I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 732 - Unavoidable Catastrophe

“I gave him his life. I am very sensitive to his life. If there is something wrong, I will detect it,” Xuan Daoya said, sighing. He looked nervous.

It wasn’t easy for them to settle down. They could finally pursue their own Great Dao at peace. At this moment, Zhou Xuanji couldn’t have any accidents.

Chang Xiyan immediately said after hearing this, “I will immediately contact the Master.”

Having said that, she disappeared from her place.

Xuan Daoya heaved a sigh of relief. He then turned to Old Man Daoya and snorted, “You better persuade him later because I surely can’t.”

He was the main soul of Old Man Daoya but Zhou Xuanji’s attitude towards him was far worse than Old Man Daoya.

“I don’t need you to remind me!” Old Man Daoya angrily rebuked.

He never liked Xuan Daoya. However, he couldn’t bear to let Xuan Daoya die. After all, the two were one body and two souls.

After a while…

Zhou Xuanji appeared before the two and asked, “What did you predict?”

His hands were tied when it came to these two oldies.

Can you even calculate my future even when you haven’t reached the Saint Realm!?

Keeping their seniority in mind, he still came, lest he regretted in the future.

“We have calculated that you are about to encounter an unavoidable catastrophe. You need to be careful,” Old Man Daoya said and Xuan Daoya nodded in agreement.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and said, “I have encountered so many catastrophes. And didn’t you predict this one to be unavoidable?”

He had experienced all kinds of winds and storms. So, he could laugh in the face of any catastrophe.

“This time, it’s different. You have never faced one like this before. It makes me feel suffocated as if I was violating a Sovereign Principle!” Xuan Daoyu stated, making Zhou Xuanji to focus his attention on him.

So it turns out this oldie was the one to make the prediction.

Zhou Xuanji asked with a shadow of a smile lingering on his face, “Then can you elaborate it? You can’t just tell me that a catastrophe is coming. What kind of catastrophe is it? Haven’t you calculated it completely? What if it is the heavenly tribulation that I will have to face when I break through to the Dao Ancestor Realm?”

Xuan Daoya was rendered speechless. Thinking about it carefully, he realized that Zhou Xuanji made sense.

Was I too nervous?

Old Man Daoya also tried to persuade Zhou Xuanji. He glared at Xuan Daoya before looking at Zhou Xuanji, “In any case, it’s better to be cautious.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded his agreement and stated, “You guys, please focus on cultivation. When your cultivation has improved, you won’t be this embarrassed.”

Xuan Daoya and Old Man Daoya’s bloody faces weren’t hidden to him. He could already guess what happened. He couldn’t help but smile.

These two oldies are really stupid.

“You are so right! It’s this guy’s fault, he dragged me to play chess!” Old Man Daoya stated, looking dissatisfied.

Xuan Daoya was completely infuriated after hearing this.

Didn’t you pester me all day to play chess?

The two began to bicker again.

Zhou Xuanji knew who dragged whom.

It must be Old Man Daoya.

He is so lazy all day. He likes to play these kinds of things.

Xuan Daoya was dissatisfied. He was secretly harboring some wild ambitions.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head, unable to hold his laughter. He was too lazy to appease them and disappeared from his position right away.

Returning to the Soul Source Pond, Zhou Xuanji made his way to Jiang Xue’s side and sat down cross-legged.

They sat by the shore, facing the vast Soul Source Pond.

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Xue asked without opening her eyes.

Zhou Xuanji simply narrated everything to her. Jiang Xue couldn’t help but open her eyes and asked, worried, “Then you have to be careful. Is it the members of Daohu Qiuzun? Or Sovereign Divine Range?”

Since it concerned Zhou Xuanji, she couldn’t help but be nervous.

She would rather believe it to be true than not.

Zhou Xuanji assured her with a smile, “Don’t worry! As long as I stay in the Soul Source Pool or the Evil Sky Divine Range, no one can harm me.”

Jiang Xue, after giving it a thought, found it reasonable. She had no choice but to restrain her inner anxiety.

The two very soon entered the cultivation state.

Time continued to pass.

Every year, Zhou Xuanji would take a Soul Source Fruit and a little bit of water from the Soul Source Pool. He would quietly take them back and hand them to Beast Sovereign.

In a flash, seventy years had gone by.

Zhou Xuanji was getting closer and closer to the Dao Ancestor Realm. He felt that his breakthrough to the Dao Ancestor Realm in the next thousand years was already set in stone.

At that time, he could use the Wish-Fulfilling Sword to get whatever he wanted.

After giving it a second thought, he still had some expectations.

Today, the couple left Pan Zhen at the Soul Source Pool and returned to Pure Sword Heaven.

Jian Xue paid a visit to Zhou Xiaoxuan. Zhou Xuanji, on the other hand, went to Xian Xianghue. He wanted to check up on the cultivation situation of Emperor Sword Court.

The 24 Rank Deep-Blue Lotus had been absorbing more and more spiritual Qi, filling all the realms with spiritual Qi. The cultivation of sentient beings became faster and faster.

Some people in the Demon Realm had already become saints.

Over ten people in Emperor Sword Court had reached the Connecting Heaven Realm.

The Northern Wilderness Region was second.

The worst was the milky way. However, cultivators of Earth were also very fast in cultivation and were chasing them fiercely.

After checking for a bit, Zhou Xuanji withdrew his divine will and said, lamenting, “It’s still a bit slow.”

Judging by their development speed, it would take them a long time to just become a Divine Range alone.

Of course, he temporarily had no plans of establishing a Divine Range.

“Of course they are very slow compared to you. But we can’t ask for too much!” Xian Xianghua rolled her eyes at him as she said. She found it a little funny.

Zhou Xuanji smiled. Just as he was about to rebuke her, Beast Sovereign sent him a voice transmission, asking him to come to the Sovereign Palace.

“Beast Sovereign needs me for something, you carry-on with your cultivation,” Zhou Xuanji disappeared from the room after throwing this sentence.

Xian Xianghua shook her head and continued with her cultivation.

Watching Zhou Xuanji growing stronger and stronger, she was unwilling to fall behind. She was already quite close to entering the Dao-Treading Saint Realm.

Her aptitude was growing as well. Naturally, it was because of the Exterminating Divine Eyes.

Her Exterminating Divine Eyes and Zhou Xuanji’s were a pair.

The two would always advance together.

However, since Zhou Xuanji had obtained the Soul Source Orb, her Exterminating Divine Eyes were a little behind.

Sovereign Palace…

When Zhou Xuanji saw Beast Sovereign, he immediately bent and saluted before asking, “Sovereign, what order do you have?”

Do you want Soul Source Fruits again?

Recently, Beast Sovereign’s demand for the Soul Source Fruit and Soul Source Pool water was increasing. He was acting like a man whose heart would never be content like a snake who tried to swallow an elephant.

He was worried about this.

He was afraid that Beast Sovereign had lost his mind in joy and would bring disaster to the Evil Sky Divine Range.

“Don’t take out the Soul Source Fruit during the coming days. I asked you to come because there is something I wanted to ask you. You don’t have a brother, do you?” asked Beast Sovereign. His tone was a little severe.

Zhou Xuanji immediately thought of Zhou Fa.

He didn’t know about Zhou Fa’s name but that guy resembled very much like him.

Zhou Xuanji reported this to Beast Sovereign.

Beast Sovereign couldn’t help but furrow his brow after hearing this. He then said, “This person is hunting around the Kunlun Origing Court, killing all the creatures coming and going. This has caused a public outrage. If this Sovereign didn’t guarantee that you didn’t leave and didn’t register to go to the border, I’m afraid you would be in a whole lot of trouble.”

Zhou Xuanji furrowed his brow and asked, “How strong is he?”

If that person wasn’t strong, how could he be so rampant?

“His strength is sometimes high and sometimes low; it’s hard to tell. But one thing is certain that he is very difficult to catch. He is proficient in time and can quickly escape under his enemies’ noses.”

Beast Sovereign shook his head and changed the subject, “This Sovereign had already sent the Evil Sky Divine Guards to investigate. If that guy isn’t related to you, I will kill him, lest he brings unnecessary trouble.”