I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 742 - A Gaze to Destroy the Universe

Wei Yi furrowed his brow. He was lost in his thoughts.

Obviously, he was moved by Zhou Fa’s words. As he had been Beast Sovereign for quite a long while, he felt that Zhou Fa’s words might come true in the future.

Zhou Xuanji lifted the Suppressing the Universe divine ability as the space-time tunnel continued flowing.

He didn’t interrupt and let Zhou Fa and Wei Yi continue to talk.

He kept on observing Zhou Fa. Zhou Xuanji felt that Zhou Fa should not be lying.

Since I would die in the future, can I still be considered as the strongest genius?

And with this kind of future, he still wants to drag others in?

It’s too fake!

“Follow me, you and I will join forces to overthrow the Kunlun Origin Court. As for the Sovereign’s position, you and I can fight for it in the future. No matter who loses, he would be the first person under the Sovereign. What do you think?” proposed Zhou Fa, gazing at Wei Yi and emphasizing each word.

His tone was pretty serious and his eyes were filled with eagerness.

Wei Yi was very strong. He felt that he should not be any weaker than Old Demon Soulmover.

Of course, he wouldn’t be scared of Wei Yi if the Exterminating Divine Eyes weren’t here.

Wei Yi shook his head and said, “You are too weak. Although your divine abilities are secretive, you can’t withdraw before the Exterminating Divine Eyes. How can you ascend to the Sovereign’s position with your strength?”

He made no attempt to hide his sarcasm.

Zhou Fa narrowed his eyes and smiled but didn’t say anything back.

He looked to Zhou Xuanji and asked, “Are you letting me go?”

Before Zhou Xuanji could answer, Wei Yi took the lead and said with a smile, “It’s our goal to destroy Black Sword Court as well, do you think you can leave?”

“He is letting you go, but I am not. You will either die or surrender to us.”

Wei Yi appeared behind Zhou Fa out of thin air and put his right hand on his shoulder. His tone was filled with murderous intent.

But Zhou Fa didn’t panic; rather, he gave a weird smile.

Right then, he suddenly disappeared.

Wei Yi’s right hand fell down with his disappearance. He looked a little surprised.

“Evil Sky Divine Vein must be destroyed. Zhou Xuanji, you may not believe it now. Sooner or later, you will surrender to me. Your talent should not be buried in the pedantic Kunlun Origin Court. You should become my sword and create a whole new era,” Zhou Fa broke into a crazed laughter.

Zhou Xuanji immediately used the Ten Thousand Worlds Piercer to track Zhou Fa.

Very soon, he locked on to Zhou Fa.

Zhou Fa was extremely fast. He could freely shuttle through time and space.

Zhou Fa promptly noticed his gaze. His hair immediately stood erect.

“Impossible…” Zhou Fa’s eyes bulged wide in shock. He immediately accelerated, quickly disappearing to the other end of the universe.

Zhou Xuanji furrowed his brow. He was feeling a little unhappy about letting him go.

Wei Yi shook his head and said, “If what he said is true, then Kunlun Origin Court’s ownership is really going to be subverted.”

Sovereign wasn’t here, and the last Sovereign’s successor made it his mission to subvert the Kunlun Origin Court. It was simply going to fall apart.

The most terrifying thing was that Zhou Fa could predict the future.

Wouldn’t that mean that he was completely invincible?

Unless he was negligent.

Zhou Xuanji suggested, “Let’s continue with our journey to the target universe.”

Zhou Fa had already escaped. And since, they couldn’t catch up with him, Zhou Xuanji didn’t bother to waste any more thoughts on him, not to add any more troubles to his brain.

As for the so-called foreseeing the future, he didn’t care about it much.

Instead of worrying, he would rather focus on getting stronger.

Ten millennia later, if used the Wish-Fulfilling Sword, he could change the future again!

Wei Yi continued leading him but he looked disinterested. Obviously, he was still thinking about Zhou Fa.

After three days or so, they finally arrived at their destination.

It took so much time because Wei Yi was matching his speed with Zhou Xuanji’s.

This universe was full of Spiritual Qi and all kinds of Great Dao. It was seething with Dao Energy.

As soon as he entered this universe, Zhou Xuanji felt like he had returned to Pure Sword Heaven.


Wei Yi opened his mouth to tell Zhou Xuanji what to do.

A deafening explosion suddenly rang!

Two beams of purple light had suddenly shot out from Zhou Xuanji’s eyes, shooting toward the front.

Exterminating Divine Light!

The two purple beams pierced through the universe without any obstructions.

The creatures living on the stars and continents were all rooted in place by the purple light as if everything was still at this moment.

The Soul Source Orb immediately emerged on Zhou Xuanji’s glabella as the Soul Source Orb burst with terrifying energy. The still universe instantly collapsed. Everything shattered like a mirror.

Endless darkness immediately swallowed the universe from all directions.

The universe collapsed!

With just a gaze, Zhou Xuanji had wiped out a universe that was far bigger than the Milky Way.

Wei Yi was stunned. He knew that Zhou Xuanji’s eyes were extremely powerful but he had never expected them to be this strong.

“The look in his eyes is… just like his…” Wei Yi stood in a daze as a domineering figure emerged in his mind.

At this time, a group of figures exuding powerful auras flew over from all directions.

All of them were existences beyond Dao Ancestor!

“Who dared to destroy my universe!” an angry roar immediately shook the dark void.

Zhou Xuanji turned his head to look and saw dozens of sun-like figures rushing towards them. The light radiating from their bodies flooded the surroundings like the rays from the sun.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t panic; rather, he once again used the Exterminating Divine Eyes.

Two purple beams of light clashed with the oncoming sunlight head-on, extinguishing the flooding sunlight.


The powerful Exterminating Divine Light wiped the figures from the face of this world, one after another. Even someone as strong as a Nine Vast Heavens cultivator couldn’t stand a blow of the Exterminating Divine Eyes.


“Exterminating Divine Eyes! One of the five legendary Ultimate Eyes!”

“Haven’t the five Ultimate Gods already fallen?”


“Who is targeting us?”

The surviving experts cried in horror as they quickly fled.

Wei Yi didn’t stop them and marveled, “With these eyes alone, you can be ranked among the first-class experts. Your growth rate is so amazing. Even those reincarnated experts are far inferior to you.”

“But these eyes consume too much physical and mental energy. Use them with caution.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded with a smile. But in his heart, he didn’t agree with him.

His Exterminating Divine Eyes had already evolved to the most perfect state. What’s perfect?

How could it be perfect if it caused too much of a burden?

He could clearly feel the endless energy of the Exterminating Divine Eyes. Every time he squandered it, he didn’t feel exhausted. On the contrary, he felt refreshed.

And that endless feeling didn’t diminish.

“The mission is complete. You can go back,” Wei Yi said with a smile. He looked relaxed but he still couldn’t forget Zhou Fa’s prediction.

The two turned and flew toward the Kunlun Origin Court.

Zhou Xuanji was still thinking about the power of the Exterminating Divine Eyes.

At the same time, he was thinking about how to integrate the Exterminating Divine Eyes with his Sword Dao.

This powerful energy can’t just be used to open the eyes. If I can use it on my Sword Dao, my strength would skyrocket.

He seemed to have caught on to something.

But when he gave it a thought, he couldn’t grasp it.

The two remained silent along their way back.

The two were immersed in their own thoughts and didn’t communicate.

Half a day later…

Wei Yi suddenly stopped and so did Zhou Xuanji, looking at Wei Yi doubtfully.

“Come out, how long are you planning to stay with us?” Wei Yi calmly said. This was a very ordinary universe with a wide field of vision. No creature was in sight.

Zhou Xuanji immediately used his Ten Thousand Worlds Piercer divine ability and quickly locked on to the opponent.

The opposite party looked something like an evil spirit. He was wearing a black robe and his skin was dry. His eyes seemed as if they could fall down any moment. He was greedily looking at Zhou Xuanji and Wei Yi and licked his lips as he smiled gloomily.