range’s universe quickly spread.

This incident soon made everyone aware of the fact that Zhou Xuanji had a pair of Exterminating Divine Eyes.

“Zhou Xuanji has already become so strong!?”

“With his eighteen-star aptitude, he can now steamroll the Nine Vast Heavens cultivators!”

“No wonder Beast Sovereign was so biased to him. If I had such a genius under me, I too would not spare any effort to cultivate him.”

“Now, are the Evil Sky and Mortal Divine Range going to start fighting to the end?”

“Mortal Divine Range is one of the Sovereign Divine Ranges. Has Zhou Xuanji lost his mind?”

Every Origin City was discussing this matter. In their opinion, Zhou Xuanji had grown a little arrogant. He was even antagonizing the Mortal Divine Range.

Even though the Super Divine Ranges were great, there was still a big gap between Sovereign Divine Ranges and them.

No one knew who leaked this news: Was it the Evil Sky Divine Range or the Mortal Divine Range.

Very soon, the Kunlun Origin Court rose to much discussion.

In just five days…

Chang Xiyan came to Zhou Xuanji and said, “Lord Wei Yi has sent a message to tell you not to go out recently. The Mortal Divine Range will be calculating about you.”

As always, her eyes were filled with worship.

She too had witnessed Zhou Xuanji’s growth with her own eyes. Now, she felt that she too wasn’t Zhou Xuanji’s opponent.

Especially when facing the Exterminating Divine Eyes.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and asked, “Has anything happened in the Kunlun Origin Court recently?”

He had used Ten Thousand Worlds Piercer to observe around and found that more and more creatures were returning to the Kunlun Origin Court recently. He felt that something big had happened outside, which was why everyone was fleeing to refuge.

“Apart from the matter between the Mortal Divine Range and you, I heard that Super Divine Ranges had started to fight outside the Kunlun Origin Court. Many universes had been destroyed,” Chang Xiyan replied with a worried look on her face.

The world was wrought with trouble. It wasn’t good news.

She had lived for so long but she had rarely seen Super Divine Ranges shed all pretenses of cordiality.

Generally, all of them secretly hated and played tricks upon each other.

Now, a battle of words between the Evil Sky Divine Range and the Mortal Divine Range had spread over to various Origin Cities.

Even the Emperor Divine Range seemed to be trying to meddle in it.

“Really, Origin Court hasn’t made any move?” Zhou Xuanji inquired. Most of the power of the Kunlun Origin Court was concentrated in the hands of the Origin Court. They ruled all the Divine Ranges and various Origin Cities. Even the Vocation Palaces were under their direct control.

In light of this, how could a single Divine Range dominate everything?

Chang Xiyan pondered for a moment and replied, “They are trying! Origin Court War God has been visiting various Super and Sovereign Divine Ranges. However, there had been many Void Boundary Emperors and War Gods quitting their posts, including some other positions that needed one to remain outside.”

Zhou Xuanji couldn’t help but narrow his eyes upon hearing this.

What’s going on?

He then made Chang Xiyan leave before opening his Exterminating Divine Eyes and using the Ten Thousand Worlds Piercer to look at the situation.

The Holy Ghost was still there. It was very active. It was traveling between the creatures and drawing a wisp of green smoke-like thing from them.

Zhou Xuanji furrowed his brow.

Because he noticed that the Holy Ghost was getting stronger.

“This guy won’t be able to come in, can it?” Zhou Xuanji frowned as he noticed that the Holy Ghost was getting closer and closer to the Kunlun Origin Court. A few days ago, it didn’t dare to be this close.

However, he had no choice but to helplessly watch.

Over the next few days, something appalling occured in the Kunlun Origin Court.

Many creatures in the Kunlun Origin Court had died violently.

They all died in many strange ways. Some people were bedeviled during cultivation. Some suddenly slipped while shopping on the streets of the Origin Cities, falling to their deaths on the spot. Some choked to death while drinking wine, and so on and so forth.

This was Kunlun Origin Court!

How could somebody slip to their deaths while walking!?

How could somebody choke to their deaths while drinking wine?

At first, everyone treated it as a joke when they heard it but as more and more incidents happened, panic slowly began to spread.

The Divine Ranges gathered together to discuss this matter.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t manage it. He believed that Wei Yi had already informed Beast Sovereign. And since Beast Sovereign hadn’t called him, he must have some other arrangements.

In a dark gray universe filled with meteorites, Zhou Fa was sitting on a meteorite, cultivating.

Suddenly, a burly figure flew out from the darkness behind him.

It was Old Demon Soulmover!

In front of Old Demon Soulmover, Zhou Fa was like a grain of sand, insignificantly small.

Old Demon Soulmover gazed down on his back and asked, “When will we act? Do you want me to wait until you have become invincible to make a move?”

Zhou Fa opened his eyes and looked back at him, shrugging his shoulder and sighing.

“What do you want to say?” Old Demon Soulmover snorted and said, a little impatient.

He was persuaded by Zhou Fa. He had imagined that they would be attacking the Kunlun Origin Court but that didn’t happen. On the contrary, they were just hiding here, waiting for the right time. This made him feel like he was being teased.

Zhou Fa calmly said, “You think that it’s that easy to attack the Kunlun Origin Court? I already have a plan. You just need to wait.”

Old Demon Soul Mover frowned and asked, “What’s the plan? If you want me to cooperate with you, you will have to tell me!”

His voice was hoarse and filled with dissatisfaction.

He didn’t want to be Zhou Fa’s errand boy.

They should have an equally cooperating relationship, even if he was higher than Zhou Fa.

And by knowing about the plan and its implementation, it could show his status.

“You know about the Holy Ghost, right? I deliberately made the Evil Sky Divine Range attack the Mortal Divine Range universe that was imprisoning the Holy Ghost. Now that the Holy Ghost is out, the Kunlun Origin Court will be plunged into chaos,” Zhou Fa explained with a smile. He looked as if his plans had succeeded.

Holy Ghost!

Old Demon Soulmover’s face drastically changed as he looked at Zhou Fa with fear.

This Kid is totally crazy!

He even dared to let Holy Ghost out!

Old Demon Soul Mover took a deep breath and tried to calm his mood.

Zhou Fa continued to laugh and said, “The Holy Ghost can make all the Sovereign Divine Ranges fight with each other. At that time, the Super Divine Ranges will only be cannon fodder. The Origin Court will not be able to deal with it. We will take advantage of this chaos and occupy the Void Boundary Palace. Then, we will try to destroy the Origin Court.”