I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 736 - Black Sword Court

The man in the gray was frightened by Zhou Fa’s gaze. He quickly lowered his head.

He couldn’t help but mutter in his heart, If you don’t want to kill him, why do you want to catch him so desperately? It’s like you have a grudge.

He suddenly recalled a piece of news.

Zhou Xuanji and Zhou Fa looked exactly alike.

Are they brothers?

Zhou Fa, continuing to absorb the energy of countless Divine Moons, explained, “Catching Zhou Xuanji is just one goal. The other is to find a way to shame the Evil Sky Divine Range. It would be even better to bring out their enmity with other Divine Ranges.”

When he spoke of the Evil Sky Divine Range, his eyes flickered with a cold glimmer, revealing his heartfelt killing intent.

“Master, do you have a grudge with the Evil Sky Divine Range?” the man in gray asked curiously. To his surprise, Zhou Fa was not aiming for Zhou Xuanji but the Evil Sky Divine Range instead.

It was a Super Divine Range, which made it extremely hard to deal with.

Even though Zhou Fa had fearsome divine abilities, he was still nothing in the eyes of Beast Sovereign. He was not even considered in the same class.

“Don’t ask about the things you shouldn’t ask. Go away,” Zhou Fa impatiently said, forcing the old man in the gray to leave.

Afterward, he closed his eyes and started concentrating on absorbing the Divine Moon energy.

After advancing to the Dao Ancestor Realm, Zhou Xuanji decided to take a rest for a while. He took Zhou Xiaoxuan and Jiang Xua on the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage to play around in the various giant cities of the Evil Sky Divine Range. The pomp and circumstance left an impression of the Tri-Phoenix Qilin Carriage in the minds of countless creatures.

The Tri-Phoenix Qilin Mountain was absolutely worthy of Zhou Xuanji’s status. In the entire Evil Sky Divine Range, only the people in upper management, who had lived countless eras, had such a card.

At the same time, the news about Zhou Xuanji directly breaking through to the twelve flowers Dao Ancestor Realm got out, causing a sensation in the Evil Sky Divine Range, which then spread to the Kunlun Origin Court.

Zhou Xuanji had proved what an eighteen-star genius was with his actions.

Over the next few years, Zhou Xuanji didn’t cultivate much. Instead he played with his wife and daughter.

Only Xian Xianghua had been tirelessly cultivating all the while.

Six years went by in a flash.

Chang Xiyan suddenly came looking for him and respectfully notified, “Sovereign had news for you.”

Zhou Xuanji asked while dancing around with his sword, “What news?”

After so many years, he still maintained the habit of practicing the White Crane Sword Techniques.

Although the White Crane Sword Techniques were simple, it could train his character because of its simplicity.

“Zhou Fa has created the Black Sword Court and threatened to destroy the Evil Sky Divine Range,” reported Chang Xiyan. There was a strange look on her face.

Black Sword Court!

She already knew about the existence of Emperor Sword Court. So, she felt that Zhou Fa was planning to imitate Zhou Xuanji to the end.

Zhou Xuanji too was rendered speechless.

Is this guy sick!?

But how did he know about the existence of Emperor Sword Court?

Has this guy been paying attention to me from way back?

The more Zhou Xuanji thought about it, the more probable it felt.

“Not only that, Black Sword Court has also colluded with other Super Divine Ranges that are hostile to the Evil Sky Divine Range and brought all the crimes Evil Sky Divine Range has out in the open. The Kunlun Origin Court will be shaken up very soon. You better not go out,” Chang Xiyan continued. She had palpitations when she said this.

Who is this Zhou Fa guy? He has actually schemed against the Evil Sky Divine Range!?

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes and asked, “Crimes!? Apart from the Great Eliminations, do the Super Divine Ranges still fight in the Kunlun Origin Court?”

Kunlun Origin Court had strict laws. Who would dare to fight?

Chang Xiyan shook her head and said, “It’s true on the surface but since Sovereigns haven’t shown their faces, there must be a hidden place in the Kunlun Origin Court. It’s not that there have been no internal fights before.”

She had read a lot of history and understood that it was inevitable in history.

Whenever the Kunlun Origin Court was in trouble, it was when the Sovereigns were replaced.

She had no idea whether the current situation was it or not, but one thing she understood was that Zhou Xuanji was in big trouble.

“Well, I happened to be preparing to cultivate too,” Zhou Xuanji nodded and said. Zhou Fa had been becoming more and more troublesome. He had no choice but to pay attention to this guy.

Zhou Fa…

What does he want!?

Would he destroy the Evil Sky Divine Range just to kill me?

No matter how much he looked at it, it was far easier to kill him than destroy the Evil Sky Divine Range.

Chang Xiyan finally exhorted, “Master, in the Evil Sky Divine Range, you shouldn’t believe anyone except for the Sovereign. After all, you were brought in by Sovereign himself. He has no reason to harm you, but other people might make things difficult.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded. He couldn’t be any clearer about this.

After Chang Xiyan left, Zhou Xuanji didn’t give it much thought and started focusing on cultivation.


After ten years, Xian Xianghua had gotten pregnant.

She was very distressed about this.

She didn’t want to give birth to a child so early. It would affect her cultivation.

Huang Lianxin proclaimed that she could help her take care of the child but even then, she was a little unhappy.

Inside the room, Zhou Xuanji was sitting by the bedside shoulder to shoulder with her while Jiang Xue and Zhou Xiaoxuan were sitting on the chairs beside them.

“Aunt Xian, are you going to give birth to a younger brother or younger sister for me?”

She was very excited. Finally, there would be a family member whom she could bully in the future.

Jaing Xue covered her mouth and said, laughing, “Do you want a young brother or a younger sister?”

Zhou Xuanji’s family had always been very harmonious. There had almost been no quarrels, at most it was Zhou Xiaoxuan’s mischievousness.

Xian Xianghua was gentle and generous towards Jiang Xue and Zhou Xiaoxuan. She never refused.

Jiang Xue was also very sensible. The two women would exchange pointers with each other in cultivation.

“It’s fine whether it’s a younger brother or a sister. He or she just needs to be my little follower,” Zhou Xiaoxuan said with a laugh.

Xian Xianghua couldn’t help but laugh upon hearing this.

Xian Xianghua didn’t feel much about children. She was kind to Zhou Xiaoxuan before because of Zhou Xuanji. Later, she felt that Zhou Xiaoxuan was very similar to her, and they grew closer and closer.

She was feeling a little irritated about her soon to be born child.

She was unable to describe the feeling but she found it troublesome.

Only without any worries could she be invincible.

But her worries were only increasing, which meant that she was getting farther and farther away from her original self.

Zhou Xuanji saw her being upset and immediately comforted her, “Give birth! There are so many people helping you raise the child, what are you worrying about then? Don’t you want to give me an heir? Then, I will go look for another woman.”

“Don’t you dare!” Jiang Xue, Xian Xianghua, and Zhou Xiaoxuan cried in unison. Zhou Xuanji was stunned.

What’s wrong?

Why so serious?

Zhou Xiaoxuan snorted and said, “Father, don’t go picking other women!”

Zhou Xuanji couldn’t help but find it funny.

It seemed that the three women had already joined hands to prevent him from looking at other women.

Later, he brought up the topic of naming the child.

All kinds of names immediately emerged.

Zhou Zhishui, Zhou Tianjiao, Zhou Huang, Zhou Lingting, and so on.

After chatting for half a day, they still couldn’t come to a decision.

They could only put aside the matter for the time being. Zhou Xuanji then left, preparing to continue with his cultivation.

Jiang Xue and the other would be taking care of the child’s affairs.

However, something unexpected happened.

Xian Xianghu didn’t give birth even after having been pregnant for a decade.

Her belly was only bulging slightly. It was very weird. Zhou Xuanji could feel the child’s vitality. Although its body was smaller than ordinary children, its vitality was strong.

This kid was getting stronger relying on Xian Xianghua’s Saint Energy.

This inevitably affected Xian Xianghua’s cultivation. So, she became even more irritated.