I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 739 - Birth of the Son

Beast Sovereign, with a wave of his hand, teleported with Zhou Xuanji to a bright palace with countless balls of light floating in the air.

Each and every ball of light had a blue book inside, which happened to be the divine abilities, exercises, and techniques of the Evil Sky Divine Range.

The palace was so vast that there was no end to it, or at least Zhou Xuanji couldn’t find it when he gazed around.

Looking at the dazzling array of divine abilities books, Zhou Xuanji had an urge to take all of them.

Beast Sovereign waved his hand as three divine abilities book flew to the front of Zhou Xuanji.

“Learn these first, okay!?”

Zhou Xuanji promptly swept the three books with his divine will.

Suppressing the Universe!

Underworld Divine Gaze!

Ten Thousand Worlds Piercer!

All three divine abilities required special eyes.

In the Kunlun Origin Court, there were many powerful bloodlines related to the eyes apart from the five Ultimate Eyes.

Not just eyes, but there were all kinds of bloodline inheritances related to senses, physique, soul, and so on and so forth. They were as numerous as the stars in the universe.

Suppressing the Universe was used to freeze a part of the universe with one’s eyes. It could make time and space stand still.

The Underworld Divine Gaze would suck away the target’s soul. It would destroy all the souls within one’s sight.

With Ten Thousand Worlds Piercer, one’s gaze could penetrate through the universe and track everything.

All three divine abilities were very profound. In the Evil Sky Divine Range, one needed to pay at least one billion merit points if they wanted to learn any of these.

In addition, countless resources related to them were needed to be consumed when learning them.

“These resources will be sent to Pure Sword Heaven. You have completely awakened the Exterminating Divine Eyes. You are no longer a fledgeling. Once you have mastered these three divine abilities, this Sovereign will let you out and show your power to the public,” Beast Sovereign stated with a smile. There was a look of anticipation on his face.

Zhou Xuanji nodded. He too wanted to test his current strength.

Beast Sovereign said that he could steamroll through the Nine Vast Heavens cultivators. He also had some confidence to do it.

Because the perfect Exterminating Divine Eyes were too strong!

It simply could be called unreasonable!

Next, Beast Sovereign sent Zhou Xuanji back to Pure Sword Heaven.

After returning to Pure Sword Heaven, Zhou Xuanji directly began to cultivate these divine abilities.

Seeing him being so diligent, Zhou Xiaoxuan was too embarrassed to disturb him. She was left with no choice but to chat with Xian Xianghua.

Amazingly, Zhou Xuanji had learned all three divine abilities in just a month.

When he used the Exterminating Divine Eyes, he could easily enter the right track of cultivation.

Zhou Xuanji was in a good mood after training them successfully. He then went to accompany Xian Xianghua again.

If Zhou Fa appeared again, he could forget about escaping from him!

“Recently, my eyes have been growing stronger. And its speed is simply over the top. This is very uncomfortable just like when I was pregnant,” Xian Xianghua complained, staring at him with a piercing gaze. But in her heart, she was feeling extremely happy.

Their eyes were connected.

The stronger her husband was, the stronger she would be.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and asked, “Isn’t that good news?”

Zhou Xuanji was also very happy to see Xian Xianghua’s condition improve.

“Since you are getting stronger, this kid should be about to be born soon,” Zhou Xuanji continued smiling as he said, gazing at Xian Xianghua’s belly.

It was slightly bulged. If she was dressed a bit loosely, no one would be able to tell that she was pregnant.

I hope that this kid can give me a pleasant surprise.

Since he is taking so much time to be born, he must be a protagonist, right?

Bah, I am the protagonist!

In the fog-filled world, Old Demon Soulmover fell asleep, guarding his mountain, snoring like thunder.

Suddenly, Zhou Fa appeared above him and shouted, gazing down on Old Demon Soulmover, “Old Demon Soulmover!”

This shout was sudden and resounded throughout the void.

Old Demon Soulmover trembled in fright before he raised his head, angrily looking at Zhou Fa.

“Smelly Kid, you dare to disturb this Old Demon’s cultivation!”

Old Demon Soulmover smacked toward Zhou Fa but Zhou Fa disappeared into thin air the next moment, making him just hit the air.

The next moment, Zhou Fa appeared in the distance.

He sneered and said, “Old Demon Soulmover, will you keep living so ignorantly like this. Don’t you want revenge?”

Old Demon Soulmover’s expression changed drastically upon hearing this.

His face turned hideous as he coldly said, “Who are you and what do you want?”

Zhou Fa smiled contemptuously, “Originally, you were a meritorious official of the Kunlun Origin Court and now, you have fallen to this point. Your enemy Daohu had been suppressed by the Origin Court already. As long as you cooperated with me, I will bring that Daohu to you and let you kill him. Not only that, I want to destroy the Evil Sky Divine Range. Just think, if you and I join hands, we can definitely uproot the Evil Sky Divine Range.”

Old Demon Soulmover sunk into his thoughts.

His expression kept changing as if he was having a fight between man and nature.

After a while…

Old Demon Soulmover asked, “Why do you want to destroy the Evil Sky Divine Range?”

His gaze was locked straight on Zhou Fa, as if he wanted to see through Zhou Fa’s heart.

“Because they don’t deserve to have Zhou Xuanji, the genius with the Exterminating Divine Eyes,” Zhou Fa said with a cold snort.

Old Demon Soulmover’s expression changed again upon hearing this.

Exterminating Divine Eyes!

The countless souls on the giant mountain let out ghastly cries and howls. It was extremely terrifying.

Old Demon Soulmover said aloud, emphasizing every word, “Alright! I’ll destroy the Evil Sky Divine Range!”

A weird smile appeared on Zhou Fa’s face. He didn’t immediately leave but waited for Old Demon Soulmover to calm down.

“Kunlun Origin Court will soon become chaotic. If the present Sovereign doesn’t do anything, the sages will fall. At that time, you and I will take advantage of the chaos to destroy the Evil Sky Divine Range. Don’t worry, a Sovereign Divine Range had already promised to help me,” Zhou Fa broke into laughter as he talked, stunning Old Demon Soulmover.

Sovereign Divine Range!

Old Demon Soulmover gazed deeply at Zhou Fa.

This Kid is really something.

After a year…

Xian Xianghua finally gave birth. Zhou Xuanji was waiting outside the house. Only Xian Xianghua and Jiang Xue were inside the house.

With her cultivation, she didn’t need a midwife at all. She could have children on her own.

Jiang Xue was accompanying her just to prevent some accident.

For instance…

If the child was accidentally choked to death.

“Uwaa…Uwaa…” loud cries spread from the house, spreading everywhere.

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow as he immediately appeared in the room.

Jiang Xue was holding the child while Xian Xianghua was sitting at the table, shaking the wine glass while checking the child in Jiang Xue’s arms with narrowed eyes.

If someone had no idea about the truth of the matter, they would think that Jiang Xue was the one who gave birth.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji appear, Jiang Xue smiled and said, “Look at this kid, he looks just like you. He looks a lot like Xiaoxuan when she was born.”

Zhou Xuanji took the child and looked carefully.

The child had a fair skin. His face wasn’t like he had just been born. It was very delicate.

At first glance, he looked like a little beauty.

“Hmm, as I have expected, he has indeed inherited the Exterminating Divine Eyes. No wonder he was tossing and turning so much,” Zhou Xuanji said, nodding with a smile. Both he and Xian Xianghua had Exterminating Divine Eyes. Their son would naturally be born with Exterminating Divine Eyes.

However, it was still a miracle that eyes like these could be inherited.

“Not bad, right?” Xian Xianghua asked, smiling and narrowing her eyes. Her tone suggested that she had just crafted something.

Jiang Xue rolled her eyes at her and asked, “Why aren’t you excited about it at all?”

Zhou Xuanji, on the other hand, began to tease his son. It was still his first son. Pure Sword Heaven might become livilier in the future.

“What are you excited about? It’s so easy to have a baby. You and I will work hard in the future; we can have as many sons as we want,” Xian Xianghua winked and said, making Jiang Xue even more helpless.