I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 74 - Jade Blood Lotus, Twelve Years Old

Chapter 74 - Jade Blood Lotus, Twelve Years Old


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The distance between Swordsman City and Immortal Sundering Mountain was close to around 10,000 miles. Zhou Xuanji and the rest took about half a month to arrive.

As they looked at the undulating mountain and thick forest ahead, the little black snake sighed, saying, “Back then, I concentrated full-on training for 200 years here, then I was found by the kid, Li Chimei. Since then, I followed him onto a crooked path and ended up like this.”

No one care about him. They continued ahead.

”This place is rich with Spiritual Qi indeed. There must be many demons inside as well?” Zhou Xuanji said with amazement.

Zhao Congjian nodded and said, “The Immortal Sundering Mountain was one of the highest mountains in within Great ZHou’s border. It had many spots that were hardly known by people. Naturally, countless demons reside within it.”

”Why are there so many demons?” Little Jiang Xue asked curiously, “Could it be that many Demon Kings are hiding inside? And Great Zhou could not do anything about them?”

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes at her. “It was to farm them, of course. To humans, demons are full of treasures.”

The group chatted as they walked toward the mountainous forest.

Immortal Sundering Mountain was thick with vegetation. It was filled with enjoyable bird chirps and the fragrance of flowers. The Three-Eyed Drought Rodent was very excited and ran ahead of them, dragging along the little black snake.

Ah Big and Small Er followed closely behind. As they dashed ahead with their massive bodies, they swept up waves of dust. The trees along their path were all tilted to the side.

”Follow them. There could be treasures.”

Zhou Xuanji instructed Beixiao Wangjian, and the sword slave immediately went chasing after them.

The Three-Eyed Drought Rodent could identify all treasures in the world. Previously, it frequently found many treasures for Zhou Xuanji, but most of them were Spirit Stones, or Spirit Grass or Fruits.

Zhou Xuanji, Little Jiang Xue, Huang Lianxin, and Zhao Congjian strolled ahead instead.

Along the way, Zhao Congjian began asking about the difficulties in training Vibrant Raindrops Sword.

Zhou Xuanji had already realized its sword will and mastered the Vibrant Raindrops Sword. He resolved Zhao Congjian’s confusion in a few sentences.

At this point in time, Zhao Congjian was in total submission.

Since he followed Zhou Xuanji, he continued to improve in his Sword’s Way.

But he wanted to learn Dual Sword Will the most.

Before he could teach Beixiao Wangjian to attain Great Accomplishment in his sword technique, he did not have the face to raise such a request.

After an hour.

Under the lead of Ah Big and Small Er, they found Beixiao Wangjian and the Three-eyed Drought Rodent.

This was a cave, situated at the mountain foot. It was covered by bushes, and they could not see the end of it.

Beixiao Wangjian stood at the entrance and said, “I have cleared the demons inside. Go down and take a look?”

Zhou Xuanji nodded before taking Little Jiang Xue’s hands and entered the cave. Zhao Congjian and Huang Lianxin followed closely behind. Ah Big and Small Er could only wait outside because of their gigantic bodies.

The cave extended downward, and the cave walls appeared to be wet. After walking down for about 50 meters, they saw a very large subterranean void. The walls were inlaid with all kinds of jewels, which lit up the cave with their radiance.

Not far from them laid four demon corpses that looked like crocodiles that were covered with blood.

Zhou Xuanji saw a lake in front. At the center of the lake, a Blood Lotus stood with a soft radiance. He immediately knew that it was something extraordinary.

”Jade Blood Immortal. This is something really good. It can strengthen your Blood Qi. If I consume it, my cultivation can recover to the second rank, then I can help you guys. ”

The little black snake laid on Zhou Xuanji’s shoulders and said eagerly.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “Zhao Congjian, get it for me.”

”Yes, master!”

Zhao Congjian immediately went ahead, and the little black snake was exhilarated.

I’m going to become stronger!

Finally, I don’t have to be suppressed by this smelly rat!

”Are there any hidden dangers here?”

Zhou Xuanji asked Huang Lianxin. Her penetrative sight had been evolving. Not only could she see through human bodies, but she could also see through mountains, mudded rivers, as well as vegetations.

Zhao Congjian suspected that her eyes had a certain bloodline, but it was a pity that Huang Lianxin was not sure herself.

Her eyes shone with a peculiar light. She swept around and shook her head, saying, “Nothing dangerous.”

Little Jiang Xue heard her, and only then did she feel relieved to walk toward a beautiful sapphire.

Zhao Congjian quickly picked up the Blood Lotus and brought it to Zhou Xuanji.

The lotus was giant and had eight petals, each was as big as a human palm.

Zhou Xuanji took over the lotus and asked the little black snake, “Eat it raw?”

The snake nodded excitedly, saying, “My body is small. I have to eat it slowly.”


Zhou Xuanji slapped it, sending it flying away long with the Three-Eyed Drought Rodent.

He took a petal and began chewing. In an instant, he felt a source of heat flowing down along his throat, traveling freely in his vital channels.

He immediately sat down and began channeling his energy.

The little black snake hit the ground in confusion and cried furiously, “I… will never forgive you…”

In response, it received the Three-Eyed Drought Rodent’s butt.

Zhou Xuanji channeled his Sword Qi Golden Body Incantation and cultivated on his own, while the rest began digging the Spirit Stone crystals on the cave wall.

After they collected all of them, Zhou Xuanji was still not done. So, they decided to temporarily stay here.

Beixiao Wangjian and Zhao Congjian walked out of the cave and found an empty space to continue training their sword techniques.

In the blink of an eye, seven days passed.

Zhou Xuanji ate two Blood Lotus petals and finally broke through to the fourth level of Enlightening. His Sword Qi Golden Body Incantation had also reached the third level, Sword Qi Soar.

Previously, he was already partially into Sword Qi Soar, but this time, he totally entered it. The spirit energy in his body was boosted tremendously.

The so-called Sword Qi Soar was to take the pores on one’s skin as the channel for Sword Qi to burst out. If the enemy stood closely, he would be dashed into pieces by Sword Qi and die immediately.

After he broke through to Sword Qi Soar, Zhou Xuanji felt very pleasant. He distributed two Blood Lotus petals to Little Jiang Xue, while Beixiao Wangjian, Huang Lianxin, and Zhao Congjian received one each. He had one left and gave half of it to the Three-Eyed Drought Rodent.

The other half, he kept for himself.

Little Jiang Xue suggested giving one of her petals to Ah Big and Small Er to share. Although Zhou Xuanji was against the idea, he could not be firm before her demanding and cajoling.

After that, everyone packed their things and continued their journey.

They planned to go deep into the Immortal Sundering Mountain. The deeper they went, the richer the Spiritual Qi was.

Only after a month did they stop.

During this period, they met with many demons every day. Sometimes, they even met with cultivators, but they did not socialize.

The place they chose to settle down was at a mountain top. There was an old tree that was almost 30 meters tall. It took eight adult men to hug the tree trunk fully.

The cliff was over 300 meters high, and below it was a forest whose borders one could not see. One could see very far ahead from this place.

Now, Zhou Xuanji began to cultivate ceaselessly. Not only did he internalize Qi, but he also used Spirit Stones and Spirit Pills.

Three months later.

He forcefully broke through to Enlightening Level Five. Little Jiang Xue and Huang Lianxin had also reached Foundation Building Level Six.

After another few months.

Zhou Xuanji continued to breakthrough and reached Enlightening Level Six.

Under the guidance of Zhao Congjian, Beixiao Wangjian had attained Small Accomplishment on the sword technique he was learning. It took a lot of time and effort because it was a Black Grade Advanced Tier sword technique, after all.

Zhao Congjian’s Vibrant Raindrops Sword had attained Small Accomplishment too. He trained his sword technique during the day and occasionally gave Beixiao Wangjian some pointers, while at night he internalized Qi for cultivation.

The rest did so too. They trained on spells and sword techniques during the day and internalized Qi at night.

All except Zhou Xuanji, who internalized Qi all day and night. He even sat for seven days and seven nights without moving.

This day.

The Sword Spirit’s voice sounded in Zhou Xuanji’s mind, “Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached 12 years old. Gacha started!”

”Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner has obtained…”