I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 727 - Soul Source Orb Acquired

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Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath and asked via voice transmission, “Please tell me what you know.”

If you can’t say it out loud, then send a voice transmission.

Beast Sovereign laughed angrily.

This Kid is really getting arrogant.

However, it was also good. It could bring their relationship closer.

Although he was very good to Zhou Xuanji, they lacked the opportunity to communicate.

If one wanted to hold a person firmly in one’s grasp, apart from threats, you could not get their hearts.

“This Sovereign can only tell you that the origin of Hongmeng is related to the Sovereign. Don’t inquire about it. Every creature who knows the truth is dead, and everyone related to them was wiped out overnight,” Beast Sovereign voice transmitted in an earnest tone.

Hearing this, Zhou Xuaji couldn’t help but frown.

Related to Sovereign!?

[TLN: Once again, somewhere along the line, Supreme turned into Sovereign, hence the confusion. Whenever a lone Sovereign is mentioned, it’s the ruler of the Kunlun Origin Court. Just Sovereign, not this or that Sovereign.]

Could the meaning of Court Toppling come from here?

Only by toppling the Kunlun Origin Court can I get the chance to investigate Hongmeng!?

The more he thought about it, the more he found it to be the most likely possibility.

“Alright, follow this Sovereign to get the thing you need,” Beast Sovereign said before flying toward the tower with Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji immediately regained his wits. He suddenly remembered his other mission.

Soul Source Orb!

All Lives Pen!

As Daohu was suppressed, the members of Daohu Qiuzun were also annihilated, one after another. Even their souls were crushed to nothing, leaving nothing behind.

After entering the tower, Beast Sovereign still led Zhou Xuanji to search for the treasure.

One had to admit, it was really cool to have Beast Sovereign lead the way.

All the seals and barriers they encountered along the way were destroyed by him. Zhou Xuanji didn’t have to take action.

After moving around for half the time it takes for an incense to burn, they finally found two pieces of treasures on a beam of a room.

That’s right!

On the beam of a roof!

It was just so arbitrary. The strange part was that these two pieces of treasures weren’t sealed or anything and yet they were emanating any aura.

They only found them after going around this place several times.

Zhou Xuanji held the Soul Source Orb in his right hand and the All Lives Pen in his left.

The Soul Source Orb was as big as an eyeball, and it was dark on the outside and crystal clear on the inside as if it was hiding a galaxy.

The All Lives Pen was just a thick brush with red bristles and a black body.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t feel a sliver of energy even after holding these two treasures.

He felt that he was holding two very ordinary things and there wasn’t any strange thing about them.

“After this, you will be going back by yourself because we will have to continue capturing Daohu Qiuzun. There must be someone supporting Daohu Qiuzun; otherwise, it would not have been possible for them to hide for so long. This Sovereign will take this opportunity to drag them out.”

After saying this, Beast Sovereign disappeared out of thin air.

Zhou Xuanji was dumbstruck by this.

He just left me behind!?

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath. He didn’t leave immediately; instead, he observed the Soul Source Orb and the All Lives Pen.

He planned on refining the Soul Source Orb. After all, he still needed it to help Zhou Xiaoxuan.

As for the All Lives Pen, he had to hand it over to the Soul Guardian to be a Soul Guardian.

He dropped his own blood essence on the Soul Source Orb.

In an instant, the Soul Source Orb radiated a black glow before it rose from his palm.

“So simple!?”

Zhou Xuanji raised his eyebrow. He hadn’t used a special technique or anything but the Soul Source Orb had reacted.

At this moment…

The Soul Source Orb suddenly drilled into his glabella. Zhou Xuanji immediately felt a sharp pain as if his soul was being torn apart. He couldn’t help but hold his head and scream.

He frantically hammered his fists on the ground while wanting to use the other to pull out the Soul Source Orb out of his glabella. But the Soul Source Orb had already penetrated into his mind.

He felt his eyes grow hotter as if something was about to come out.

Very soon, the palace fell into silence.

In the universe…

Ren Niming, who was flying with Void Boundary God, curiously asked, “Master, where are we going?”

Ever since he entered the Kunlun Origin Court, he had been following the Void Boundary God. Until now, he still hadn’t gotten the chance to look around in the Kunlun Origin Court. There weren’t many creatures he had come in contact with.

But he didn’t complain. On the contrary, he was very excited. He felt that the Void Boundary God wanted to focus on training him.

“I’m looking for two treasures. If I find them, I will be promoted. Then, I will let you be a Void Boundary God,” replied Void Boundary God.

From the rumors, he had come to know that the Soul Source Bead and the All Lives Pen were missing. He was very excited after coming to know this. Since then, he had been searching for them non-stop with Ren Niming.

The reason why he was looking with Ren Niming and not with the thirteen Void Boundary Emperors was because Ren Niming didn’t belong to the Kunlun Origin Court. He had no idea what these two treasures represented, nor would he have to worry about him being someone else’s agent.

The thirteen Void Boundary Emperors came from different Divine Ranges. Although they were under his command, no matter how angry he was with them, the Void Boundary God couldn’t kill them or cripple them.

No matter how small a Divine Range was, if they wanted to do anything to him, they could.

After living for so long, the most taboo thing for a Void Boundary God was to offend a Divine Range, no matter how big or small it was.

“Void Boundary God…”

Ren Niming’s heartbeat sped up.

Will I be promoted just after joining the Kunlun Origin Court for a hundred years?

My opportunity is finally here!

As for what treasure it was, he didn’t bother to think about it. His strength wasn’t enough to touch these super treasures.

The master and servant quickly disappeared into the depths of the universe.

A few days later…

They came to a desolate universe. It was filled with broken chains and was in a state of collapse.

They also noticed a tower at the center.

“A treasure like those is absolutely dangerous, so be careful,” the Void Boundary God warned Ren Niming in a heavy voice. He could see that the origin of the tower wasn’t simple.

The reason why he came here was because of his unique divine ability that could lock onto the aura of something.

A long time ago, he had seen the All Lives Pen. He had remembered its aura.

The two approached the tower cautiously.

They easily entered the tower because the barriers and seals had been destroyed already. They soon came to an empty temple.

The next moment, they saw a man in white with his back against them. He was exuding a strange aura.

The Void Boundary God found this person familiar. However, he was very unfamiliar with his aura.

He asked in a soft voice, “Your Excellency, may I ask who you are?”

Ren Niming was extremely nervous as well. The aura of the opposite party had caused all the hair on his body to stand on end.

He even felt that the opposite party might be stronger than the Void Boundary God!

The strength of Void Boundary God in his opinion was already unfathomable. As for this person…

The man in white didn’t turn around. As such, the atmosphere became more solemn.

After a while…

Void Boundary God took out a spear and started walking ahead.

At this moment…

A black figure suddenly jumped out of the darkness, pressing its two fingers of its right hand on the forehead of the Void Boundary God. The pupil of Void Boundary God immediately shrank as he backed away in fright.

“Ying…Zhuge…” Void Boundary God cried in a shivering voice. He appeared to be in disbelief.

Wasn’t Ying Zhuge been taken away by the Evil Sky Divine Range?

Why is he here?

Ying Zhuge, maintaining a straight face, said, “Don’t get close to him, or else you will die in a very miserable manner.”

Void Boundary God’s face changed. He hurriedly bowed his waist.

Seeing his low posture, Ren Niming shuddered. He also followed suit and bowed.

“Since you are here, you can’t leave for the time being to avoid leaking the news,” Ying Zhuge said in a careless manner.

As he turned his glance at Ren Niming, he cried in shock and surprise.

In fright, Ren Niming lowered his body even more.

A light smile appeared on Ying Zhuge’s face as he said, “A destiny’s avatar!? How interesting! What do you think about becoming my slave?”