I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 733 - Nine Hundred Years Old, Lesser Supreme Sword

“Then kill him. He too wants to kill me,” Zhou Xuanji said in a calm manner. He hated him a little for the fact that he looked exactly like him.

What made him more annoyed was the fact that the other party was acting mysterious.

“Mhmm.” Beast Sovereign nodded. He then waved his right hand as a black figure flickered at the corner of the palace. His speed was so fast that Zhou Xuanji was unable to follow him.

Is that one of the legendary three thousand Evil Sky Divine Guards!? Zhou Xuanji thought.

The three thousand Evil Sky Divine Guards were the intelligence force of the Evil Sky Divine Range, responsible for various missions such as arresting, assassinating, guarding, and so on and so forth.

Everyone in the three thousand Evil Sky Divine Guards were all beyond the level of Nine Vast Heavens.

The three thousand Evil Sky Divine Guards were the mainstay of the Evil Sky Divine Range. Without the three thousand Evil Sky Divine Guards, the strength of the Evil Sky Divine Range would plummet, which showed how important they were.

“What’s the situation with the Soul Source Orb? You are absorbing the soul energy from the Soul Source Pool frequently, right?” Beast Sovereign asked, concerned. He cared most about Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation.

After obtaining the Soul Source Orb, this kid’s cultivation has started to advance by leaps and bounds.

It seems that he will reach the Dao Ancestor Realm within a century.

Zhou Xuanji replied, “It has already fused with me, and I have indeed absorbed a lot of soul energy, which is why I was able to make this much progress.”

The Soul Source Orb was very powerful because it could absorb any soul.

Even if an expert of Ning Vast Heavens dared to reveal his soul in front of him, even his soul would be taken away by the Soul Source Orb.

“Mhmm, the Soul Source Orb is the ultimate treasure. Even in the Evil Sky Divine Range, there are very few treasures that could be considered on par with it. You have still not tapped into its full potential. Just focus on your cultivation until you have reached the Dao Ancestor Realm. Only then can you fully utilize the resources bestowed to you,” Beast Sovereign said with a smile.

These words made him feel a little ashamed.

Every year, Chang Xiyan would get a batch of cultivation resources from Beast Sovereign, most of which were piling up.

When he broke through to the Dao Ancestor Realm, his cultivation would skyrocket, relying on these resources.

Beast Sovereign continued, smiling, “Before you break through to the Dan Ancestor Realm, it’s best for you to stay put. The Soul Source Pool will be managed by your avatar. If any problem arises, notify this Sovereign at once. As long as this Sovereign is here, no one can hurt you.”

After having said this, he closed his eyes and went silent.

Zhou Xuanji promptly bowed before turning around and leaving.

After he left, Beast Sovereign opened his eyes again.

“Zhou Fa, Zhou Xuanji, what the hell is going on? Their auras are basically the same. Both of them are the same person,” he mumbled to himself, looking confused.

After returning to Pure Sword Heaven, Zhou Xuanji chose to enter seclusion. At the same time, he strictly prohibited other people from going out recently.

Of course, other people weren’t even qualified to go out. He was just worried that Chang Xiyan would take Zhou Xiaoxuan out to play.

It was the first time she had done something like this.

Next, he decided to reach the Dao Ancestor Realm in one go.

Time flew by in a flash.

Years went by as Zhou Xuanji finally reached the age of nine hundred years.

“Sword Master has reached the age of nine hundred years. Starting a random lottery draw!”

“Ding! Congratulations, Sword Master drew Vast Sky-grade Lesser Supreme Sword and Mysterious Dao-grade Imperial Pure Sword!”

Vast Sky-grade sword!

The corner of Zhou Xuanji’s lips rose into a smile.

As I expected, I got a pleasant surprise when my age reached an integral multiple of a hundred.

Mysterious Dao, Sovereign Lord, Vast Sky!

Can Vast Sky contend with Nine Vast Heavens!?

Zhou Xuanji was filled with anticipation. He immediately pulled up the Lesser Supreme Sword’s info before his eyes.

Sword Name: Lesser Supreme Sword

Grade: Vast Sky

Introduction: It’s the incarnation of the youngest sovereign in history. It has the pressure of a Sovereign and has the strength of the youngest sovereign. One needs to have a minimum cultivation of thirty flower Dao Ancestor Realm to use this sword or even wield it.

The soul of the youngest sovereign!?

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow.

Is he really a Sovereign!?

He suddenly became interested in the history of the Kunlun Origin Court.

The Youngest Supreme Sword required a cultivation of thirty flower Dao Ancestor Realm. He was quite far away from reaching it. He didn’t even have the qualifications to show it.

Having been cultivating for so long, he decided to go out and relax.

He got up, went to Chang Xiyan, and said, “Is there a place in the Evil Sky Divine Range where I can study the history of the Kunlun Origin Court?”

Chang Xiyan was planting spirit flowers. She turned her head and respectfully replied, “Yes. I’ll take you there.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded before the two quickly left the Pure Sword Heaven.

There were many giant cities in the Evil Sky Divine Range. The higher up it was located, the higher the level of the giant city it was and the more deserted it was because the higher the minimum requirements were.

With Zhou Xuanji’s identity, he could directly go to the highest-level city and no one would dare to stop him.

Arriving at the History Tower, just as Zhou Xuanji was about to take out his ID card, the soldier guarding the entrance cupped his fists and said, “Sovereign has ordered that if you come, we don’t need to collect merit points.”

Zhou Xuanji raised his eyebrows.

Chang Xiyan covered her mouth and said, trying to hold her laughter, “The History Tower belongs to Sovereign. He has the final say.”

Zhou Xuanji was immediately struck with realization. He promptly walked in and Chang Xiyan began to introduce him to what kind of records were placed on each floor.

There were few creatures in the History Tower. It seemed very quiet and peaceful.

As he looked around, he discovered that this place was quite wide. There were hundreds of feet high cabinets in here, storing all kinds of books on themselves. It was quite a majestic sight.

Zhou Xuanji wanted to understand the history of the Sovereigns. So, he went straight to the eighty-eighth floor and scanned the entire floor with his divine will, memorizing everything available in the books on this floor.

Massive amounts of information flooded into his mind. Countless images flashed before his eyes as if multiple films were fast forwarding.

There were a total of three known Sovereigns.

The present Sovereign. A genius with talent far above even eighteen-star geniuses. He was extremely powerful. He single-handedly destroyed a Sovereign Divine Range and rose to the Sovereign’s position in an unstoppable manner.

The last Sovereign was known as the most powerful Sovereign in history. He gave birth to countless universes and created the Void Boundary Palace. He was also the one who created the first Heavenly Law.

The next Sovereign was very mysterious. Rumor had it that he created the Divine Range system.

No one knew why the first two Sovereigns stepped down.

But the fact was that each of them ruled the Kunlun Origin Court for tens of billions of years.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t find any information on the youngest Sovereign.

The Serendipity of the World’s Beginning absorbed all kinds of souls while searching for him. Even the soul of a Sovereign was absorbed.

Does it mean that the Serendipity of the World’s Beginning came from the Kunlun Origin Court.

No, it’s not right.

Kunlun Origin Court is the starting point of everything. They opened up all the universes. How can the universe be isolated from the Kunlun Origin Court?

Zhou Xuanji fell into deep thoughts.

Chang Xiyan didn’t disturb him. She also started wandering around.

She might have been born and raised in the Evil Sky Divine Range, but she seldom came to the History Tower.

All the girls in-charge must know the distribution of the Evil Sky Divine Range so that they wouldn’t embarrass themselves and their masters.

After a while, they continued to go up.

Zhou Xuanji intended to learn more about the Kunlun Origin Court.

Anyway, he was very close to breaking through to the Dan Ancestor Realm. He was in no hurry.

There were still over half a millenium left to complete the mission.

Nine days later, the two left the History Tower.

Even Zhou Xuanji was a little tired.

Learning so much information had tired him out. He was feeling sleepy and wanted to take a rest.

As soon as he walked out of the history tower, a figure crashed into him. Zhou Xuanji immediately used force and wasn’t knocked back.

Chang Xiyan immediately made a move, sending the opposite party flying.

Zhou Xuanji intently looked and realized that it was the very same guy who looked exactly like him.