I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 730 - Cutting Off the Past

Zhou Xuanji felt very warm in that beam of light. And to his surprise, his cultivation was starting to rise.

He couldn’t help but be surprised. He had never thought that becoming a Soul Guardian would come with such perks.

At the same time, a memory flooded into his mind, regarding the responsibilities of the Soul Guardian.

Most of the time, he would have to stay at the Soul Source Pond. His true body wasn’t necessary, a clone could work as well.

Every hundred years, he would have to throw the fruit of the Soul Source Tree behind him into the Soul Source Pond.

The Soul Source Fruit was the source of souls. One was enough to give birth to untold souls.

After a long time…

The beam of light finally dissipated as Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes.

His cultivation had increased a lot. He had taken a big step close to the Dao Ancestor Realm. This had saved him a hundred years of hard penance.

And for him, a hundred years of penance wasn’t easy.

He then turned his gaze at the shore and discovered that the Soul Guardian had already disappeared.

From now on, he was the Soul Guardian.

He turned and started looking around. There was a house by the shore. Behind this house was a large towering tree with mist lingering around it.

Zhou Xuanji walked into the house. The house wasn’t spacious by all means, and it looked and smelled old. There were incense and candles by the windowsill, as well as a wooden bed, a table, and a chair. Apart from this, there was nothing else.

Nothing was even laid on the wooden bed.

Zhou Xuanji felt that it had been taken away by the previous Soul Guardian as it was really bare.

After checking the house, he walked to the Soul Source Pond and summoned the Old Immortal.

Very soon, the remnant soul of the Old Immortal was floating before him.

When the Old Immortal saw the Soul Source Pool, he was deeply moved.

“You have really surpassed my expectations. From now on, you can only depend on yourself. Can you do it?” Old Immortal turned around and asked with a smile, gazing at Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji replied, “But of course. Furthermore, I have never been alone.”

No matter how big of danger he was in, whenever he thought of Emperor Sword Court, he never lost hope.

Emperor Sword Court could no longer provide any help strength-wise but he could provide him a solace to his soul.

“That’s good then. If I get to know you in my next life, I hope that I would be looking up to you then,” said Old Immortal, stroking his beard and smiling. Afterward, he plunged into the Soul Source Pond.

Zhou Xuanji stood by the pond in a trance.

He was reminiscing about the past.

When the Great Emperor Dao Court was chasing him down, he felt he was at the end of the rope. But it was Old Immortal who made him settle down.

Whenever he was confused, he would talk to Old Immortal.

Old Immortal took him into the Dao Realm and then directed him to the Kunlun Origin Court.

Along the way, Old Immortal had long become his master.

Now, he had repaid the gratitude. And he wasn’t sad; rather, he had a new understanding of life.

The only regret he had was that he still didn’t know the name of the Old Immortal.

“I hope that we will have the chance to meet in the next life.”

Zhou Xuanji smiled slightly before he turned around and made his

toward the Soul Source Tree.

His white robe flapped and his sleeves danced along with the wind. He walked freely and with no worries.

From now on, the past would be completely left along with the winds and the future would truly begin.

He arrived at the Soul Source Tree and raised his head to look up.

The Soul Source Tree was very tall. Its branches were intertwined with each other and were filled with human head-sized black crystal clear fruits which bore quite a striking resemblance with pears.

Zhou Xuanji’s glabella suddenly cracked open as the Soul Source Orb emerged.

His pupils started glowing purple. At this moment, he had an inexplicable strong urge to devour the Soul Source Fruit.

He could strengthen the Soul Source Orb by swallowing the Soul Source Fruit. The Stronger the Soul Source Orb was, the faster his cultivation would grow.

Ever since the Soul Source Fruit fused with him, he could feel Dao Energy seeping into his glabella every moment, every second. Although the Soul Source Orb was absorbing it, he could also absorb a part of it using World Internalization.

To prevent himself from going overboard, he turned around and left.

He made his way to the side of the pool and took out Chaos Demon God, Pan Zhen.

Pan Zhen was his strongest avatar. Naturally, it would not be a problem for him to stay here.

He then left this world according to the route in his memory that he had obtained when he became a Soul Guardian.

After an hour…

He let out Ying Zhuge and Ren Niming after returning to the Evil Sky Divine Range.

Ying Zhuge went to cultivate alone, while Zhou Xuanji brought Ren Niming to Si Mengyan, Qiu Hu, and the others.

Naturally, when old friends meet, they would have a lot to talk about.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t remain to chat with them and went to Zhou Xiaoxuan.

The father and daughter duo came to a secluded valley.

Zhou Xiaoxuan sat down cross-legged and asked curiously, “Father, what’s the matter?”

Zhou Xuanji rarely took the initiative to talk to her alone. She couldn’t help but be in anticipation.

Could it be a new Sword Dao divine ability?

Zhou Xuanji brought out the Soul Source Orb as a purple beam shot out and enveloped Zhou Xiaoxuan.

In an instant, Zhou Xiaoxuan turned stiff.

Zhou Xuanji began to use the power of the Soul Source Orb to wash her soul.

He could feel the violence and resentment deep in her soul.

He was surprised at how this kind of inheritance could exist. Why could it even pass on emotions and choose its successor in some unknown way?

Under the radiance from the Soul Source Orb, those negative emotions were quickly wiped clean.

After half an hour…

Zhou Xuanji put back the Soul Source Orb. As the purple beam disappeared, Zhou Xiaoxuan too woke up.

She asked, confused, “Why did I fall asleep?”

She stood up and yawned, stretching her body.

Naturally, she wouldn’t turn coy and shy in front of her father.

“I’ll pass you a divine ability,” Zhou Xuanji smiled and stated, preparing to teach her Ultimate Chaos Dao.

Having been affected by Zhou Xuanji, Zhou Xiaoxuan too liked this kind of mighty divine abilities. Especially the Sword Dao divine abilities of the Primordial Chaos Divine Shadow.

“Great! Awesome!” Zhou Xiaoxuan cried cheerfully.

Next, Zhou Xuanji began to teach her.

Ten years later…

Zhou Xuanji was teaching Jiang Xue cultivation on the mountainside. With his help, Jiang Xue’s cultivation was also advancing by leaps and bounds.

Except for Sword Dao, her talent wasn’ that bad.

And coupled with Zhou Xuanji’s resources, how could her cultivation not grow rapidly?

Everything was moving in a good direction.

Today, Beast Sovereign suddenly sent him a voice transmission, asking him to come to the Sovereign Palace.

Zhou Xuanji gave a quick explanation to Jiang Xue and quickly left.

After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn…

He arrived at the Sovereign Palace. He bowed to Beast Sovereign and greeted, “Greetings, Sovereign.”

Beast Sovereign’s face turned a little pale. He looked at Zhou Xuanji and cried in surprise, “Even the Soul Source Orb fused with you. It seems that your soul aptitude is also very outstanding.”

Zhou Xuanji was surprised that Beast Sovereign only came to know about this now.

Apparently, Beast Sovereign had just returned.

It took a decade to wipe out the remnants of the Daohu Qiuzun?

“You are now a Soul Guardian and this Sovereign needs your help. After you finished this task, I will provide a chance to enter the Great Dao Tempering Pool for a century,” said Beast Sovereign.

Zhou Xuanji immediately narrowed his eyes upon hearing this.

The time to enter the Great Dao Tempering Pool wasn’t something that could be bought with merit points. It required one to have done meritorious deeds. In addition, this time period could even be accumulated and even passed on to others.

A hundred years in the Great Dao Tempering Pool might be worth over 20 billion merit points!

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “Sovereign, pray do tell.”

The greater the benefits, the more dangerous the process was.

Beast Sovereign stated calmly, “Bring me a hundred Soul Source Fruits. And if possible, bring the water from the Soul Source Pool!”