I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 725 - Eight Hundred Years Old and Proud Mortal Ghost Sword

Chapter 725: Chapter 725 – Eight Hundred Years Old and Proud Mortal Ghost Sword

“Oh!? Should I go down then?” Zhou Xuanji asked, maintaining a straight face. He didn’t feel afraid or anything in the face of the threat from the man in the lake.

Since the other party wasn’t making a move himself, it clearly meant that he had worries. He could only use these little tricks to intimidate him. How could Zhou Xuanji fear him?

“The road to the strongest Sword Dao isn’t suitable for you. You must give up,” the man in the lake said with a cold smile. His face was filled with sarcasm.

After hearing this, Zhou Xuanji couldn’t help but shake his head. He couldn’t hold himself from laughing.

He was too lazy to even bother to give him a reply.

He hated the fact that the enemy wasn’t showing up. The opposite part just ran off his mouth before running away.

Is it interesting?

Zhou Xuanji turned around and sat down on the boulder cross-legged, cultivating.

The man in the lake let out a cold snort and said, “Stubborn, aren’t you! I know your fate the best. Why are you dead set on having your own way?”

Zhou Xuanji didn’t answer. He had already entered a complete meditative state.

He was at peace. In his world, there was only World Internalization; everything else was completely ignored by him.

The man in the lake cursed for a good long while before he finally disappeared.

After a few months…

Zhou Xuanji finally ended his long secluded cultivation. He had completely revised World Internalization.

From now on, he could absorb the Dao Energy of his opponents during battle.

He would grow stronger the more he fought!

In a good mood, Zhou Xuanji returned to the top of the mountain where he lived.

Xian Xianghua, seeing him, couldn’t help but jokingly say, “I thought that you were too embarrassed to come out because of your low rank.”

Zhou Xuanji shrugged his shoulders and rebuked, “Is that considered low? They, why don’t you give it a try?”


The two bickered. Afterward, Zhou Xuanji went to visit Zhou Xiaoxuan.

She was still pestering Chang Xiyan to learn her skills like nothing had happened.

Since her bout of madness, her aptitude had actually begun to grow. She could learn any divine ability after learning it once, which gave Jiang Xue a pleasant surprise.

However, her temperament was getting bigger and bigger. Her pride and conceit was easily reflected on her face whenever she spoke.

When Zhou Xuanji went to her, she was shaking Chang Xiyan’s arm like a spoiled little girl.

“Sister Yang, hurry and team me that previous move. I will definitely not use it indiscriminately,” Zhou Xiaoxuan begged in a pitiful tone.

But just as she was about to continue, a hand suddenly grabbed her ear and pulled her.

“Who…” Zhou Xiaoxuan was about to lash out in anger. However, just as she was about to, she noticed that it was Zhou Xuanji. She immediately froze.

Zhou Xuanji snorted and said, “You should build your cultivation base first. Don’t just keep on thinking about these things all day.”

Zhou Xiaoxuan wanted to refuse but after giving it a thought, she realized that her cultivation was indeed a bit low.

No matter how strong the divine ability she had, she couldn’t unleash their real might.

Zhou Xiaoxuan pursed her lips and said, “Okay!”

Cultivation was really boring and tedious, especially strengthening and accumulating the cultivation base. Just sitting made her go crazy.

After this, Zhou Xuanji never went out again.

He intended to raise his cultivation to the complete-level Dao-Treading Saint Realm in Pure Sword Heaven.

Countless springs and autumns went by…

In the blink of an eye, more than a century had passed.

Zhou Xuanji had finally reached the complete-level of Dao-Treading Saint at the age of eight hundred.

“Sword Master has reached the age of eight hundred years old. Beginning the random lottery!”

“Ding! Congratulations, Sword Master, you drew Celestial Shaking-grade Strange Itching Sword, and Sovereign Lord-grade Proud Mortal Ghost Sword!

Sword Spirit’s voice rang in Zhou Xuanji’s mind. He immediately opened his eyes and brought out the Proud Red Dust Ghost Sword’s detail.

Sword Name: Proud Mortal Ghost Sword

Grade: Sovereign Lord

Introduction: There are countless mortal worlds in the universe. This ghost sword is not contaminated by cause and effect and can cut through the mortal Qi. The user needs to be at least in complete-level Dao-Treadiang Saint Realm to use this sword.

Mortal Qi!?

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes. He remembered that Ying Zhuge had said that all living beings had mortal Qi. It was just a matter of how much.

After crossing the Dao Ancestor Realm, the higher the cultivation base was, the less mortal Qi there was.

Mortal Qi was a very high-level thing that couldn’t be distinguished using the naked eye. Mortal Qi was also related to luck. If he could cut the mortal Qi of others, he could bring the target’s luck down.

Only by slowly cultivating and washing away mortal Qi could one not encounter bad luck. If one gave up before that, he or she would end up having a terrible end.

“Not bad,” said Zhou Xuanji, smiling satisfied. He then took out the Proud Mortal Ghost Sword and carefully looked at it.

It was a black sword with many red lines all over it as if it was stained with blood. It was extremely horrifying.

The Ultimate Sovereign Divine Phantom Sword and the Proud Mortal Ghost Sword would be his weapon for the next battle.

As for other swords, he would use the Sword Fusion Technique to raise his cultivation.

Afterward, he took out the two Sovereign Lord-grade swords and began to familiarize himself with their power.

In the blink of an eye…

Another ten years had passed.

Today, Beast Sovereign sent him a message, asking him to be ready. After five days, they would be leaving for Daohu Qiuzun.

Zhou Xuanji had been waiting for this for a long time.

He immediately went to Ying Zhuge and Barbaric Ultimate God and put them inside the Tianxia Map.

In this mission, Ying Zhuge was his secret weapon.

How strong was Ying Zhuge? Well, he had entered the Nine Vast Heavens Realm and was a seventeen-star genius too boot. So, he was absolutely powerful.

Five days later, Zhou Xuanji was moved to Sovereign Palace by Beast Sovereign.

Inside the palace, there were dozens of differently dressed figures apart from him. Each and every one of them was exuding a terrifying aura. When he appeared, everyone focused their gazes on him.

“Sovereign, do you really want to take him? He is the apple of your eye, aren’t you afraid that he will collapse?” a thin, purple-haired man said, smiling coldly. His poisonous snake-like gaze fell on Zhou Xuanji as he sized Zhou Xuanji up.

Beast Sovereign maintained a straight face. He didn’t make a remark either.

Zhou Xuanji bowed and cupped his fists to other seniors before he stood calmly in his place, waiting for orders.

Others kept gazing at him with different looks in their eyes.

After a while, seven more people appeared, drawing everyone’s ridicule.

Beast Sovereign stood up and said, “Alright then, let’s set off. There is only one goal of this mission and that is to capture Daohu Qiuzun. He was seriously injured in the last battle. It’s our best opportunity!”


Everyone responded in unison. Immediately, Beast Sovereign pulled them away with himself with the wave of his hand.

As Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes, he found that they had already arrived before a space-time passage.

The surrounding experts started talking with each other.

“Tsk tsk, who would have thought that Daohu Qiuzun was still living!”

“He is too arrogant. We must torture him after capturing him!”

“He is still a prestigious expert anyway, isn’t that better?”

“Expert my a**, he is a villain who betrayed his friends for glory. How did the head of the five Ultimate Gods treat him back then?”

“If Sovereign is leading the way, Daohu can’t escape even if he grows wings.”

Zhou Xuanji listened calmly. He also got to hear some legends about Daohu.

Back then, Daohu wasn’t considered as the strongest among the five Ultimate Gods. But thanks to the support of the master of the Exterminating Divine Eyes, he drew weapons against his own friends and families just to gather the five Ultimate Eyes. It was quite a hair-raising matter.

Rumor had it that the reason he dared to do it was because he had teamed with a Super Divine Range at that time. Afterward, he was fully trained by that Super Divine Range. But in the end, he betrayed the Divine Range and founded Daohu Qiuzun.

When Zhou Xuanji heard this story, he didn’t believe it completely.

Because he had also heard other versions of Daohu.

“You will be the bait. If you use the Exterminating Divine Eyes before Daohu, he will lose his mind,” Beast Sovereign’s voice rang in Zhou Xuanji’s ears, providing much food for thought.