I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 743 - – An Existence That Should Never Be Provoked

The evil spirit wasn’t scared by Wei Yi. It was still hovering thousands of miles away in a hidden form that was difficult to capture with the naked eye or divine will.

It was just watching Zhou Xuanji and Wei Yi calmly. It didn’t speak a single word in response. It just snickered.

Had Zhou Xuanji hadn’t learned the Ten Thousand Worlds Piercer, perhaps he wouldn’t have noticed its existence at all.

Wei Yi’s gaze kept sweeping through the universe.

As he didn’t have the Exterminating Divine Eyes, he was unable to perceive the opposite party’s existence.

The evil spirit began to approach them. Its skin was very dark and it had very sparse hair. As it quietly approached, it also began to rub its hands in anticipation.

Its evil smile was enough to make any children cry.

Zhou Xuanji immediately used the Exterminating Divine Light, enveloping it inside.

The evil spirit eyes widened in shock. It tried to move but couldn’t.

Wei Yi looked over but he still couldn’t see the evil spirit. However, he could see a human figure illuminated inside the Exterminating Divine Light.

“Goddammit, it’s the Holy Ghost!” Wei Yi’s expression changed drastically as he cried in horror.

He immediately waved his hand, pulling Zhou Xuanji away with him.

The two entered the space-time tunnel, traveling at full speed.

Zhou Xuanji doubtfully asked, “Why’re we escaping? I can kill him.”

Wei Yi shook his head and explained, “That’s the Holy Ghost. It can’t be killed. It can resurrect. And as long as you kill it once, you will be haunted by bad luck. And if you kill him a few more times, you might die on the spot.”

Zhou Xuanji furrowed his brow.

Is such a thing possible?

It seems I should spend some time in the History Tower.

I guess the endless and untold universes are hiding too many unknowns.

Zhou Xuanji asked Wei Yi about the origin of the Holy Ghost.

“According to the rumors, the Holy Ghost is connected to a certain Sovereign. It died very resentfully. Even when It was resurrected by the Sovereign, it still bore resentment and turned into the Holy Ghost. It cursed everyone and everything in the Kunlun Origin Court. After countless years, this resentment had grown to an irresolvable level. Even if the present Sovereign encounters it, he too would have to retreat,” Wei Yi introduced. His tone was filled with fear.

It was the first time Zhou Xuanji saw him so panicked.

“The Holy Ghost isn’t that strong. It’s only at the level of a Dao Ancestor. But his resentment is too deep. No matter who is targeted by it, as long as one is touched by it, it will be a nightmare.”

Speaking of this, Wei Yi shivered as his hair stood on end.

He subconsciously looked back, fearing that the Holy Ghost was still chasing after them.

Zhou Xuanji too turned his head to look, using the Ten Thousand Worlds Piercer.

He immediately furrowed his brow as he saw the Holy Ghost still chasing after them.

Although the Holy Ghost couldn’t keep up with them with its speed, it was still hot on their tail. It wasn’t falling behind.

He promptly informed Wei Yi about this.

Wei Yi trembled in fright upon hearing this.

“It’s over… it’s over… it’s targeting us…”

His face grew pale. He might have lived for countless years, but compared to the age of the Holy Ghost, it was nothing.

He began to accelerate, making a beeline toward the Kunlun Origin Court with all his strength.

Along the way, Wei Yi would keep telling Zhou Xuanji about the horrors of the Holy Ghost.

After the Kunlun Origin Court, the most terrifying thing was this Holy Ghost.

It couldn’t be killed or destroyed. Whoever touched it would die.

Since ancient times, no matter how strong one was, he or she would die for sure after encountering the Holy Ghost.

Unless one reached the Sovereign Realm, even a Sovereign didn’t want to run into the Holy Ghost as it could bring harm to the Sovereign’s cultivation.

“Since it’s so strong, is there a point in running to the Kunlun Origin Court?” asked Zhou Xuanji. They were quite close to the Kunlun Origin Court already. But the Holy Ghost wasn’t stopping. It looked like it would keep chasing them to the world’s end.

Wei Yi pondered and said, “It should! I am not clear but now, all we can do is run to Kunlun Origin Court.”

Except for the Kunlun Origin Court, one would be chased by the Holy Ghost no matter where one hid.

His fear of Holy Ghost was beyond Zhou Xuanji’s understand.

After all, he couldn’t see the Holy Ghost but knew that such a terrifying existence was chasing after them. How could he not panic.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly had a bold idea.

He sunk into his thoughts. But he didn’t voice out what was in his mind.

An hour later…

They finally returned to the Kunlun Origin Court and returned to the Evil Sky Divine Range.

Zhou Xuanji looked back. The Holy Ghost had stopped right outside the Kunlun Origin Court, lingering about.

Apparently, the Kunlun Origin Court had a certain power that prevented the Holy Ghost from entering.

He immediately told Wei Yi about this. And Wei Yi was finally relieved.

When they encountered the Holy Ghost, Wei Yi had lost all the demeanor of a powerful expert. Zhou Xuanji found this very funny. At the same time, he found it strange as well.

~Does the appearance of the Holy Ghost has something to do with Zhou Fa or Mortal Divine Range?~

Wei Yi chatted with Zhou Xuanji a little before he left in a hurry.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t go to Beast Sovereign and returned straight to the Pure Sword Heaven.

As always, the Pure Sword Heaven was calm and yet wasn’t, noisy yet wasn’t.

He went to see Zhou Tanhua first.

Even though Zhou Tanhua had just been born, he had already learned to fly by himself. He kept chasing after Zhou Xiaoxuan over the mountains wearing a belly-band and a naked butt.

Zhou Xuanji laughed at the sight of this.

~Is this girl using her brother as a toy?~

After having confirmed that the siblings were fine, Zhou Xuanji came to Jiang Xue’s house.

Jiang Xue, who was cultivating on the bed, opened her eyes the moment she noticed his aura and said, “Welcome back.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and sat next to her, recounting his experience over this trup.

Jiang Xue furrowed her brow and asked worriedly, “Zhou Fa wouldn’t happen to be related to destiny, is he?”

She had a shadow of fear towards destiny, she was afraid that destiny would trouble Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and said, “It shouldn’t be. He might have been speaking the truth, which means that the Kunlun Origin Court would soon be in a great turmoil.”

With the Sovereign not present, the Divine Ranges would surely create chaos.

Maybe the Kunlun Origin Court would turn into a battlefield.

“If a war really started, what do you plan to do? Are you going to support the Evil Sky Divine Range or rise up in chaos?” asked Jiang Xue curiously. She wasn’t worried about the Divine Ranges of the Kunlun Origin Court.

She believed that Zhou Xuanji could rise no matter how bad the environment was.

This had always been the case.

Zhou Xuanji replied, “I will support the Evil Sky Divine Range. I must repay the kindness. However, not that much. You and Emperor Sword Court are the most important.”

Jiang Xue nodded. Afterward, Zhou Xuanji began to help her in cultivation.

On the other side…

In the Sovereign Palace…

Wei Yi informed Beast Sovereign about what he had seen and heard during this trip.

First he told him about the Sovereign’s successor, and then about the Holy Ghost. Beast Sovereign was greatly shaken up. He immediately fell into silence, pondering.

After a long time…

Beast Sovereign said, “You can’t leak a word about this, do you understand?”

Wei Yi took a deep breath and nodded in agreement.

He hesitated for a moment and asked, “We should continue pursuing the Black Sword Court. We can use Zhou Fa’s ability for us. It’s best to catch him as soon as possible, let him predict the future for us.”

Beast Sovereign furrowed his brow. He was very resistant to the future mentioned by Zhou Fa.

Obviously, he believed Zhou Fa after hearing what Wei Yi said.

“Let’s talk about it after catching him. Even after so long, we have no idea where the Black Sword Court is. What should this Sovereign use to catch him?” rebuked Beast Sovereign, dissatisfied.

Wei Yi immediately bowed his head in shame. He had no answer for this.

Seeing his appearance, Beast Sovereign grew even angrier.

“Get out, go and invite the Origin Court War God. And at the same time, make him wear the Blood Eye Divine Stone,” said Beast Sovereign, waving his hand. He looked impatient.