I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 728 - Perfect Harmony

Void Boundary God felt fear and trepidation before Ying Zhuge, indicating that Ying Zhuge was very strong.

But betrayal often didn’t end well. So, he was hesitating.

The Void Boundary God’s expression changed. He cautiously said, “He is the subordinate I just received…”

Ying Zhuge overbearingly interrupted him and said, “Since you have just taken him, you haven’t invested much resources in him. Give him to me and I will owe you a favor!”


The Void Boundary God couldn’t help but smile wryly.

Even if Ying Zhuge owed him a favor, should he ask to repay him?

Even if he dared to, where would he go to find Ying Zhuge?

It was a trap. The strong liked to treat the weak hypocritically like this.

But at the end of the day, the Void Boundary God could only agree.

He looked at Ren Niming and said in a heavy voice, “Why are you still not greeting your master!”

Ren Niming immediately regained his wits. He hurriedly kowtowed and earnestly said, “This lowly one greets Master!”

He might have looked terrified but he was completely calm.

Sure enough, no matter where you go, the strong are respected.

He swore that he would climb up this pole and surpass the strong before him, step by step, and reach the strongest throne at the top!

In the Heavenly Law Universe, he was the strategizer of fate.

In the Kunlun Origin Court, he would become the Destiny God who would rule over everything!

Ying Zhuge nodded and said, “You guys wait here on the side. You aren’t allowed to make a single noise!”

After having said this, he sat down cross-legged on the ground right away.

The Void Boundary God and Ren Niming focused their gazes on the man in white.

Who can make Ying Zhuge act like a personal guard?

After a long time…

The man in white suddenly moved.

He stood up but his back was still against them.


Right then, two beams of light shot out from him, directly blasting through the palace walls and shook the entire tower.

The Void Boundary God and Ren Niming were shocked at the sight of this.

They knew how hard the building materials of this tower were. Even if they tried their best, they couldn’t cause any damage to it.

At this moment, the man in white suddenly turned his head.

Ren Niming’s eyes bulged wide when he saw the man in white’s face. There was a look of incredulity on his face.

How could it be him!?

Didn’t he die?

The man in white was none other than Zhou Xuanji. His eyes were glowing purple at this moment, and his face had a cold and ruthless look on it. His entire body was exuding a domineering aura like he considered everyone beneath him.

“Succeeded!” Ying Zhuge murmured.

Right then, Zhou Xuanji’s glabella slowly split up as a bead emerged. It was the Soul Source Orb.

Zhou Xuanji had subdued the Soul Source Orb and merged it with his own body at the same time.

Even if the Soul Source Orb was pulled out by someone, the Soul Source Orb and Zhou Xuanji were still one body. Their destiny was connected. It was difficult to break it.

Zhou Xuanji was also a little surprised when he saw Ren Niming. He didn’t immediately greet him. Instead, he felt the Soul Source Orb.

He could sense a majestic force emanating from the Soul Source Orb, pouring into his meridians across his body. He had never felt this strong. It was very similar to the Divine Moon Status.

It was the feeling of being drunk with power greater than one’s realm!

He could be considered to have thoroughly remolded himself!

It was a qualitative leap in his strength!

However, what made him very curious was why the Soul Source Orb merged with him. Was this necessary for the Soul Source Orb to recognize him as the master!?

In any case, he indeed had obtained a huge chance. His Dao Energy was more than a hundred times stronger than before.

The most important thing was that the Soul Source Orb and Exterminating Divine Eyes had formed a certain connection. If both of them were used together, their destructive power would be unimaginable.

“Excellent! Very few people can integrate the Soul Source Orb into their body,” Ying Zhuge sent his praise through voice transmission. Zhou Xuanji seemed to have three eyes. He was like a god, solemn and sacred.

Zhou Xuanji asked through voice transmission, “I just wanted to make it recognize me as its master, why did this happen?”

He was worried that there would be some aftereffects due to this.

After all, he still hadn’t figured out why the Exterminating Divine Eyes had chosen him.

“It means that you can achieve perfect harmony with the Soul Source Orb. This perfect harmony has nothing to do with aptitude but with the soul. It proves that your soul is extremely pure. As long as there is a trace of impurity in anyone’s soul, he or she will be resisted by the Soul Source Orb,” Ying Zhuge replied through the voice transmission, looking at Zhou Xuanji with curiosity.

His aptitude is heaven-defying. Even his soul is so pure. What kind of height will this Kid reach in the future!?

Zhou Xuanji nodded. Then, with a flash of his thought, the Soul Source Orb receded back into his glabella as his skin healed and recovered as before.

He looked at Ren Yiming and said, “Why are you here?”

As soon as he asked this, Ying Zhuge and Void Boundary God looked at Ren Niming.

These two are acquainted!?

When the Void Boundary God saw Zhou Xuanji again, he was shocked and nervous. At the beginning, when Zhou Xuanji was just in the Longbow Divine Range, he could make him come and apologize. And now, Zhou Xuanji was in the Evil Sky Divine Range. He could only look at Zhou Xuanji from below. He didn’t even dare to talk.

“Fortunately, I came to the Kunlun Origin God. Luckily, Void Boundary God liked me,” Ren Niming replied in a very cautious tone.

He had no idea about Zhou Xuanji’s current identity. He had to keep a low profile.

He was filled with shock!

Wasn’t this Kid driven out by destiny?

Why is he here?

Even the person that was making Void Boundary God filled with fear and trepidation was guarding him like a personal guard.

“You two know each other!? I just took him as a servant, do you want me to let him go?” asked Ying Zhuge, managing a straight face.

He was just a little curious of Ren Niming, but it had reached the point that it could tempt him.


Zhou Xuanji raised his brow as a strange look appeared on his face.

He smiled meaningfully. “It’s okay! Following you is no different than following me. He has helped me before, please take good care of him.”

“Yes!” Ying Zhuge nodded and said as he started examining Ren Niming.

A terrible storm had been set off in Ren Niming’s heart.

What has Zhou Xuanji gone through? How strong is he now?

Zhou Xuanji looked at the Void Boundary God and said, “Thanks for taking him in. How about I give you a million merit points!?”

The grudge between the Void Boundary God and him was already finished. They two could now establish a new relationship.

In the future, the people of Emperor Sword Court would also appear in the Kunlun Origin Court. If he could form a connection with the Void Boundary God, it would be less troublesome in the future.

“It’s a trivial matter. How can I ask for merit points for this? It’s an honor just to get to know you.”

The Void Boundary God was also very smart. He instantly understood Zhou Xuanji’s intentions. He promptly bowed and cupped his fists.

Zhou Xuanji was an eighteen-star genius. Beast Sovereign had not spared any effort to train him. It was a story on everyone’s lips in the Kunlun Origin Court.

“If the future allows it, let’s chat in the future!” Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, feeling flattered by Void Boundary God.

Ying Zhuge looked at Zhou Xuanji in surprise. He suddenly felt that he had underestimated Zhou Xuanji.

This Kid seems to have great ambitions!

He is even trying to win someone as humble as the Void Boundary God. God knows what’s he is plotting!?

Ren Niming stood on one side, watching all this quietly.

His heart was in a mess. He didn’t know whether he should be surprised or frustrated.

Now, he could only be a servant before Zhou Xuanji.

He didn’t even have the courage to stand straight and look Zhou Xuanji in the eye.

“Okay, let’s go,” Zhou Xuanji said, looking at Ying Zhuge. This trip had given him a great harvest. After returning, he was planning on studying the Soul Source Orb.

Ying Zhuge nodded. He was just about to make a move when the tower suddenly started shaking violently.

A horrifying killing intent was penetrating the tower, pressing toward them from every possible direction.