I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 731 - Zhou Fa

Soul Source Fruit!?

The water from the Soul Source Pond!

Zhou Xuanji fell into deep thoughts, weighing pros and cons and thinking of ways where he wouldn’t attract the attention of the above.

As for the refusal, it never even crossed his mind.

The Evil Sky Divine Range had treated him very kindly. He had to pay back a little.

“You don’t need to take them out all at once. You can take it every once in a while. The former Soul Guardian even sold them. Even the master of Super Divine Range cannot enter the Soul Source Pool because there are sovereign principles there. Only someone recognized as Soul Guardian can go in and out or take one person with him. Of course, if the person accompanying him has a very high cultivation, he or she would be rejected or even killed on the spot,” Beast Sovereign continued. He could tell that there was no repulsion in Zhou Xuanji’s eyes. He was very satisfied with this.

Zhou Xuanji nodded.

No wonder the Soul Guardian doesn’t have a high request for cultivation.

Perhaps if someone’s cultivation is too high, he would be secretly wiped out.

“This time, we got a complete victory against Daohu Qiuzun, and Daohu has already been handed to the Origin Court by this Sovereign. With his mighty divine abilities, it might be difficult to kill him but he will have to endure endless loneliness and torture. It will be far harder to bear than the death itself,” Beast Sovereign changed the subject and said. When he mentioned Daohu, a happy look appeared on his face.

Zhou Xuanji was a little curious about their past but he didn’t ask. After all, it was something private.

Afterward, they chatted about higher cultivation.

Beast Sovereign told him that it wasn’t difficult to break through to the Dao Ancestor Realm. The Dao Ancestor Realm was all about subduing Great Dao and making the Great Dao blossom and gestate a brand new Great Dao. It was divided into thirty-six grade flowers.

Every grade would at least double the Dao Energy.

A Dao Ancestor with a thirty-six grade flower…

Only now did Zhou Xuanji finally realize how strong a Nine Vast Heavens cultivator was.

Until now, he had not really felt the true power of Nine Vast Heavens. Chang Xiyan and Ying Zhuge would never use their full strength to face him.

How much more terrifying is someone beyond the Ning Vast Heavens Realm?

Zhou Xuanji sighed in his heart. He was still far weaker.

It if weren’t for his outstanding aptitude, perhaps he would still be an insignificant figure in the Kunlun Origin Court.

After talking for a long while, Zhou Xuanji finally left.

Whereas Beast Sovereign smiled and closed his eyes, continuing on with the cultivation.

After returning to the Pure Sword Heaven, Zhou Xuanji gave a brief explanation before he took Jiang Xue to the Soul Source Pond to cultivate.

Although the Spiritual Qi of the Soul Source Pond wasn’t that rich, it was helpful in nourishing the soul.

As he could only bring one person at a time, naturally, he would take Jiang Xue.

Xian Xianghua had no objection to this. In her opinion, Jiang Xue’s cultivation indeed needed an increase.

When they arrived at the Soul Source Pond, Jiang Xue was very curious about everything around. Zhou Xuanji walked around with her, introducing everything to her before he took her for cultivation.

Without the five Ultimate Divine Eyes, Jiang Xue couldn’t learn the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique. Even if she could forcibly learn it, it would be very difficult for her to gain deeper knowledge. So, Zhou Xuanji chose to preach Dao to her to help her nurture her own Great Dao.

There were strong and weak Great Daos. The Great Dao created by the creatures were weak at first but they had the potential to surpass the external Great Daos.

Suitability played a pretty big part.

Affected by Zhou Xuanji’s Great Dao voice, Jiang Xue quickly entered a state of absolute calm.

The lonesome and quiet Soul Source Pond came alive with Zhou Xuanji’s Great Dao voice.

Ripples started to emerge in the pool and the Soul Source Tree shook slightly.

A breeze was also silently blowing.

Invisible and traceless!

In the void, a figure was sitting on a meteorite, gazing at the purple sea at the border of the Kunlun Origin court in the distance.

He looked just like Zhou Xuanji but his expression was completely cold. There was a strand of white hair on his head and his eyes were completely expressionless. No one could tell what he was thinking.

He was wearing exquisite black clothes, embroidered with various lines that finally converged into a vivid and life-like picture of a dragon and phoenix.

“Zhou Xuanji, why don’t you listen to persuasion. I told you that the road ahead doesn’t end well, but you are still sticking to your foolish ways,” he shook his head and sighed. His face was filled with mockery.

At this time, a Void Boundary Emperor flew over.

He stared at the man in black and asked in a deep voice, “Who are you? Show me your ID card!”

He had been paying attention to this man for a long time. He had been sitting here, acting sneaky and all. Just from one glance, it was quite clear that he was plotting something.

“Do you know my name?” the man in black asked with a shadow of smile on his face, making the Void Boundary Emperor burn with impatience.

If your father knew about your name, would I still be asking for your ID card?

The Void Boundary Emperor immediately took action, trying to capture the man in black.

The man in the black suddenly opened his eyes wide as his eyes became pitch-black. It was harder to even distinguish his pupils. This darkness gave jitters to the onlookers as they were staring at two abysses.

Streams of black Qi emerged from his eyes and quickly entwined the Void Boundary Emperor before drilling into his body through his orifices.

“Uh…” The Void Boundary Emperor struggled in pain but he was unable to even let out a cry. His body was shriveling at a speed visible to naked eyes.

“Remember my name, I am Zhou Fa. My eyes are one of the five Ultimate Divine Eyes, Dark Temptation Divine Eyes,” stated the man in black with a cold smile. Soon, the Void Boundary Emperor was sucked into his eyes; his fate remained unknown.

Then, his eyes became clear again.

He smiled evilly before he turned and flew towards the depths of the universe.

Pure Sword Heaven…

Daoya Old Man and Xuan Daoya were playing chess.

Suddenly, Duan Daoya’s expression changed. He promptly raised his right hand and started calculating on his fingers.


He immediately spurted a mouthful of blood, spewing it on Daoya Old Man’s face.The entire chessboard was also covered in blood and saliva.

Old Man Daoya was furious. He pointed at Xuan Daoya and started cursing, “Have you forgotten even to calculate! Can’t you even play chess!?”

Xuan Daoya stabilized himself so that he wouldn’t fall down. He then grit his teeth and said, “It’s not that I have forgotten. It’s Zhou Xuanji. He is in trouble. If you don’t believe me, you can calculate it yourself. Remember, don’t calculate his fate directly; start by calculating the people around him.”

Old Man Daoya immediately became tense after hearing this.

He didn’t want to see Zhou Xuanji to have an accident. So, he immediately started calculating on his fingers.


Old Man Daoya spurted a mouthful of blood straight on Xuan Daoya as if he was struck by lightning.

At this moment, both of their faces were covered in blood.

Xuan Daoya became furious and lashed out in anger, “Are you a freaking stupid. Didn’t I ask you not to directly calculate Zhou Xuanji!?”

Old Man Daoya immediately retorted back, “First of all, you didn’t make me calculate anything! Second, it’s the same result for everyone!”

The two immediately started cursing each other. Even the chessboard was flipped over on the ground.

Chang Xiyan appeared next to them out of thin air. She was shocked by the sight of blood on their faces. She quickly pulled them apart using her strength.

“Why are you cursing each other?” Chang Xiyan asked, frowning.

The peace and stability of Pure Sword Heaven was her responsibility. She couldn’t let people mess around and disturb the tranquility of this place.

When Xuan Daoyan saw her, he immediately stepped forward and asked, Miss Chang, where is Zhou Xuanji? I want to see him!”

Chang Xiyan replied, “Master has become a Soul Guardian. If I’m right, he is now at the Soul Source Pond. What do you need him for? I can contact him!”

Seeing Xuan Daoya so anxious, she was curious about it.

“I just calculated that Zhou Xuanji is about to encounter an unavoidable catastrophe. He must return to as soon as possible to avoid the unexpected,” Xuan Daoya anxiously stated. His eyes were filled with panic.

Chang Xiyan’s frown grew tighter as she asked, “How did you predict?”

Her cultivation base was far beyond Xuan Daoya. She too knew prediction techniques, so why didn’t she feel something?