I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 729 - Becoming the  Soul Guardian

“There is an enemy outside with the cultivation of Five Vast Heavens. I will go and deal with him first!” Ying Zhuge disappeared out of thin air after dropping this sentence.

Five Vast Heavens!

Void Boundary God turned pale. His legs started shaking.

Although Ren Niming had no idea what Five Vast Heavens represented, judging by Void Boundary God’s pale face, he realized that a Five Vast Heavens cultivator must be ridiculously strong.

Zhou Xuanji looked around with a sharp gleam in his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Ren Niming cautiously asked. Zhou Xuanji’s gaze made him uneasy. He felt as if there was danger hiding around him.

After coming to the Kunlun Origin Court, he felt that he was an ant. Anyone could trample him to death easily. It made him extremely anxious and made him grow timider and timider.

Zhou Xuanji calmly replied, “There is an enemy.”

Just as he said this, a black figure suddenly jumped out from the depths of the darkness. It was as fast as a bolt of lightning.

Zhou Xuanji promptly cast the Sword Shield Art, relying on the sword of light to block it instantly.

Their fearsome auras immediately gave rise to intense winds, causing Ren Niming and the Void Boundary god to back up.

“Such an aura, his growth speed…”

The Void Boundary God was secretly shocked.

Clearly, Zhou Xuanji is in the complete level of the Dao-Treading Saint Realm but his aura is stronger than it.

An eighteen-star genius is really terrifying.

Zhou Xuanji fixed his gaze at the man wearing a purple fox mask. His body was surrounded by a strange black Qi and there was a cold gleam in his eyes.

He immediately took out the Ultimate Sovereign Divine Shadow Sword and swung it.


The man with the black Qi vanished in a puff of smoke, causing the Ultimate Sovereign Divine Shadow Sword to only cut the air.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes bloomed with a purple radiance as he instantly caught the opponent hiding on the left side, half-squatting.

This was one of the abilities of the Exterminating Divine Eyes.

After fusing with the Soul Source Orb, his Exterminating Divine Eyes had changed qualitatively.

The other party was using some space-time-type divine ability to hide in another space. Had it been before, he might have fallen to the trap but now, this kind of divine ability was a trivial skill in his eyes.

The Exterminating Divine Light shot out from his eyes, rooting the opposite party.

Immediately after, he stabbed with the sword and activated the World Internalization, absorbing the opponent’s Dao Energy.

This man’s power was being quickly absorbed by him. Afterward, he was killed by the sword, and even his soul was annihilated.

The entire process was very fast. But in the eyes of Void Boundary God and Ren Niming, it seemed as if the entire thing was a piece of cake for Zhou Xuanji.

He just casually swung a sword and the opponent couldn’t move.

Although the entire fight wasn’t spectacular, it was quite shocking.

“Is he a member of Daohu Qiuzun?” Void Boundary God nervously asked. He recognized the purple fox mask and knew that it was a symbol of Daohu Qiuzun.

When Daohu Qiuzun had attacked the Kunlun Origin Court, he had seen it from a distance.

The powerful experts of Daohu Qiuzun were still fresh in his memory.

He shuddered at just the thought of Daohu Qiuzun being nearby.

“This is Daohu’s lair. However, Daohu has already been subdued by Beast Sovereign,” Zhou Xuanji calmly replied.

The Void Boundary God’s hair stood on end.

To his dismay, he had actually come to Daohu’s lair!

If I had come a little earlier than Zhou Xuanji, would I have not been…

The more he thought about it, the more he grew sacred.

Ren Niming was very curious about Daohu Qiuzun but he dared not ask.

After a while…

Ying Zhuge came and said, with a complete calm look on his face, “The enemy is destroyed. Let’s go.”

With the wave of his right hand, he carried Zhou Xuanji and the two away.

When they arrived at the space-time channel, Zhou Xuanji finally asked, “Are there many Daohu Qiuzun members in the vicinity?”

Previously, he believed that all the members of the Daohu Qiuzun were wiped out by the Evil Sky Divine Range. But he had not expected for fish to slip through the net.

It was proof of how strong Daohu Qiuzun was.

Just the fact that they could slip from under the noses of Beast Sovereign and other experts confirmed that they were extremely strong.

Of course, it was also possible that they were scattered in other universes and had just rushed over.

“Not much, just some scattered small-time soldiers,” Ying Zhuge said in disdain as Zhou Xuanji nodded his agreement.

With Ying Zhuge acting as their escort, the journey was much easier.

The two began chatting. Meanwhile, Ren Niming and the Void Boundary God didn’t speak a word; they just kept listening calmly.

After a while…

Zhou Xuanji asked Ren Niming, “What’s the situation of the Heavenly Law Universe?”

After having been away from the Heavenly Law Universe for so many years, he had no idea whether the Heaven law was still intact or not.

“After you left, destiny acted like it was the sun in the sky. Even I was hunted by destiny. During my escape, I was helped by the Great Dao Guardian. After he came to know that destiny had become sentient, he personally took action to suppress destiny and help the Heavenly Law be restored,” Ren Niming answered truthfully. When he mentioned the Great Dao Guardian, there was a hot look in his eyes.

The Great Dao Guardian had left a deep impression of Ren Niming. He was once amazed by him.

He wanted to be the Great Dao Guardian before. However, his goal has changed.

Zhou Xuanji nodded. He also knew about the Great Dao Guardian. It was a profession in the Kunlun Origin Court. However, its cycle was very long and few people were willing to do it. Of course, the merit points were extremely high, suitable for those who liked to cultivate hard.

After nine days…

Zhou Xuanji and the others finally returned to the Kunlun Origin Court.

The Void Boundary God continued guarding the Void Boundary. Zhou Xuanji put Ying Zhuge and Ren Niming into the Tianxia Map and then went to the Evil Sky Divine Range.

During the past hundreds of years, he would encounter creatures pointing their fingers at him or gazing at him whenever he passed through the Kunlun Origin Court.

Without any obstruction, he first came to the Origin City near the Evil Sky Divine Range and went looking for the Soul Guardian at the vocation palace.

After the Soul Guardian appeared, Zhou Xuanji took out the All Lives Pen.

“You found it!?” the Soul Guardian was tempted as he asked in surprise.

How long has it been!?

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “With this, I can become a Soul Guardian, right?”

Each creature could only choose three professions at most. He had the position of Void War God. He could still choose two more.

The Soul Guardian nodded his agreement and turned around with the All Lives Pan.

He then made his way to the palace wall and waved his left hand. Immediately, a door of light appeared on the wall. Next, he motioned Zhou Xuanji to follow.

In the vocation palace, Zhou Xuanji didn’t need to worry about being in danger because according to the Sovereigns rules, no fights were allowed.

Zhou Xuanji followed the Soul Guardian and came to a world filled with dense mist, and under his feet was a stone bridge that was two feet wide. Its other end couldn’t be seen and so was its bottom.

After walking for a while, a stone platform appeared in front of him with a teleportation array.

The two came to another scarlet world through the teleportation array. There was still a stone bridge under their feet and intense flames were floating in the air. From time to time, they would pass through the stone bridge. It was extremely dangerous.

After making it to the other end, he was still met with a teleportation array. After going around like this for dozens of times, they finally came to the Soul Source Pond.

The Soul Source Pool was huge. It was like a boundless ocean, and the air above the sea was filled with gray mist.

The two made their way to the shore and looked up.

“Take out your ID card,” said the Soul Guardian. At the same time, he threw the All Lives Pen into the Soul Source Pond.

Zhou Xuanji obediently took out his ID card and handed it to him.

The Soul Guardians also took out his own ID card and touched the two cards with each other to make them connected with each other.

At the same time, a line of words appeared before Zhou Xuanji just like when he checked the attribute.

Do you agree to become Soul Guardian?

Without hesitation, Zhou Xuanji directly chose to agree.


A beam of light descended from the sky, covering him inside.