I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 734 - Eight Flowers Dao Ancestor

“What do you want?” Chang Xiyan tenderly shouted in a deep voice. She wasn’t shocked by Zhou Fa’s appearance.

Zhou Xuanji had already told her about this to prevent Zhou Fa from sneaking into Pure Sword Heaven and pretending to be him.

Zhou Fa, stabilizing his figure and raising his head, said with an evil smile, “Zhou Xuanji, do you still need to rely on a woman for protection?”

The soldiers guarding the History Tower were stunned.

How come these two look exactly the same?

They immediately reached for their weapons and surrounded Zhou Fa.

Since Zhou Fa himself called the other party Zhou Xuanji, then he must be a fake.

Besides, they had watched Zhou Xunaji enter the tower. He couldn’t be an imposter.

Zhou Fa still didn’t look to be in panic even after having been surrounded.

He contemptuously smiled, “Don’t think for even a moment that you will be safe by sending the three thousand Evil Sky Divine Guards to capture me. A battle between you and me is inevitable. If you still fail to notice it, everyone around you will suffer mishaps.”

Zhou Xuanji had no change in his expression. He felt that Zhou Fa was out of his mind.

Do you find it that interesting to be all bark and no bite whenever you come find me?

Zhou Xuanji didn’t even need to speak. Two figures in blue armor appeared on the left and right of Zhou Fa. Both of them reached out and grabbed him by his shoulders!

Evil Sky Divine Guards!

“Remember my name, Zhou Fa. I have specifically come to punish you!” Zhou Fa suddenly broke into laughter and said. Next, he disappeared out of thin air, surprising the two men in blue armor. They too then disappeared, chasing after Zhou Fa.

“Zhou Fa!? What bad naming sense,” Zhou Xuanji complained. His words were filled with disdain.

Afterward, he returned with Chang Xiyan.

He wasn’t afraid of Zhou Fa in the Evil Sky Divine Range.

Beast Sovereign had poured his blood into his body. How could he tolerate other people murdering him?

After returning to Pure Sword Heaven, Zhou Xuanji continued with his secluded cultivation.

After learning the history of the Sovereigns, a fire was lit in his heart. He had the will to bitterly and painstakingly cultivate.

This time…

He directly wanted to break through to the Dao Ancestor Realm!

After sixty years…

Zhou Xuanji began to break through. Billowing dark clouds gathered in Pure Sword Heaven.

Everyone immediately turned their heads to the mountain where Zhou Xuanji was.

Ying Zhuge, who was sitting on the tree, murmured to himself, “He is really fast.”

He might have a young body but his gestation process was extremely long. So after reincarnation, his cultivation base progressed by leaps and bounds.

But Zhou Xuanji had reached today’s leavel by relying on a mortal fetus.

It was indeed amazing!

The others were very excited. The stronger Zhou Xuanji was, the better treatment Pure Sword Heaven would receive.

And someday, when they finally went out and found their own profession all by themselves, they would gain face when they said that they were from Pure Sword Heaven.

Xian Xianggua, Jiang Xue, and Zhou Xiaocuan left the peak and flew into the sky, watching Zhou Xuanji from a distance.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji was sitting on the top of the mountain. His eyes were glowing purple and the Soul Source Orb had emerged out from his glabella. The Thunderclap Sword stood erect over his head, absorbing the lightning tribulation.

Zhou Xuanji was very confident in crossing this tribulation. Therefore, he was still increasing his own strength. He was really not afraid of failing to cross the tribulation.

The violent lightning tribulation struck down but they were all absorbed by the Thunderclap Sword.

Sword Dao congealed around him. It looked as if untold swords of light were circling around him, forming a tornado. It was quite spectacular.

In his perception, the Sword Dao was congealing, disintegrating, and reorganizing.

He was finally about to reach the Dao Ancestor Realm.

In the depths of his soul, a silver flower took shape and bloomed slowly.

Dao Flower!

If I can have thirty-six Dao Flowers, I can directly break through to the Nine Vast Heavens.

In the meantime, Zhou Xuanji’s Dao Energy began to rise.

The Soul Source Bead in his glabella was beating frantically as if it was alive and would jump out at any moment.

A strange energy was surging out the Soul Source Pearl and poured into the depths of Zhou Xuanji’s soul.

In an instant, five more Dao Flower seeds appeared, one after another, giving him a pleasant surprise.

If this succeeded, he would directly become a six flower Dao Ancestor!

It lived up to the fame of an ultimate treasure. It really gave him a big surprise.

Zhou Xuanji’s aura rose sharply.

Just as the five Dao Flowers began to germinate, the Spiritual Qi and Dao Energy of Pure Sword Heaven crazily poured into his body, setting off intense winds that shook the entire mountain.

Chang Xiyan’s eyes immediately lit up as she exclaimed, “Six flowers, this…”

Jiang Xue suspiciously asked, “What about six flowers?”

In her opinion, no matter what kind of movement Zhou Xuanji caused, it was normal.

“The Dao Ancestor Realm is divided into thirty-six flowers. Master has formed six flowers just as he broke through. It’s really incredible. Apart from those powerful reincarnations, this is the first time I have seen such a genius!” Chang Xiyan marveled. Her tone was filled with worship.

At this moment, she could truly feel how terrifying Zhou Xuanji’s aptitude was.

At this time, her beautiful eyes bulged wide again as she cried in shock, “Two more flowers!”

Eight flowers Dao Ancestor!

And this was still the breakthrough stage!

Jiang Xue, Xian Xianghua, and Zhou Xiaoxuan were also tongue-tied.

They found Zhou Xuanji’s aura to be vast and boundless. Because of this, they couldn’t clearly tell how strong Zhou Xuanji was.

But they knew that since it had caused even someone strong as Chang Xiuan to be in a daze, Zhou Xuanji must be breaking through at an incredible speed.

In the distance…

Ying Zhuge too was surprised by this.

“Eight flowers… and this is still not the end. Is it because of the Soul Source Orb?” Ying Zhuge muttered to himself with a complicated look on his face.

Watching Zhou Xuanji, he couldn’t keep calm anymore, let alone enter a stable state of cultivation.

Zhou Xuanji was completely oblivious to the shock he had given to the other people. He was focused on breaking through.

Soon, a ninth Dao Flower was born in the depth of his soul.

At the same time, his cultivation had officially changed!

Dan Ancestor Realm!

“Sword Master has reached the Dao Ancestor Realm. Starting a random lottery draw!”

“Ding! Congratulations, Sword Master drew the Vast Sky-grade Multi-Cut Combination Sword and Sovereign Lord-grade Proud Mortal Divine Sword!”

“Because Sword Master has reached the Dao Ancestor Realm within a thousand years, Sword Master has obtained the unknown-grade Wish-Fulfilling Sword!” Sword Spirit’s voice rang again and again, making Zhou Xuanji excited.

This is definitely a big harvest!

Could the Proud Mortal Divine Sword and Proud Mortal Ghost Sword be a pair?

Two Mortal-type treasures!

This attribute could make their value soar.

He didn’t immediately bring out the sword’s information and focused on breaking through.

Sovereign Palace…

Beast Sovereign opened his eyes and said in admiration, “Good job, Kid! Eight flowers Dao Ancestors, huh! It seems that this Sovereign had still underestimated you.”

He no longer cultivated but focused on Zhou Xuanji’s breakthrough.

After a while…

“Nine flowers… A worthy disciple indeed exceeds his master!” Beast Sovereign exclaimed with a complicated look in his eyes. He wasn’t this good during his years back then.

At this time, a figure appeared out of thin air and knelt in the palace!

Evil Sky Divine Guard!

“Sovereign, we discovered that Zhou Fa got in touch with Daohu Qiuzun. He is integrating Daohu Qiuzun. His goal is to capture Zhou Xuanji,” the Evil Sky Divine Guard said in a deep voice. His tone sounded a little serious.

When Beast Sovereign heard this, he couldn’t help but narrow his eyes.

“Where did this Zhou Fa come from? How come so many of you can’t catch him?

He was a little angry, causing the Sovereign Palace to shake.

“It’s impossible to find out. He seems to have appeared out of thin air. We can’t figure out what he is doing and where he is going,” stated the Evil Sky Divine Guard, grinding his teeth. His expression had become extremely ugly.

It was the first time he had encountered such an existence. He hated it and was also a little afraid of it too.

It was the fear of the unknown.