I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 726 - The Beginning World

Zhou Xuanji remained unmoved but he was feeling a little jealous.

So I am here to be bait!?

He thought that he would get to fight. He could help but feel a little regret.

Beast Sovereign didn’t voice transmit him any more instructions and was concentrating in leading them.

Very soon, the team calmed down as the powerful experts shut their mouths and started watching their surroundings.

By the looks of it, they had already left the Kunlun Origin Court.

No one spoke a word along the way.

About an hour later…

Zhou Xuanji felt the speed of surrounding time-space streaming back slow down. Apparently, their destination was approaching.

He saw some take out their weapons, getting ready for a fight. Immediately after, others followed suit.

Following them, he took out the Ultimate Sovereign Divine Shadow Sword and the Proud Mortal Ghost Sword.

These two swords immediately drew everyone’s attention the moment he took them out.

Especially the Proud Mortal Ghost Sword.

“Mortal-grade artifact,” someone murmured.

Even Beast Sovereign was looking back at him with a strange expression.

In Beast Sovereign’s opinion, Zhou Xuanji came from a barren land. Even though he previously belonged to the Longbow Divine Range, it was still very poor and lacked resources.

That was why he could smash them with resources.

And now, when Zhou Xuanji took out a rare mortal-grade artifact, how couldn’t he be surprised?

“It seems this Kid has many secrets. Ah, that’s right, with his aptitude, he must have quite a bit of luck.”

Having thought like this, Beast Sovereign quickly withdrew his gaze.

Zhou Xuanji was worth training.

Zhou Xuanji shouldn’t rely on him for everything.

After half the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, they rushed out of the space-time passage. Right before them was an empty and dark universe, with huge, thick chains criss crossing and intertwining with each other. They were untold upon untold numbers of them. And in the middle of these iron chains was a tall dilapidated tower.

On the tall tower, there were many people wearing purple fox masks scattered on each floor. Some were cultivating, some were sitting on the stumps in the soil, and some were in a trance, dangling their legs.

When the Evil Sky Divine Range’s people rushed in, everyone remained calm. No one even got up.

“Attack, leave no one alive,” Beast Sovereign shouted in a cold voice. The surrounding experts quickly took action. Their speed was very fast. Just as their figure disappeared, deafening explosions were heard in front.

Bright lights flashed on Zhou Xuanji’s face but he kept his gaze glued ahead, not daring to even blink his eyes.

Beast Sovereign didn’t make a move himself. He said, “Take a good look at it. This is how someone who goes against the general situation ends up. Daohu Qiuzun thinks he is very strong and can shake the Kunlun Origin Court. As a result, before they could even charge into the Kunlun Origin Court, they were killed and left in shambles. They are now like bugs hiding in the shadows, waiting to be killed.”

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes.

What did he mean by telling me this? To warn me!?

I don’t want to overthrow the Kunlun Origin Court for the time being.

But there were Court Toppling-grade swords among the swords, could it be…

He couldn’t help but think further. He always felt that unexpected choices would be presented before him in the future.

Soon, he turned his attention to the front.

The experts of both sides were locked in heated combat. They were extremely swift and fierce. Zhou Xuanji was bedazzled by their fights.

He was very curious as to who Daohu was. Why didn’t he appear?

If Daohu made an appearance, Beast Sovereign would definitely make a move.

At the beginning, Daohu Qiuzun forced the Kunlun Origin Court to be on alert. Obviously, Daohu’s strength wasn’t lower than Beast Sovereign’s.

The most important thing was that compared to Beast Sovereign, Daohu belonged to the younger generation. He was of the same generation as Ying Zhuge.

Among the same generation, Ying Zhuge had reincarnated but Daohu had grown to a height where he could threaten the Kunlun Origin Court. It was quite apparent that aptitude and lucky breaks were really important.

“Hmph! Beast Sovereign, you can only dare to stab after everything has happened. If it was before, I could slap you all to death!” an indifferent voice came from the tower. No matter how fierce the battles were, the tower hadn’t suffered any damage at all. Obviously, it was a very high-grade artifact.

Zhou Xuanji kept watching with rapt intent. The next moment, he saw a black figure rising from the top of the tower like a phantom, covering the entire dark and bleak universe.


He was dressed in black and judging by his appearance, he seemed to be in his forties. His eyes were sharp and there was a stern look on his face.

Daohu’s eyes were completely fixed on Beast Sovereign. And they were filled with killed intent.

Beast Sovereign remained expressionless and said, “Victor is the king and loser is the bandit. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for being too stupid.”

An angered Daohu broke into laughter.

Just as he was about to retort, Beast Sovereign suddenly pointed at Zhou Xuanji and said, “Look at him.”

Zhou Xuanji, who got the instruction, immediately cast the Exterminating Divine Eyes as two purple beams shot straight at Doahu.

How can my divine ability hurt Daohu?

The Exterminating Divine Light suddenly pierced through Daohu but didn’t kill him.

Daohu’s eyes widened in shock as his face turned hideous. He ground his teeth as he asked, “Exterminating Divine Eyes! Tell me, who are you? What’s you relationship with the Hongmeng!” He roared in anger. His might shook the lifeless universe. The tower below him started shaking violently as if it would collapse at any time.

[TLN: Hongmeng has been translated as the Beginning Universe in previous chapters. And in this chapter, here Hongmeng is a name of a person and the name of a place, so you will see both in this chapter.]


Zhou Xuanji’s face changed slightly.

Was the master of the Exterminating Divine Eyes called Hongmeng?

The Supreme Legendary Sword System came from the Serendipity of the Beginning of the Universe (Hongmeng)!

Before he used to think that Hongmeng was a place.

Is Hongmeng a person?

In that instant, countless guesses flashed in his mind.

Why did the Exterminating Divine Eyes choose me?

Why did the Serendipity of the Beginning of the Universe choose me?

Is everything just some coincidence or is there someone pulling the strings?

Daohu suddenly attacked Zhou Xuanji as his huge phantom transformed into an arrow. His speed was extremely fast.

Zhou Xuanji just raised his eyes and he had already arrived before him.


Beast Sovereign smacked Daohu, sending Daohu tumbling back and making him cough blood.

As soon as he flew to a certain distance, Beast Sovereign took out a ring of light. Immediately, the golden light shined on Daohu before he was sucked into the ring.

Before Zhou Xuanji could even blink, Beast Sovereign had captured Daohu Qiuzun.

Just in that moment, he felt a fatal crisis as if he would be wiped off the face of this world.

“Daohu… how strong is he…” Zhou Xuanji furrowed his brow as he guessed in his heart.

He looked at the Beast Sovereign and asked, “Hongmeng is the previous Exterminating Ultimate God?”

He now desperately wanted to know all about Hongmeng.

Beast Sovereign nodded and said, “Yes! He had a mysterious origin. Back then, he appeared in the Kunlun Origin Court as shockingly as you. He had caused an even greater sensation than you. Later, he somehow inherited the Exterminating Divine Eyes. His strength immediately soared. He swept through the Kunlun Origin Court’s great eliminations. Even four of the five Ultimate Gods lost under his men and yielded to him.”

“He was also praised far and wide by the Kunlun Origin Court. The five Ultimate Gods back then were absolutely stunning and marvelous that every Sovereign Divine Range wanted to recruit them.”

“Unfortunately, because they were too outstanding.”

The wind always harmed the outstanding tree in the forest.

The five Ultimate Gods were quite outstanding but they refused to surrender to the Sovereign Divine Ranges or the Super Divine Ranges. So, naturally, it didn’t end well for them.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Then do you know the origin of Hongmeng? Can you tell me even a bit!”

Beast Sovereign looked at him with surprise and said, “Why do you want to know so much about him?”

Why would anyone want to know about the dead?

Unless he or she was related to a big secret.

“I am very interested in the name Hongmeng because I heard a voice when I inherited the Exterminating Divine Eyes. It just said Hongmeng. Beginning Universe seems not to be a person’s name but a place…” Zhou Xuanji pretended to be hesitant and spoke in a slow manner.

Beast Sovereign’s expression changed when he heard this. He glared at Zhou Xuanji and said, “You are not allowed to tell others about it in the future!”