I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 740 - Mortal Divine Range

In the end, Xian Xianghua named her son Zhou Tanhua.


This is the name for the son!?

Zhou Xuanji wanted to complain but seeing Xian Xianghua so excited, he couldn’t refuse.

More importantly, Jiang Xue was also okay with it.

Although Hua (flower) was very feminine, Epiphyllum was the flower of hell. It was very imposing.

In regards to the thoughts of the two, Zhou Xuanji could only stand in silent tribute for his son.

“Forget it, if he doesn’t like it, he can change his name,” Zhou Xuanji shook his head and laughed. He then took his son out of the house.

Zhou Tanhua’s vitality was very strong. He had absorbed God knows how many nutrients in Xian Xianghua’s belly. He would be fine for a while even if he was hungry.

After today, Pure Sword Heaven welcomed a young master.

Zhou Xiaoxuan was the most excited. She liked her younger brother very much. So, Zhou Xuanji handed Zhou Tianhua to her and let her hold him.

Meanwhile, Zhou Xuanji returned to Xian Xianghua’s side and passed her the divine abilities he had just learned.

Xian Xianghua was very excited for this.

She had never come in contact with divine abilities like these, and being able to become stronger was definitely the happiest thing for her.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t ignore Jiang Xue. He helped her in cultivation too.

Jiang Xue might not have Exterminating Divine Eyes but with Zhou Xuanji’s help, he cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds.

She had already begun to try to break through to the Dao-Treading Saint Realm.

Pure Sword Heaven returned to peace again.

Zhou Xiaoxuan took around Zhou Tianhua to play. This kid might have been just born, but his vitality was as strong as lion and tiger. He could already fly independently.

His strength was extremely terrifying. Oridinay Univery Heaven experts might not be able to withstand the pressure emanating from him.

He was even more exaggerated than Nezha.

Fortunately, he wasn’t as violent as Nezha.

In the blink of an eye, half a year had gone by.

Suddenly, Beast Sovereign summoned him to the Sovereign palace.

When he arrived at the Sovereign Palace, Zhou Xuanji saw another person apart from Beast Sovereign.

This man was wearing a black robe with a purple pattern. He was wearing a dragon crown on his head. He looked quite beautiful and elegant for a man. Even his temperament oozed elegance rather than majesty.

Zhou Xuanji recognized him. He was Wei Yi. His cultivation was over Nine Vast Heavens and was one of the men in power in the Evil Sky Divine Range.

Wei Yi nodded to Zhou Xuanji with a slight smile hanging on his lips whereas Zhou Xuanji nodded in response as a sign of courtesy.

“I called you today to give you a mission. You will go with Wei Yi to a universe. The universe is controlled by a Sovereign Divine Range. Your goal is to destroy that universe,” ordered Beast Sovereign, starting at Zhou Xuanji. His eyes were filled with expectations.

So, the sword is finally going to be taken out of the sheath!

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes.

Sovereign Divine Range!?

Has Evil Sky Divine Range gone crazy?

Why are they antagonizing the top ten Divine Ranges?

Although he was puzzled, more than that, he felt anticipation for it. He also wanted to try his strength.

“Wei Yi, during this mission, you can’t stop him from taking any action. Do you understand?” Beast Sovereign gazed at Wei Yi and meaningfully said.

Wei Yi smiled and nodded, understanding what he meant.

Even though Zhou Xuanji could not be prevented from taking any action, Zhou Xuanji’s life must be protected.

Otherwise, Beast Sovereign would not ask him to assist.

“Well, you can set off now!”

With a wave of Beast Sovereign’s hand, Wei Yi and Zhou Xuanji immediately disappeared.

Immediately afterward, they appeared in a space and time tunnel.

They talked as they went forward.

What they talked about was the history between the Evil Sky Divine Range and this Sovereign Divine Range.

The name of this Sovereign Divine Range was Mortal Divine Range.

Mortal Divine Range was an ancient Divine Range that created Mortal Qi.

Their ancestor was one of the Ancestor Gods who created the principles. He established the existence of Mortal Qi. After countless years, Mortal Qi had covered all living beings and had become one of the high-level principles, relating to all living beings.

Because of this great contribution, the Sovereigns of every era would not embarrass the Mortal Divine Range.

Because of this the Mortal Divine Range had grown extremely arrogant and would bully creatures everywhere.

They robbed this universe and cultivated the geniuses who didn’t belong to Kunlun Origin Court. They wanted to establish a power outside Kunlun Origin Court, but not with good intentions.

“Sovereign doesn’t care about these things?” Zhou Xuanji curiously asked. He had a strange look on his face.

No matter how many accidents the Kunlun Origin Court had encountered recently, the Sovereign had never appeared.

Wei Yi shook his head and said, “I don’t know but I have heard a rumor.”

He paused and said, creating an air of a mystery, “Sovereign might have fallen or left. The flock of Kunlun Origin Court’s dragons has no head. Therefore, the Divine Ranges had been getting more and more restless.”

Sovereign has fallen!?

Zhou Xuanji furrowed his brow. His first reaction was that he didn’t believe it.

“If he is no longer here, can the Kunlun Origin Court remain stable?” He doubtfully asked. The current Kunlun Origin Court was still very stable. At least there were no internal disputes.

Any conflict was resolved outside the Kunlun Origin Court.

Wei Yi replied, smiling, “Sovereign’s men are still very loyal to him, especially the Origin Court War God. When he falls, the Kunlun Origin Court will really be in chaos. He has a very good relationship with the Sovereign. The reason why Sovereign wants to make a move on the Mortal Divine Range is for his sake.”

“The Mortal Divine Range believes that someone else should sit in the position of the Origin Court War God. Beast Sovereign is risking everything to fight the Mortal Diving Range because they are oppressing Origin Court War God.”

Zhou Xuanji was suddenly struck with realization.

He had already guessed that there was friendship between the Origin Court War God and Beast Sovereign.

So it turned out to be true!

Just as the two were chatting, a frantic laughter came from the front, “Zhou Xuanji, finally, you are not hiding in your shell. Today, you can forget about escaping!”

Zhou Fa!

Zhou Xuanji and Wei immediately stopped.

They didn’t panic; rather, a playful expression appeared on their faces.

Zhou Fa slowly came over with an old man in gray, treading the void. He looked very excited as if he saw his prey.

“Follow me! Leave the Kunlun Origin Court; you are not my opponent!” Zhou Fa said with a contemptuous smile. He glanced at Wei Yi before attacking no importance to Wei Yi at all.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes burst with a bright glare as the fluctuating space-time channel instantly came to a stand still.

Zhou Fa’s expression changed. He was shocked to find that he couldn’t anymore.

The gray-robed old man next to him was also scared.

“What’s going on… that’s… Exterminating Divine Eyes!” the old man in gray’s eyes bulged wide as he stared at Zhou Xuanji in terror.

Wei Yi turned his gaze to Zhou Xuanji, looking at him with expectations.

Everything and everyone had come to stand still. Only Zhou Xuanji could move.

He walked over to Zhou Fa and took out the Proud Mortal Divine Sword, resting its tip on Zhou Fa. He then asked, “Now, can you still escape?”

Zhou Fa broke into cold sweat. He stuttered in a trembling voice, “Exterminating Divine Eyes… How can you be so fast…”

He desperately tried to use his divine abilities but found that he couldn’t break free.

An unimaginable force had confined the time and space.

In Zhou Xuanji’s eyes, he was like an insect that could be pinched to death at any moment.

“Before you die, tell me about where you came from,” Zhou Xuanji asked with indifferent eyes.

Controlling the Exterminating Divine Eyes’ terrifying power, he felt that he could make Zhou Fa die with a single flash of thought.

No wonder Beast Sovereign said that he could sweep through Nine Vast Heavens cultivation.

Zhou Xuanji was pleasantly surprised by the Exterminating Divine Eyes’ terrifying might.

Zhou Fa gritted his teeth and said, “If I tell you, will you let me go?”


Zhou Xuanji pierce the sword into his throat but he didn’t pierce through. He just pushed the sword three centimeters in.