I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 738 - Perfect Exterminating Divine Eyes

Zhou Xuanji’s expression changed after hearing what just Zhou Fa’s said. He immediately flew out of the Soul Source Pool plane, making a beeline toward the Evil Sky Divine Range.

And after returning to Pure Sword Heaven and having confirmed that Xian Xianghua was safe and sound, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He came to Xian Xianghua’s house.

“What’s wrong? Judging by the serious look on your face, did Black Sword Court threaten you using me?” Xian Xianghua asked, holding a cup of tea.

In any case, she was the lord of Demon Realm. She too had used these kinds of means. So, it wasn’t that hard for her to guess it.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and said, assuringly, “It’s not that serious.”

He then sat down by the table, reached out and touched her belly.

This little guy is really getting more and more lively.

He could clearly feel his son kicking in Xian Xianghua’s bella.

“When he is born, he will be a world-renowned master,” Zhou Xuanji said with a smile. His face was filled with anticipation.

Xian Xianghua touched her belly and said with a harrumph, revealing a kind and expectant smile, “If he inherits your aptitude and my disposition, Kunlun Origin Court will be turned upside down by him.”

Zhou Xuanji didn’t doubt this.

Back in the Northern Wilderness Region, Xian Xianghua used to be so rampant. She was Long Aohua.

[TLN: Xian Xianghua, meaning immortal dream flower, Long Aohua, proud dragon flower.]

Now, after coming to the Kunlun Origing Court, she was just lacking strength, that’s all.

Otherwise, with her disposition, she would have surely created the Epiphyllum Sect.

“Well, do you really want to train your son to have a disposition like yours? You even killed your own father, are you not afraid of him killing his mother?” Zhou Xuanji jokingly said, prompting Xian Xianghua to glare at him.

He had touched the sore spot!

In the end, Zhou Fa didn’t attack Pure Sword Heaven. This made Zhou Xuanji sigh in relief.

To prevent any accidents, he returned to his house and took out the Wish-Fulfilling Sword.

“I want Zhou Fa to disappear from the face of this world,” Zhou Xuanji wished in a soft voice as he poured his Dao Energy into the Wish-Fulfilling Sword.

However, the Wish-Fulfilling Sword didn’t respond.

He couldn’t help but ask the Sword Spirit if it was successful or not.

“If it was fulfilled, the Wish-Fulfilling Sword will burst with a bright light. So it means you failed to make a wish. The reason should be that Zhou Fa isn’t Zhou Fa. You must confirm his name and match it with his appearance in your memory, only then can you wish to kill him. Every creature has a name and even if the name is the same, the face will not be. Only in this way you kill someone,” replied the Sword Spirit.

Zhou Xuanji couldn’t help but frown after hearing this.

So, what’s Zhou Fa’s real name?

This guy is too cunning!

Did he guess that something like this might happen, so he deliberately used a pseudonym?

He couldn’t help but think about strategies.

The Wish Fulfilling Sword could not directly enhance the Supreme Legendary Sword System, nor could he involve the Supreme Legendary Sword System.

His eyes flickered with an intelligent gleam as he wished, “I want my eyes to reach the limit, and at the same time, I want it to be in my complete control. No other existence can shake its relationship with me.”

Just as he wished it, the Wish-Fulfilling Sword burst into a bright light.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes immediately started to itch as a vast amount of energy rushed to his eyes from various parts of his body.


The house he lived in shook violently. Soon, the entire mountain started to shake.

A majestic and boundless pressure enveloped the entire Pure Sword Heaven.

Chang Xiyan and Ying Zhuge flew from over from different directions. They looked extremely shocked.

“This aura… how could he have such power?” Ying Zhuge’s eyes widened in shock. His voice was trembling.

Even someone like him had his heart pounding in the face of this aura.

Chang Xiyan was also shocked.

He just broke through, and he is breaking through again!?

Others too flew over in succession. Hovering in the air and gazing at the mountains ahead, they sighed again and again.

“This Kid is going to make another breakthrough.”

“Damn, this Kid is just too good.”

“I don’t dare to take the elixirs he gave me because I was afraid of blowing up. I was going to ask him later. Sigh, the gap is only getting bigger.”

“Nonsense, he has 18-star aptitude, how can you compare with him?”

“He didn’t even cause this kind of commotion even when he broke through to the Dao Ancestor Realm before!”

Everyone’s faces were filled with a look of worship and admiration.

Nowadays, all those following Zhou Xuanji admired him from the bottom of their hearts.

They had personally witnessed Zhou Xuanji growth.

Zhou Xuanji used to be their target sometime in the past but looking at the gap getting wider at an astonishing speed, they all lost hope.

When the gap became insurmountable, this despair could only be turned into worship.

At this moment, Beast Sovereign suddenly appeared on the top of the mountain. He too looked surprised.

Chang Xiyan, having noticed him, immediately bowed and greeted, “Greetings, Sovereign!”

Everyone was shocked after hearing this.

Is this the legendary Beast Sovereign!?

They too bowed and greeted. They did not dare to act neglectful.

Beast Sovereign, on the other hand, ignored them. His gaze was completely locked on Zhou Xuanji’s house.

“Hiss… His Exterminating Divine Eyes are awakening towards perfection… this Kid…” Beast Sovereign’s eyes bulged as his breathing became rapid.

A long time ago, there used to be no concept of five ultimate eyes. But the Exterminating Divine Eyes had always been there.

He had seen the pinnacle of Exterminating Divine Eyes. He couldn’t help but tremble every time he recalled it.

He had been looking forward to Zhou Xuanji’s Exterminating Divine Eyes. However, he had never expected them to evolve to perfection so soon.

The more he thought about it, the more excited he got.

This genius is progressing at an incredible speed.

Meanwhile, Zhou Xuanji also felt the power of the Exterminating Divine Eyes.

He had never such a powerful force. He felt as if this pair of eyes could destroy the universe itself.

This is too strong…

He was agitated. If Zhou Fa appeared in front of him again, he would definitely destroy him!

The power of his eyes were still growing. It felt as endless and boundless as a vast ocean.

He couldn’t see anything. All he could see was a dazzling light.

What made him even more excited was that even his cultivation was growing.


It deserved to be called the Wish-Fulfilling Sword. It can really make wishes come true!

Under Zhou Xuanji’s excitement, time quickly flew by.

A full month went by.

His Exterminating Divine Eyes had finally evolved successfully.

He didn’t immediately leave the house. He was trying to control his Exterminating Divine Eyes.

At this moment, his eyes were radiating a bright light as if it was hiding two bright suns within them. It was extremely glaring.

The Exterminating Divine Eyes had evolved to its maximum limit. And he also had complete control over.

His eyes finally returned to normal but that powerful force still made it difficult for him to keep calm.

At this moment, he felt invincible.

He slowly walked out of the house and saw the light again.

He immediately noticed Beast Sovereign in the sky.

Beast Sovereign immediately landed before him, reached out, and pressed his hand on his forehead. He grew excited in the next second. He suddenly grabbed his shoulders and asked, “How did you do it? Perfect Exterminating Divine Eyes! With these eyes, you can already steamroll through Nine Vast Heavens cultivators!”

He had put endless expectations on Zhou Xuanji. He trusted Zhou Xuanji very much. Even so, Zhou Xuanji had always given him surprises.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and said, “I don’t know. It just suddenly awakened.”

What’s a genius!? This is a genius!

His every breakthrough was sudden and unreasonable.

Beast Sovereign excitedly said, “Let’s go! This Sovereign will teach you pupil-type divine abilities, further enhancing your strength!”